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What its like being on your 5th yr in med school? I’m just curious all of a sudden coz I totally lost all the motivation to go to med school. I am on my 3rd yr of medical technology and I feel too lazy to study even though I find everything interesting in my field. I m not sure anymore if I should continue.

Hi there noonie,

How is fifth year? It´s different.Tiresome and stressful, yet exciting and interesting at times. It is what it is. But I am slowly getting to the point where I wanna be already done with uni so I can start actually practicing. I feel like no amount of memorizing different genetic mutations and I don´t know what else, will give me what I am looking for. I still have to finish this semester and then I have my last sixth year.  To just give you an example of the stuff I gotta deal with:

- right now I am finishing on my doc´s thesis which is due to end of May
- in the middle of May we have a week long mandatory internship with general practitioners who never even met us before and they are gonna grade us on our abilities. ONLY AFTER ONE WEEK. 
- peds shelf in June 
- moving at the end of June
- month long internship in Croatia in July
- mandatory two week rotations from peds, and then obgyn in August
- and BOOM it´s september back to school, our last year and we have four gigantic shelves starting with surgery

But what doesn´t kill you makes you stronger. 

This is why I cannot compare my experience to somebody else´s experience. (in US you having to do a bachelor´s before attending medical school for example, is something I didn´t have to do because of different system god bless). I have only six years of higher education (well I had seven but that is a different story) but my US collegues have…like…eight?ten? I guess? Not sure! And THAT I can imagine would get really tiresome. And crazy.

So maybe the question is - how to keep interested? 

Take a fraking break. Medical technology sounds like a really difficult subject to study. The world won´t end if you just stop studying for a day or two or a week (depends on the time of the semester I guess :D). I think everyone was or will be experiencing a burn out during their studies and that´s completely normal. 

I am a slow learner but what I figured out pretty soon after I started attending medschool was - it´s a frickin marathon. Sometimes you feel like dying, sometimes you catch a second breath. And even when you feel like you cannot go anymore you just push yourself harder. 

There are some tumblr users (who I guess have way more experience in the US medical school system so if you want more info I´d say contact them and ask them for their opinion, I am sure they will be happy to help you:)) who said on few occasions that for example if you wanna go to medical school you have to have almost perfect GPA and all these extra activities like shadowing a doctor, do great on all those MCATs and I don´t know what else. And that is I guess all well and true, I wouldn´t know, but when it comes to medschool and surviving already in it, I´d say, once you are in, you can do it. It just takes time, a lot of time, a lot of determination AND A REALLY GOOD AND COMFY CHAIR. You´ll thank me later :D

So, take a break if you can, even if only for one day, or a weekend. Go out, talk to your friends, parents if you can, do you have an like a school advisor? Write a pro and con list. Can you imagine studying for next five years (or more or less depends where you are) and then specialty and then the job forEVER?

You don´t have to attend medical school to work in medicine. There is shitload of very interesting jobs.Just look around. You might find something else that may interest you which is more….accessible. 

Once you are a doc, even when you retire, people will keep calling you a doctor. It´s a difficult thing to do, there is no denying it, but if you wanna do it, fricking go for it my man. I wish you the best of luck and may the odds be ever in your favor :D