marathon texas

Behind on my plan again

But just by one day. I can double up on Sunday.

Conference life is great, and we’ve met some great people, but I am Le Tired. I thought I could rest after dinner and hit the treadmill, but I just need the rest. Yesterday and today, I’ve counted my walk from the hotel (1.4 miles at a minimum) for my Lenten Challenge mile. I’ve had the chance to drive myself or take a shuttle but have chosen to walk, so I don’t feel like a cheater.

Also, our conference center is huge. I’m getting lots of steps just walking inside! Everything is bigger in Texas, y'all.


San Antonio is great. Christmas in San Antonio is completely gorgeous and I’m making it a tradition to go there every year while I live in Texas.

We also ran a half, but I mean, the trip was more about how much fun we could have. Oh yeah, and I definitely PR’d again. I ran 2:08:44. This course was not as friendly as Vegas and it was warm. Oh and I was also dressed as an elf. If there were bonus points attached to PRs, I would have earned a million. I credit most of this to Jen, because she pushed me and I kept up and only complained half the time. So that’s over an hours worth of complaining she had to listen to.

I am certain that I still have faster in me, so Jen is plotting out for next Sunday. Of course we are running another half on Sunday. My year wouldn’t be complete without a half in Dallas. We may be making another round in the elf costumes….

I can’t say enough good things about Jen. She’s a great road trip partner. She does the driving, I pick the music and/or provide entertaining conversation. A great time had by all. I can’t wait to do it again.

My weekend was the best.

Oh, and one last thing…. GO GREEN!


Tonight, I had a blind running date with iwatchtheworldoutside - and it was awesome! We ran, we ate, and I have a new in real life friend!

So great to feel normal for once while on work travel. It’s hard being away and I’m so grateful for Jen for taking a chance and meeting up with me and for Corrine ( breatherunlive ) for making it happen!

Best part - we all get to hang in NYC for the marathon in a few months!

PS- I worried that I talked too much, so no, Jen, you did not talk too much.

Also, this captures W2:D4 - easy 3 miles. I did W2:D3 on the treadmill last night, but only had time for 2 before a work dinner. Couple that with a little extra today and the extra I will run on Friday morning with Jen and her running friends and I’ll likely be ahead of the game for the week.

Work is sucking the life out of me in Texas. Ugh.

Thanks again, Jen. It was a really great evening!


Short video of Taron at the Butt-Numb-A-Thon film marathon in Austin, Texas   (x)