marathon spam

my ships: aesthetics & hcs

stike- reading together, sharing books, Mike’s warm vanilla cologne, Stan steals Mike’s jackets, they both love the fall and winter, baking each other cute pastries, applying to the same colleges, stargazing, ghost stories, halloween obsessed

kaspbrough- always laughing, lilac and mint, gift giving, watching the sunset and the sunrise together, constant cuddling, Bill draws Eddie, romcoms, sleepovers, big blankets, Bill likes to kiss all over Eddie’s face, picking flowers in the woods for hours, Christmas movies, sharing a comic book collection, Eskimo kisses

stenbrough- long hugs, visiting old book shops, softly giggling every time after they kiss, the back of the cafe, navy blue and burnt orange, cinnamon candles, movie marathons, spamming each other with cute texts, always holding hands, photographing each other, hiking, outdoorsy stuff

reddie- naps, biting each other, playing video games, clashing outfits, sneaking out, adventures through the woods, muddy shoes, kisses on the cheek always, blushing, people watching, carnivals, cotton candy, caramel apples, Richie’s hands protectively on Eddie’s waist most of the time

beverie- black, cigarettes, late nights, hanging in the backyard of a house party, rock and electronic music, doc martens, sharing clothes, Beverly painting one of Richie’s nails black, sleeping in the car, spontaneous road trips

#Granada Marathon

So the key data are:

When: May, 17th (link to my first post about it)

When, exactly: 12:00 am, doesn’t matter what time zone you are in, just start posting/reblogging or simply set your queue (what ever is fine for you)

Where: tumblr (but I will not stop you to go to the next mall with your fan shirt) use #Granada Marathon

What: Granada Holmes, Jeremy Brett and all the usual suspects

Why: to spread the love for Granada and JB, for fun, it is a peaceful way to take over the world ;)

Just post your own stuff, or simply reblog or check out some Granada blogs (I will post a list soon), check the archive and post your favourite post - sounds simple, is simple!

The countdown is running, and sorry for a lot of #Granada Marathon spam the next few days