marathon series

Bookish This or That
  1. hardback or paperback 
  2. Borrow or buy 
  3. fantasy or sci-fi 
  4. love-triangle or love at first sight 
  5. Wall shelves or bookcases 
  6. Bad plot with good characters or good plot with bad characters 
  7. Harry Potter or Percy Jackson 
  8. Booklr or Bookstagram 
  9. Contemporaries or Fantasy 
  10. English books or books in your native language 
  11. Buy in a bookshop or buy online 
  12. amazon or book depository 
  13. buy because of the cover or because of the description 
  14. Alphabetical shelves or colour coordinated 
  15. different sized books or matching sizes 
  16. wait to marathon a series or read as they’re released 
  17. movie or tv adaptations 
  18. zombies or vampires 
  19. Reading indoors or outdoors 
  20. coffee or tea 
  21. bookmarks or random objects to mark your page 
  22. dog-earing or bookmarks 
  23. Be your favourite character or be their best friend 
  24. physical or e-book 
  25. Read in bed or on a chair 
  26. audiobook or ebook 
  27. series or stand-alones 
  28. Reading in the winter or reading in the summer 

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“And I’ll tell you one more thing. A real sin… Can’t be erased, no matter what you do.” 
 ― Ban The Fox Sin of Greed, Nanatsu no Taizai Episode 7, A Touching Reunion 


found these super old sketches while cleaning out some ancient folders.. probably shouldnt post these lol but then for some reason posting stuff always makes it feel more like closure lol. clickthrough for descr.

Post-ep 10 Rewatch

I decided to marathon the whole series with the new context provided by episode 10 and OH MAN THE SUBTLE DIFFERENCES. Currently up to episode 2 and THIS SCENE:

Pre-episode 10, I always wondered, “why so much rage at Yuuri, Yurio? The poor guy didn’t do anything, it was all Viktor’s decision to fuck off to Japan.” I just chalked it up to irrational teenage lashing-out.

POST-EPISODE 10, IT MAKES MORE SENSE. I don’t know if Yurio necessarily heard what Yuuri said to Viktor as Yuuri humped Viktor’s leg in only his underwear, but he at least saw them interacting, and it’s not unreasonable for Yurio to assume that they’d had more contact than they did since then. 

Maybe he assumes that Yuuri had actively persuaded (*cough*) Viktor to coach him, or choreo a program for him. 


Viktor: okay haven’t had much leeway with Yuuri this week. that ~magical night~ at the GPF Banquet started off with a DANCE OFF so maybe another one will help

Yuuri (clueless): what WHY this is cruel and unusual punishment, I can never win against Yurio



Ignore everything you’re doing and go watch 3% on netflix. It’s a brazilian production so it does mean that they speak portuguese but you can either watch it with subtitles or dubbed (idk about dubbed).

Do you want POCs in your cast? You betcha

Do you want disabled people to make your cast truly diverse? Sure

Also, look at this girl! Look at her! You can’t resist her. You gotta watch it to know why is she so fantastic.

As you can see I ran out of arguments after marathoning this series the whole day today and having my brain turning into something like jelly so just, anyway, take a quick look, will ya?

Fuck You Negan!

Pairing: Castiel x Reader 

Requested: anonymous asked - can i get a castiel x reader where he’s human and reader teaches him how to do things like a human and he ends up watching TWD with you, all seasons, and instead of focusing on the show he’s watching you get so into it? and then major fluff, do whatever you want after that idk cuddling maybe? a kiss? lots of fluff please 

Warning: fluff, some angst, TWD spoilers 


A/N: I switched it up a little, I hope you don’t mind! I cried a little writing this only because I still have not yet gotten over either Abraham’s and Glenn’s death. 

It took you two days to convince Castiel to have a TV series marathon with you. He kept asking what six whole seasons of The Walking Dead would do in order to teach him how to be human. You would always groan at him and Dean would bud in and say, “Television series is what forms a relationship; you take interest in a show and someone else likes that same show, it becomes a topic to talk about and something you both have in common – and, oh look, a friendship starts to blossom.”

Sam would hear Dean’s comment and would have to state his own, “A television series is what defines a person. You find out what a person takes interest in, you can already tell what kind of person they are. Take Y/N for example, she likes The Walking Dead–“

“Loves!” You would cut him off as he rolled his eyes and continued speaking.

“–she loves The Walking Dead. What does that say about her already? That she takes an interest in horror and is not afraid of a little blood and gore. Which could possibly mean that she’s sassy, quite opinionated and isn’t much for drama. I only figured that out because I caught her watching season three when we first met and she was cheering for Rick to kill Shane.”

“Oh great!” You yelled, “You just spoiled the second greatest part of season two!”

Castiel would stare at them both like their words just went in through one ear and out the other. You had spent another hour after that trying to reason with him, promising to do anything he wanted if he watched the show with you. And eventually, he gave in. He came to your room that night with popcorn in one hand and two beers in the other. You only squealed when he silently agreed to have a marathon with you.

“Trust me, you’ll love it.”

Six days later and you were watching Last Day on Earth, the last episode of season six, whilst eating some popcorn. You had seen this episode over three times already, but every time, it made you want to tear up. You were going to lose one of the eleven characters that you had grown so damn attached to, so you were allowed to cry. Season seven would be airing live in two hours and you were growing anxious at the thought – you were so damn nervous and Castiel could practically taste the fear radiating off you.

“Why are they blocking the road?” Castiel asked, frowning at the situation.

“Just keep watching,” you mumbled, shoving more popcorn into your mouth.

Castiel had taken a major interest in the show. He even cried a little when Hershel and Beth died. It was amusing to see him grow so attached to the characters like you did, watching his every reaction to each scene. He even had begun to ship Rick and Michonne by the fourth season. Sam and Dean were both shocked when Castiel stated that he loved the show and wished he didn’t shut you down every time you tried to convince him to watch.

Your heart clenched when the group starting hearing the Savior’s whistles and you decided to look over at Castiel. He was anxiously biting his fingernails as he leaned forward, slightly shaking with fear for the group. His eyes darted across the screen, panicking when the group realised they were trapped. You knew the next scene was going to be hard for him, so you reached forward and grabbed his hand, holding it tightly.

He glanced over at you, squeezing your hand, before looking back at the screen. You had never seen Castiel so focused within the many years you had known him. And once Negan showed, his grip on your hand tightened, and he mumbled profanities to himself.

“Why does he have a baseball bat with barbed wire?”

You hushed him each time he asked questions, little whimpers leaving his mouth as Negan continued to speak. He let out a muffled sob when Negan threatened Maggie’s life and Glenn screamed in protest, his head falling back as he tried to hold back the tears. But he turned his gaze back to the TV just as Negan begun saying “Eney, meeny, miny, moe.” And Castiel’s hand flew up to his mouth as another sob left his mouth, watching each character come into view with the bat in their face.

“Why would you do that to me?” He yelled as Lucille came in contact with one of the members of Rick’s group, “Who did Negan kill!”

He stared hopelessly at the screen when it ended, tears streaming down his face.

“Part of me wants to fuck him,” you sighed, “but the other part really wants him dead.”

He looked over at you with disgust written in his features, pulling his hand out of your own.

“You will not be participating in any sexual activities involving Negan,” he growled, sitting back against the bedhead.

You giggled at his protective manner, leaning your head against his shoulder. He wiped the tears away from his face with the back of his hand as he stared at the now blank screen. Castiel sighed as he leaned his head against yours, his hands resting in his lap.

“Don’t worry,” you patted his thigh, “only an hour and a half until we find out who he kills.”

“I don’t think I’m ready.”

You smiled sadly before sitting up and grabbing your laptop from your bedside table, opening up YouTube. Deciding to lighten to mood a little, you searched for The Walking Dead vines, which always seemed to make you happy whenever you were down. You pressed on one of the videos, sitting back and leaning against Castiel’s arm.

“I don’t get his,” Castiel spoke as a vine of someone screaming “yes” to undeniably sexy pictures of Norman Reedus.

You laughed and shook your head, “they’re screaming because he’s one sexy bastard.”

Castiel remained silent as the video went on and your giggles grew louder with each passing vine. His attention wasn’t on the tiny screen anymore; instead, he was fixated on you. Your eyes were wide and wondrous as your gaze stayed focused on the laptop screen. He hadn’t felt this feeling before, so he felt confused when looking at you made him want to grab your face and kiss you until both of your breaths were lost.  

His ears tuned into the beautiful sound of your laugh whilst cutting out the rest, he continued to watch as your cheeks grew red from smiling too much. It made him smile. Your hand was resting on his thigh, fingers absentmindedly drawing patterns. He brought the arm that your head was resting on over your shoulders, making you snuggle down further on the bed and rests your head on his chest. Your arms wrapped around him tightly, now drawing patterns on his stomach whilst his fingers drew some on your back.

It stayed like that for another hour. He watched you whilst you watched vines. In thirty minutes, you’d both be in the lounging area stealing the TV away from Dean. But right now, you had shut your laptop and looked up at Cas to see him already looking down at you. He had a smile on his face that made you blush.


“Can I kiss you?”

Your eyes widened in shock as you stared at him completely muddled. Why would he want to kiss you? That was extremely random of him to ask. Then again, Castiel asked random things all the time.


He looked as if he was trying to find the right words to say, searching his mind for a good reason. A few minutes of silence went by before he spoke again.

“Dean said if I ever felt the urge to kiss someone, I should do it. It means I feel something for them,” he watched you as he spoke, taking in your reaction, “I have been wanting to kiss you since the moment you fought Dean for a slice of his pie.”

You only smiled as you leaned up to kiss the corner of his mouth. You were going to pull away but his hand grabbed the back of your neck and his lips were soon planted on yours. A satisfied hum left his mouth as your lips moved in sync, his hands wrapping themselves in your hair, pulling your head back slightly.

You spent fifteen minutes making out with the man who lost his grace, before pulling away and smiling up at him. He had managed to get you on your back as he hovered above you, hands wandering over one another’s body. But now it was time to get ready for the premiere and he whined at the loss of contact.

“We’ll continue you this after the episode,” you grinned, placing a chaste kiss to his lips, “I need to know who that dick kills.”

But neither of you returned to the task after the episode ended, you were both too distraught to continue. Castiel’s heart had broken when he watched your reaction to seeing Abraham die, tears welling in his own eyes when Abraham held a final peace to Sasha. But it was worse when Glenn’s death came around; you had screamed causing the Winchesters to race in and see what had happened.

“Fuck you Negan!”

Castiel heart clenched when you screamed that, and realised how truly connected you got with the characters in the show. He could practically hear your heart shattering as you dropped onto the floor in front of the TV. Sam and Dean watched you with concern; they hated seeing you like this. Nobody dared to say that it was just a show because in reality it was much more than that. It was something that connected with others. You grow so emotionally invested in a show or even a book and you can’t help but feel empty when death takes away a character you grew attached to.

So for the remainder of that night, Castiel laid in bed with you as you tried to process the fact that you lost two great characters.

“Do you still want to get physically involved with him?” Castiel asked, hoping he’d get a smile from you.

He received a giggle from you as you looked up at him and smiled softly.

“No,” you sighed, “I have you for that.”

Castiel blushed as you sleepily kissed his cheek, bidding him goodnight as he held you closer to his warm body. After watching you sleep peacefully, being certain that you were safe and content, he, too, fell into slumber with a smile on his face.