marathon kitchen

  • cooking show host: this time, your challenge is to make a... soufflé
  • *intense devastating music*
  • *camera zooming in on everyone's faces*
  • *every chef sighing, sweating, and looking like a nervous wreck*
  • chef 1 in the confessional: why did it have to be a soufflé
  • chef 2 in the confessional: maybe I can make like... a spaghetti soufflé
  • chef 3 in the confessional: I've never made a soufflé in my life but all I know is that I gotta take chef 1 down
  • chef 4 in the confessional: I think I might actually win this challenge today because I've made a lot of soufflés before so I probably have a lot more experience than half the people here which can DEFINITELY prove to be an advantage this far into the competition but the only problem is I've failed every soufflé I've ever made so I'm definitely nervous about that
Heartbreak Girl - Part 15

Here is another apology to add to my list of apologies.


If any of you read the ‘Announcement… Sort of??’ post that I put up a little while ago then you’ll know why I’ve kind of been M.I.A. If you haven’t then please read the post so you can see my explanation.

Again, for those of you who have stuck with me through this series, it’s almost over. This is the second to last part and I’ve already started planning the last part in my mind🙌

I hope you’ve all enjoyed this series so far and I just want to say thank you to those of you who have stuck with this series💖

Fun fact: I listened to Sea off the new album on repeat (that song alone makes me emotional😭) while writing a big chunk of the last section and I cried (lol😂) so if you want to get in the mood start listening at, “But you should be.”


Please feel free to make requests (send me a message) HERE, I look at everything and if you make a request I promise it will get done. The last few texts from my Anxiety/Depression Girlfriend Series and my Weird 3am Texts Series are in the making and I have something planned I think/hope you will all really like for when this series is done.

Enjoy my lovelies!😙


Part 15 of 16 (It’s almost over…)

Length: 4031 Words

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“No, absolutely fucking not!”

The waiting area was vacant save for himself and the rest of BTS, including Jungkook much to his disappointment, who he was currently death staring because of the previous words he had dared to let escape his lips.

“Namjoon-ah, think this through.” Jin said softly, placing a hand on his shoulder in comfort but also to serve as a reminder to not try and grab Jungkook – again.

“No, I don’t need to think it through. Y/N is not staying with Jungkook while she recovers from her TGA.” He ground out, hands clenched into fists at his sides. It was enough that he was even addressing Jungkook and standing in the same room with him, now they’re agreeing with Jungkook and his idea to stay with Y/N while she gets through her TGA (which is all his fault).


“Namjoon hyung,” Jungkook spoke politely but he could see the glint in his eyes that showed he was holding back, “even her Doctor agrees that this is the best plan. I understand that you’re upset–”

“No you don’t fucking understand otherwise you wouldn’t be saying this shit! It’s your fault all of this happened, it’s your fault she’s in that hospital bed right now and it’s your fucking fault she doesn’t remember shit… doesn’t remember me.” His throat was sore from shouting and he could feel the ache behind his eyes from tears that desperately wanted to escape.

“You don’t think I know that?” Jungkook finally lost any remnants of what little composure he had and yelled back, “You don’t think I know that I royally fucked up again? Because I do! I know it’s my fault and I feel terrible enough without you reminding me that it is. I can never take this back, I can never undo what I did and I have to live with the fact for the rest of my life that I hurt the girl I still love, again!

I hate myself enough as it is, but right now it’s not about how I feel or about how you feel or about anyone else in the bloody waiting room may feel. Right now this is about what is best for Y/N, and what is best for her is to go home with someone she is most comfortable with at the moment and let her memories come back by themselves. Forcing her to remember stuff will only make her feel worse and make her anxiety come back in full force, and before you say it’s my fault her anxiety flared up in the first place, I already know that. All I want is to make sure she is in an environment where she feels comfortable, safe and happy and from then she can decide what happens with everything.”

Jungkook’s chest was rising and falling more noticeably now after he finished speaking, and as much as Namjoon wanted to argue, he couldn’t.

He wanted what was best for you and to make sure you recovered well, but the fact that you willingly wanted to be around Jungkook again was killing him and every fibre of his being was telling him to argue that.

“Fine.” He sighed, reluctantly meeting Jungkook’s gaze again and giving one stiff nod. “Fine, I agree, but I want to speak to her before she is discharged to go with him.” He turned to face your Doctor now who just nodded and gestured for him to follow.

“Well,” Yoongi mumbled, shoulders slumping as the tension in the room slowly disappeared, “that went about as well as I expected.”


“Hey, how are you feeling love?” Namjoon smiled softly and walked over to your bed, sitting in the chair that was placed beside it.

“I’ve been better.” You joked lightly, taking hold of his hand that was next to yours and squeezing it tightly, “Sorry I gave you all such a scare.” You mumbled, not able to meet Namjoon’s gaze for fear of what you would see in it.

“No, don’t apologise silly, it’s not your fault.” You felt rather than saw him wince when he said the last bit and sighed, shaking your head lightly.

“Joon-ah, don’t be mad at Kookie. I know this is because we fought, well at least I think that’s what lead to this if all the tension is anything to go by? But don’t be mad at him please? You know I can’t stand fighting or shouting of any kind, I just can’t believe I actually fainted. I feel so stupid and over-dramatic, I don’t think I have ever fainted before and hopefully it’s something that I never have to experience again, but most of all I feel so bad for worrying everyone.” You were still looking down at your lap where yours and Namjoon’s clasped hands were resting.

Gently, Namjoon squeezed your hand, his thumb still rubbing small circles on the back of your hand as he did.

“Listen Y/N, there is not much I can explain to you right now that would make much sense as to why I’m acting like this, but please just know that everything I’m feeling right now is extremely justified. However I will try keep calm and be polite, but only because it’s for you.” He got up after he was finished speaking and leaned over you, placing a small kiss on your forehead before turning to leave.

“Wait Joon-ah, where are you going?” You held onto his long fingers before his hand could fully escape your grasp and he moved back a step to hold your hand again properly.

“The Doctor is going to come in now and discharge you and then Jungkook is going to take you home. I would love to say I have the self-control to stay here when Jungkook comes in, or even come with when he takes you home, but I honestly don’t right now so it’s best if I just go.” Namjoon shot you a small smile and squeezed your hand once more before fully stepping away and opening the door.

“You’ll come see me later though right? At home?” You asked softly and the answering smile from Namjoon was enough for you to return one almost as bright as his.


“I’m sorry!” Jungkook blurts, startling you from where you were standing in the middle of your living room, staring at the couch as something ticked in the back of your mind.

“Why are you apologising Kookie? There’s nothing to be sorry for.” You turn to face him where he’s still standing by your front door, your bag from the hospital clutched tightly in his hand, his knuckles white from the tension.

He closes his eyes and a pained expression flits across his face before he opens them again and sighs.

“It’s- nevermind. You should go shower and change, I’m sure you don’t want to smell like hospital longer than necessary.” Jungkook smiled at you briefly before looking away, taking a deep breath before motioning to your bag in his hands. “I’ll go put this in your room and then make you some tea. We should talk when you’re done.”

Before you could respond he walked off in the direction of your room, leaving you alone in your living room. You turned back to look at your couch again, something pressing into the back of your mind the longer you stared, but after what could have only been a few minutes you felt the beginning of a headache start to form and looked away.

Humming under your breath, you made your way to your en-suite bathroom in your room, finding your bag from the hospital sitting in the middle of your bed, clean sweatpants and a different hoodie already unpacked from it and sitting waiting for you to wear them.

Smiling softly to yourself, you grabbed the clothes along with some clean underwear from one of your drawers and headed into your bathroom.


Jungkook was a mess, to say the least.

Pacing your kitchen as the kettle boiled, he waited for you to finish in the shower, running over what he wanted to say multiple times in his head.

He thought this would be better. He thought his idea to have him come home with you while you still thought you guys were dating was a brilliant plan. He thought he would have time to talk about everything and that it would be easier because you thought you were still a couple.

He was wrong. So very, very, wrong.

As soon as he stepped back into your apartment, he was flooded with memories. Of the times when he would drop you off when you were dating, making out in the doorway as you both argued for ‘one more kiss’ before he’d leave. Of the time you spent in the apartment, baking together in the kitchen, movie marathons and building pillow forts in your living room, chasing each other through the rooms during tickle fights, the first time he whispered ‘I love you’ so softly in your ear after you’d told him about your anxiety, with tears in your eyes as you’d thought it might make him leave.

He was so caught up in his thoughts that he didn’t even realise the kettle had finished boiling and that the shower had stopped, so when you came up behind him and wrapped your arms around his waist, he jumped and yelped causing a giggle to fall from your lips.

“Sorry Kookie, I didn’t mean to sneak up on you,” You laughed again softly before giving him a squeeze. “What are you thinking about so intently?”

“Uh nothing, just zoned out for a bit I guess.” He reached up to rub the back of his neck, gesturing to your living room with his other hand, “You should go sit and relax, I’ll be done with your tea soon and then we can talk.”

You scrunched up your nose at his serious tone, playfully tapping him on the nose before laughing and skipping off to go plop yourself onto your couch.

Jungkook sighed as soon as you were out of the kitchen and leaned against the counter, taking a deep breath to collect himself before making your cup of tea and one for himself and carrying them over to the living room.

He placed both mugs on coasters on the coffee table and instead of sitting right next to you like he would’ve in the past, he left some space between the 2 of you instead, angling his body to face you.

You definitely picked up on the change and adjusted how you were sitting so you now had your legs crossed and a throw pillow on your lap, your fingers playing with the zip for the cover.

“Jungkook-ah?” You murmured softly and had to fight the frown wanting to take over your face as you saw him wince slightly at your soft tone.

“Jungkook-ah,” you tried again, “please don’t be upset that we fought. I might not remember much but I know that we can talk through it and work it out. I’m not mad or upset with y-”

“But you should be.” Jungkook cut you off, his voice raw as if he was holding back tears.

You tried to reach for his hand to comfort him and tried to get a look at his face to see if he was okay, but he snatched his hand back and turned his face away before you could properly do either.

“Kookie please, just let me-”

“No Y/N. Please… please don’t try and comfort me right now because it won’t work and I don’t even deserve it in the first place.” He sniffed once and rubbed the back of his hand across his eyes before turning to face you again.

You were shocked at the amount of raw emotion that was swirling in them, but what hurt you the most was seeing how red they were and how there was already a fresh wave of tears welling up. You felt your own eyes start to water just from looking as his and had to blink several times to clear them.

“I’m going to tell you stuff now. Stuff that you will most definitely not like hearing and will probably make you hate me, it makes me hate me even thinking about it, but you have to hear me out. Please, that is the only thing I will ask of you, is to hear everything I have to say before leaving. And don’t try say that you won’t because I know you will, if I could get up and walk away from myself I would too.”

You were stunned into silence for few minutes before nodding your head and mumbling a quiet ‘okay’.

Jungkook took a deep breath and then he started.

“We’re not actually together anymore. We haven’t been for a while. I wish I was lying right now, I wish this could all be a joke and we could go on like we used to. God, you have no idea how much I wish things could go back to how they used to be, but I made a promise to myself that I would tell you the truth and so here it is. We broke up… I broke up with you.

At the time I thought it was the right thing, I thought it was the smart thing to do. I panicked. I got scared because everything was getting so serious and I had all these feelings and I didn’t know what to do. So I panicked and broke up with you and made the biggest mistake of my life. I messed up so badly, even as I did it I knew that, but it was like I couldn’t stop myself and once it was done I just felt… I felt empty. Namjoon hyung was furious with me, he stopped speaking to me, being in the same room with me, he completely cut me out of his life as much as possible for hurting you and I don’t blame him. Even the other members were angry with me, I mean they still spoke to me but I could tell that their opinion of me had changed.

To be honest, each day was a struggle. I knew I had messed up and I was hurting so bad, but I also knew it was probably nothing compared to how you felt so I suffered. The amount of times Namjoon hyung left the dorm or practices in a rush and didn’t come back until late or the next day I suffered even more because I knew he was leaving for you, I knew that those were the days you hurt the worst and on those days I hated myself even more.

I tried, I begged hyung to let me try and make things right, to try fix things with you but he wouldn’t let me. He was so so angry with me because he had trusted me with being with you, with loving you, and I blew it. I tried to speak to you but you had blocked and deleted my number. Eventually I borrowed Yoongi hyung’s new phone before he could use it and I tried again but it was no use. You told me about how you had waited for me to change my mind, you told me how difficult it had been for you, how many nights you cried yourself to sleep, how you stopped eating, how you wouldn’t leave the house, how many times Namjoon hyung had to stay with you to make sure you wouldn’t lose yourself, how he held you while you were physically sick, how he had to watch you fall apart when you tried to pack up my things or if someone mentioned my name and how he apologised over and over for letting this happen to you. You told me how I had crushed you and that you just wanted me to leave you alone. You told me that you were finally getting better, that you could finally sleep without waking up in tears, that you could function and not panic if someone said my name, and that if you went back to me all you would do is worry about when it would happen again. No matter how many promises I made or how many times I told you that I loved you, you had made up your mind and I honestly don’t blame you. You were trying to protect yourself and your heart, something I should have been doing, but you ended up needing to protect them from me.

No one knows this, and I’m not saying this to try garner your sympathy, but I never actually gave Yoongi hyung his phone back. He had figured out that I was the one to take his new phone and when he came to find me I was curled up on the bathroom floor where I had been for the past I don’t even know how many hours, crying my eyes out and dry heaving because hearing how much I had hurt you had made me physically be sick, but there was nothing left in me to get rid of anymore. I don’t remember much from the weeks following that, mostly because I hardly ate and exhausted myself, or I did eat but stayed in the studio until I dropped, or because I couldn’t even stand myself so I drank until everything was numb and passed out.

And then last night… last night I went drinking. I had found an old photograph of us together, one I didn’t think I even still had and I wanted… I don’t know what I wanted. To make the pain stop, to make the memories stop, to just make everything stop. So I got drunk and somehow found myself at your door.

When you answered your door I could tell you knew that you would find me on the other side, it’s not like I had been very quiet. But you looked scared, you looking so fucking terrified and it was only when I looked away from your face that I knew why. You weren’t alone. You answered the door in your underwear and a t-shirt. A t-shirt I knew because I had seen that same t-shirt in our dorm countless times because it belonged to Namjoon hyung.

I wasn’t stupid, I had figured that something had happened between the two of you. Even before last night, I knew. I had known he was in love with you since the one and only time I had spoken to him after I had broken up with you and asked to try work things out. The way he spoke about you and how much he protected you and cared for you, I knew. But until last night I could pretend all the signs leading up to it, Namjoon hyung leaving the house all dressed up as if going on a date, hyung smiling at his phone or talking on his phone for hours, I could pretend all of that was my imagination. And then I saw you… I saw you wearing his shirt and when I walked into your apartment and I saw your dress on the floor and I just snapped.

I don’t think I have even felt so enraged in my entire life. Hyung wasn’t in the room when I started yelling, and then I saw you on your phone probably messaging him while he was somewhere else in your apartment and that made me even angrier. I was in your living room, yelling at you and you were still trying to speak to him. I know what yelling does to you, I know how much it scares you and how it makes your anxiety even worse, but in that moment I didn’t care. All I wanted was for you to feel as hurt as I did, that I had to see the girl I still loved in my hyung’s clothes. My hyung that until that point, no matter what he said or did to me I still looked up to him and loved him. I could see you start to panic, I could tell the moment it happened, and I guess it was muscle memory or something from when we were together that I could tell you were having an attack and I immediately stopped yelling and moved to try calm you down but I wasn’t fast enough.

What the Doctor told you is partially true. You did have a panic attack and the hyperventilation from that along with the panic and anxiety you were feeling caused you to black out. You hit your head when you collapsed but the Doctor told me as we were leaving that you luckily don’t have a concussion. What he didn’t tell you was that the cause of all of this was not because you and I had a fight, it was because I was shouting and carrying on so much and scared you so badly that that’s what caused the panic attack and the chain of events that followed. I am the reason all of this happened to you.” Jungkook finally stopped long enough to breathe properly, not that it helped because he was full on sobbing.

You tried to take a deep breath to let everything he said sink in properly when you were stopped by your blocked nose. It was only then that you realised that you had been silently crying for who knows how long.

“Y/N, I’m sorry. I’m so incredibly sorry for all the pain I caused you and for doing this to you. I know the Doctor said that the TGA will fade and everything will come back to you, but please understand I couldn’t let this chance slip away… I couldn’t let possibly my only chance to apologise for everything slip right through my fingers. You can hate me all you want after this, that’s fine because I hate me too. I was so scared when I saw you collapse and when the ambulance rushed you to hospital. Even as Jin hyung showed up to your apartment and lectured me as he drove me to the hospital too, I never stopped praying that you would be okay. I would’ve taken Jin hyung’s lectures and Yoongi hyung’s harsh words and Jiminie hyung and TaeTae hyung’s upset frowns a thousand times over for you to have just been okay. And you are… or you will be when the TGA fades. I will take the pain over knowing that you love Namjoon hyung, and the pain that Namjoon hyung physically inflicted when he punched me when he saw you had collapsed because you’re okay. You don’t have to forgive me, I haven’t forgiven me, but please… please know that I’m sorry I did any of this to you.

I’m sorry I broke up with you and broke your heart, I’m sorry I didn’t realise sooner that I wanted to try fix things, I’m sorry for making you hurt again when you finally started moving on and feeling better, I’m sorry that I scared you so badly and was actually the cause of you having a panic attack and winding up in hospital instead of helping you through them like I promised you I would when you first told me about everything, but most of all I’m sorry for breaking my promise that I would never let anything hurt you yet I was the biggest thing that did. I love you, I always have and I always will and I will never stop being sorry and trying to make up for everything I did to you. I know that you love hyung and that he loves you… possibly more than I do. And I know that he will take care of you and never hurt you like I have and I’m okay with that. You deserve to be with someone like him and out of anyone, hyung is the most worthy of you. Like I said, you don’t have to forgive me, but please… please just know how sorry I am.”

  • alton brown: your first challenge will be a turkey leg
  • contestant: well, i accidentally grabbed alligator instead of turkey for some reason, and i have to cook everything in the microwave, but i think if i take the skin off and cut it real small no one will know
  • later:
  • the judge: i fucking. LOVE. turkey legs. holy shit. just. a big fucking hunk of meat, with crispy skin on it. i live for that shit. hot damn. i'm so excited to try your big skin-covered meat hunks.
  • camera: pans to the contestant with a really bad poker face
Please imagine if Cutthroat Kitchen existed in the Bleachverse

Author’s choice list. :)

Sorry to have another author’s choice list! It’s been a shitty week and I don’t have the emotional energy for anything else. And also…I may or may not have been marathoning Cutthroat Kitchen (the show, hosted by Alton Brown, in which contestants in a cooking competition get to buy silly sabotages and give them to their opponents), and I can’t help but think about how much fun a Bleach version would be. Please imagine with me…

1. The host (instead of Alton Brown) would be Gin.

2. Seriously just imagine Gin introducing the sabotages.

3. And snarkily telling the camera how the contestants are messing up.

4. Imagine Yoruichi buying the sabotage that forces Soi Fon and Urahara to work while inside the same hula hoop.

5. Urahara somehow managing to finish his dish while being forcefully dragged around the whole kitchen by an angry Soi Fon.

6. Soi Fon buying ALL the rest of the sabotages and giving them to Urahara.

7. Her favorite was forcing Urahara to do all of his cooking inside of a kido box.

8. Kenpachi being sorely disappointed by what the actual premise of the show is.

9. And that there’s no “fight your opponent to the death” sabotage.

10. Ulquiorra being forced to trade his protein for beef heart.

11. And just starring at it for a long time in silent contemplation while the clock ticks down.

12. Tatsuki buying the sabotage that forces Ichigo to use SUPER GIANT KNIVES AND COOKWARE.

13. Ichigo not noticing that anything is different.

14. Grimmjow bidding all of his money on the first sabotage because he can’t back down.

15. And then receiving, just, all of the sabotages from then on.

16. His least favorite was being forced to make all of his cooking utensils out of duct tape.

17. Hikifune being cheerfully immune to any and all sabotages thrown at her. Being forced to cook one-handed while sitting on a rocking horse and having her entire basket swapped with canned chili? Still made a dish so delicious that the judge had to fight back tears.

18. Orihime being the absolute best at having to work with unusual ingredients. Her basket has been swapped with gas station food? She’s actually really excited to try it!

19. Ishida’s intense sadness when he’s forced to give up the basket he so lovingly constructed.

20. Chad being forced to use really tiny utensils. 

21. Rose putting way more energy into presentation and selling the dish than he does in the actual construction of it.

22. Shinji buying the sabotage that forces Kensei to sing for his ingredients. 

23. Kensei’s angry singing.

24. People not quite daring to give sabotages to Unohana. 

25. Kira buying the sabotage that forces Renji to do all of his cooking using kido.

26. Renji trying to pass off his exploded, charred, and still smoking dish as a “deconstructed hamburger.”

27. Hisagi absolutely being the contestant who ruffles and smells the money when he first gets it.

28. Nemu somehow managing to take all of the sabotages meant for Kurotsuchi.

29. Yamamoto being forced to cook everything on a candle.

30. Aizen filling his basket with enough ingredients for a dish and two back-up dishes just in case…only to inevitably be forced to swap baskets with Urahara. Who just got radishes for some reason.

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MY DUDE, I am woefully behind on the internet and fic, and I only just started reading Out of the Frying Pan and now I am already on chapter 6, and they're bidding on the potato scraps and I was like, I should stop and scream about how much I am enjoying this, which is A LOT. Your characters are always so recognizable and your AU settings so engaging, and just, like, !!!!!!!! I really, really, really fucking adore your writing!!!!!

Originally posted by iyinedemek

Ah, I’m so glad you’re enjoying it!!! And thank you so much!!! 

So I’m not sure if I ever mentioned it on here, or just in response to Ao3 comments, but that whole Cutthroat Kitchen episode is the only reason I started writing this fic. My husband and I were watching some kind of Cutthroat Kitchen marathon (as we’re apt to do, I watch a questionable amount of Food Network) and these two contestants spent the entire episode bantering and flirting and then THEY GOT TIED TOGETHER AND HAD TO COOK TOGETHER.

And I literally turned to my husband and was like, this is a fic and started writing, like, five minutes later. 

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WHy the hell are people pressuring you into completing your requests?!?!? If someone started doing that on my blog it would have the complete opposite effect and I would feel less inclined to do them (Just so you know Anon)! Serious babe do them at your own pace

Same! The more people tell me to do something the less motivated I am do to it. I was actually going to work on some of them yesterday, but since their crusty ass decided to be mean I just went back to my Kitchen Nightmare marathon.

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A captain swan fluffy fic where Killian is protective over a very pregnant Emma and their unborn daughter Hope



He would never forget the day that she had told him the news. The pair had been happily wed for a few months, yet living uncomfortably in the loft with David and Mary-Margaret. Sure the loft was cozy but it was a bit much for six people, with the addition of Emma’s toddler sibling James. After an awkward incident of Mary-Margaret walking in on them together (sure they were married but, come on, it was her mom for Christ’s sake), Emma and Killian had made the decision together: it was finally time to buy a house.

Even though it was a small town and they knew everyone there, they felt like doing this the proper way. So on a warm day in mid-Spring, Killian sat in the loft in David’s armchair, his feet comfortably propped up against the coffee table as he skimmed through the classifieds section of the newspaper.

Keep reading