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"Man, ain't nobody lookin' at me for nothin'."  Daryl to Dale.

“Carol is." 

Yeah, she is.  Because that man of honor she wants has been right in front of her from the beginning and some small part of her?  Maybe all the small parts of her?  She knows it. 

Carol looks up to Daryl as a good man–as does Dale.  She knows the golden heart he tries to hide from the others. 

"A flower?"  Dear God, I just died all over again.  This is it.  That moment where I was forever lost in the depths of shipper Hell.  Hook, line, and sinker, babies.  The Carol voice and letting her and us see all that sweetness underneath.

I am going down with this fucking ship. 

Gimps is going to have to pry it out of my cold, dead hands. 

I just love them both so damn much.  My heart. 


FACT: Riley has NO chill when it comes to dogs


Stole this quote from RWmagazine today to finally do my race recap.

It was…hard…but PERFECT!!!
The first half marathon felt amazing and surprisingly easy although I ran a tough pace and finished the first half in ~ 1:47ish which is a half marathon PR for me. The weather was great, the people were great and did a wonderful job at supporting us! Some screamed things like “Power woman!!” and “Go, girl!!!” and all the other nice things. I loved it so much 💕

It got tough after 26-28km and I needed to slow down to a 5:30-5:40 pace. But it was okay especially because I was still in time to finish sub-4h which was my A-goal. I guess the 500 calories I took with me to fuel this race were not enough. My legs got tired and I kind of hit a (small) wall. But I managed to motivate myself: “This is the perfect race, the perfect weather and there are so much supportive people out there…it’s what you’ve trained for. YOU can do it! Don’t give up now. You’re almost there. YOU’RE RUNNING A freaking (fast) MARATHON!”
And I did. I finished tired but happy and strong. In 3:45:30. Almost half an hour faster than my first marathon and 35 minutes faster than my second. Not even 15 minutes away from a BQ. Holy moly.

I got my medal, drank some water, ate pretzels, a cereal bar and a banana and hugged my family. I was (and I’m still) so euphoric. Marathon running is the best.

PS: Find my marathon medal. It might be hidden in my lovely running shoes.

Beautiful Pain [ft. Joshua]

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“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection.”

- Buddha

Genre: Two scoops of angst and a few sprinkles of fluff

Words: Too many to count!

WARNING! Contains bullying, depressing af thoughts etc. Not edited.

You had always been that kid no one liked. Depressing would be a suitable word to describe your whole life as you were always picked on, teased and the center of all hate.

And what did you do to deserve all these shits that life had been throwing at you since the moment you opened your eyes to meet this dark world? And only to get your mother taken away from you before you could even call her ‘Mom’. What is the point of living when all you’d ever felt was pieces of you shattering down and thrown into the hole of Death?

But then he came. With his dazzling smile, a look was all it took to make you stop breathing as his eyes met yours. Before you became too embarrassed and looked away.

It was Thursday.

The darkest day of your week, every week.

You didn’t even fight back the kicks nor the punches thrown at you, ‘cause you honestly no longer cared.

The pain wrapped itself around the softness of your neck, making you cry for oxygen.

“What are you guys doing?”

His voice was like melted butter, the sympathy in his eyes was clearly visible as he looked down at you and then them.

“None of your goddamn business!” Areum, the pretty one yelled at him without lifting her gaze from your face before turning to the side just to gasp dramatically when she saw who it was. “J-Joshua- I-”

“Let’s go, Areum!” The taller girl hissed silently against the shorter one’s ear before they both stood up and left.

“Are you okay?” Silent. “Sorry, I shouldn’t have asked that. Since you obviously aren’t.”

A soft yet nervous chuckle left his lips before he took a step closer and bent down in order to take a closer look at your bruising face. “U-Uhm, I-I can take you to the school nurse if you want to.”

“I’ll be fine.” You mumbled silently, before heaving yourself up but not without the helping hands of his.

His hands on your arms tingled, causing you to draw your body away, creating a larger space between the two of you.

“Thank you.” You looked down at your own feet, not daring to meet his curious eyes.

“There’s no reason to thank me.” A small smile grew on his plump lips. “I didn’t do anything.”

Yes, you did, you just saved me.

After that day, you couldn’t seem to be able to shut out the curious gazes that were constantly thrown at you. Everywhere you went, he just seemed to always be there.

At one point, you wondered if it was all a coincidence or.. could he possibly had done this to protect you?

The bullying seemed to dramatically lessen for no reason at all. You were now treated as a wallflower instead.

And you had never felt so relieved.

Weeks passed by, and you felt… at peace.

No fear, no sadness longer filling your bruised heart, it felt like time was slowly healing the wounds they had left.

However, as smoothly as everything seemed to be, the flower boy seemed to have taken a sudden interest in you which made no sense in your head.

Why the hell would he? There were so many wrongs with you, so many missing pieces and so much damaged had been done.

You were one broken soul.

Yet, it didn’t seem to stop him from convincing you into giving it a try.

Flowers and chocolate, handwritten letters with his sincere words and feelings, his adorable attempts to capture your heart made you fall a little more for this strong headed guy with the heart of gold.

Dating Joshua meant everything you never dared to imagine, not even in your ildest dreams, his sweet yet passionate kisses, the way he gently caressed your lips with his own, his strong and warm hugs…

It was your own fairytale.

A fairytale that came to an end sooner than you wanted it too.

It was Thursday.

The most beautiful day of the week, every week.

A day you were meant to spend with him, just the two of you, watching movies at his dorm with his arms wrapped around you, loving kisses against the base of your neck.

But not today.

With Joshua, taking a flight back to his hometown to visit his parents, you were left all on your own. And it was when it all happened.

You woke up alone in an unfamiliar room, with only your unmatched bra and panties covering your body and a headache that stopped you from remembering the previous events. And then the panic attack came, the possibility of you being used by some stranger clouded your thoughts, but then, you realized that beside the headache that you were currently suffering from and the lack of clothes, you were perfectly fine.

When you looked around for your missing clothes and then finally found them neatly folded on a desk at the corner of the bedroom.

As you walked closer towards it, you also noticed a piece of paper on top of the pile of clothes.

‘Nothing happened. Thank me later.”

It wasn’t until a few days after the accident that the pictures of you, basically naked, together with a guy you never talked to were spread like fire on social media. Not owning a phone definitely had its disadvantages as you didn’t understand what was going on until Jisoo walked up to you with his phone tightly clenched inside the palm of his hand.

“So this is what you’ve been doing when I’m away, huh?” His words held so much disappointment and hurt and so did his eyes that used to be clouded with so much love and affection for you.

“Jisoo-” You found it hard to breath, and for the first time in your life, you were desperate to explain yourself. To tell him that you were just as confused as him.

“Save it.” His eyes turned cold, his words icily cut their way deep into your heart. “I’m done listening to your sob stories. You disgust me.

And things slowly went back to the way it was before Jisoo came into your life. Every Thursday-night was spent cleaning the bruises of their punches, biting down your lip until it started to bleed because of the pain.

The pain of loss.

And the loss of him.

Hong Jisoo.

You fell asleep with his name leaving your bleeding lips.

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I can’t believe like half of Genji’s voice lines are either dumb things he says to sound cool or references to nerdy shit

“My name is … green cyborg ninja dude.

“My warrioir spirit bUR NSSS

“You seem nice. I hate to kill you.”

“The sword is an elegant weapon for more civilized age.”

sleepystrawberry  asked:

Urgh, not to mention the fact that they made Kish wait to have sex for months for no reason whatsoever?? Or GOD how about Nuke! Do you remember that freaking marathon stretch during which they didn't kiss? I remember AfterElton literally had a clock with how many days it had been without them kissing. And it took them, what, three years to have sex?? GOD american soaps really are/were bad with gay couples jfc

it was so strange going from Nuke, where the coming out story for Luke was a rollercoaster to watch and I felt engaged with the show for the first time in ages because finally but everything after was just awful. …to Will’s coming out storyline and all of the drama and how they seemed to let Chandler and Freddie’s natural chemistry show on screen and it didn’t feel so awful to watch like it did with Nuke because they had chemistry up the wazoo and were allowed to show it (they. touched. all. the. time. omg it still makes me smile when I see the casual affection wilson had w/each other). 

i’m sure a lot of it has to do with who the showrunners are at the time, who the head writer is at the moment, cos i’ve heard nothing but bad about Sonny/Paul up until Ron came in so?? I haven’t watched GH in a while so I dunno what’s going on with Brad and Lucas but the last time I watched I wasn’t impressed? they were rarely ever around or together at the same time it seemed. i haven’t watched Y&R since they killed Harding and.. huh. I don’t honestly think I can say I’ve ever watched a second of B&B so idk what kind of LGBT characters they have, if any. hopefully it’s changing, but idk i don’t have a lot of faith in soaps in general so i try not to get my hopes up too much. except for will horton’s return, those hopes are so high i need a ladder to get at em

"You're every bit as good as them.  Every bit."  Help, but my throat closes up real tight every time I hear Melissa deliver that line.  That little wobble in her voice and Norman's reaction as Daryl?  Oh, my heart.

I love them.  I love them, I love them, I love them. 

And I just cannot see how some out there see any of their scenes as familial in the least. 

Two broken people that haven’t been given the love they deserve being careful of each other and their boundaries, yes? 

Mother and Son?  Sister and Brother? 

Hell to the no. 

But that’s just me. 

Me:  watches the Season 2 and Season 3 Walking Dead marathons on AMC every freaking time, every single freaking time, even though I already own them on DVD/Blu-Ray.

Also me:  Bought the Season 7 Walking Dead Blu-Ray out of loyalty and for Melissa McBride and my Caryl babies but still haven’t taken the plastic wrapping off, don’t even have the immediate desire to because “New Best Friends” is saved on my DVR. 

Thought You Were a Murderer

||Prompt|| Imagine you want to surprise your boyfriend Peter so you go to his house without telling him and he ends up sticking you against the wall

||Warnings|| Swearing and a little sexual tension 

Not edited so might be bad….

          It is your 6 month anniversary with Peter and you want to do something special since he always plans the other dates. So for the past week, Aunt May and you have looked for a nice place and decided to reserve a place at a private Park. She was a great help with helping you make Peter’s favorite food. Everything was ready but you. 

          You and your friend sat in front of your closet looking for the perfect outfit for the special day, which was in about an hour. 

“What if I wear heels?” You ask before pulling the black heels out of the closet.

“Who the hell wears heels to a park?” With her valid argument, you threw the heels back to the closest.  “What if I wear these sneakers?” You pulled out your Nike shoes. “Are you planning to run a freaking marathon with him or something?” You threw the shoes back. 

          “Flats?” It took her a while to answer before she nodded in agreement. She quickly stood up and started getting pieces of clothing already having an outfit pictured in her mind. She pulled out a white lacy tank top, your favorite dark blue jeans, a light black cardigan, and took the white flats out of your hand. “Perfect.” She nodded and made you change into the clothing. Being the best friend she also did your makeup and hair. 

          You texted May that you were at the front door so you wouldn’t have to knock and make Peter know you are here. She quietly opened the door and let you in. May hugged you and kissed your cheek before letting you go, letting you go forward with the plan.

          You soon found yourself tip-toeing into Peter’s room, you noticed he was listening to music with his headphones so he couldn’t hear you at all. “Oh how wonderful”, you thought. 

          But when you closed the door, there was a loud squeak because someone has a freaking rubber ducky lying near the door and you stepped on it. Out of nowhere white string (or what later you learned was silk just like a spider) was all over your shirt and you screamed since the ‘string’ was strong enough to push you to the wall. 


“Oh god Y/N, I’m so sorry.” He took off the thing that was wrapped around his wrist before helping you. He softly pulled some of the string off your neck sending shivers down your spine. He followed the piece of string down to your chest where his hand tried pulling it out. He accidentally squeezed one of your breasts. “uh….sorry?”

“Peter just get some scissors.” You could barely mutter the words out. 

“Yeah sounds g-good.” He walked out of the room giving you space to catch a breath. After what felt like forever, he came back with kids scissors. “Oh yeah Pete, we are totally going to get out of this problem with those scissors.” Your sarcastic comment made Peter roll his eyes at you. “Hey! It’s not my fault I’m stuck here.” You stared at him as he gently found string and started cutting it. 

“In my defense, I thought you were a murderer!” He threw his hands up to the air. 

“A murderer? Really? Going with that excuse, again?” He didn’t answer, or even looked at you, he just went back to cutting. You knew he was hiding something but you  also knew he wasn’t obligated to tell you anything, so you changed the subject (or so you thought).

“Anyways I keep forgetting to ask, why do you even have that thing?” You would’ve point at the wrist thing he had on earlier but your hands were still trapped so you nodded at it.

“Oh, that….I’ll explain later.” 

          “Okay,” You were finally free and made your way to his bed as he still stood where you were just a few second ago.You took off your shoes and made yourself comfortable in his sheets. “You probably don’t remember, but it’s our anniversary. I reserved a place but if you need to go to wherever you go every day and never tell me, I’m totally okay with that.” You faked a smile as he looked back at you.

“Y/n don’t.” With three strides he was in front of you and sat you up.“I know you hate the fact that I’m lying to you, and I hate it too. But I’m afraid it can hurt you. Y/n this is big. Like really big.” He then gave you a smile. “Tony Stark big.” You gave him a questioning look. “Mr. Stark was here today, in my room.”

You nodded not believing a single word. “Mmmm sounds amazing Peter, but I should get going the food is probably getting cold or worse the birds are probably eating it.” You stood up and made your way to the door. 

“Y/n wait.” He pulled your forearm and pulled you into his arms where he hugged you tightly, “I promise I will explain everything to you today if you take me to the place you have been talking about.” You nodded and noticed his lips were close to yours, so you leaned in and pecked his lips. 

“So Tony Stark, eh?” You smiled at him as he chuckled, walking out to the front door.


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