marathon foto

Dear Marathon Foto,

I see you have upped your security to try and prevent people from displaying your images without purchasing.

However, I have a novel idea for you! How about lowering prices?

Why not follow a business model closer to McDonalds than Ferrari?

$20 for a picture or $40 for the digital rights to a photo is a bit ridiculous don’t you think?

Take my wedding photographer, she did an amazing job (Hi Susan!) and if I she were to charge us by the photo we probably paid closer to $2.50 an image. I realize that is not how wedding/event photography works (btw quick plug if you are getting married, have an event, protraits, or need a photographer in general she is awesome, and has a Tumblr!)

So Marathon Foto, why not charge $5 for a photo, you know since you can get them for less than a dollar through most on-line ordering sites, i.e. shutterfly. or $10 for the digital rights? I bet you by quartering the costs you would probably end up making more money overall.

Think about it. Are you more likely to buy a Hyundai or a Ferrari as your next car?

While many people would say they would love a Ferrari. However last year only 7,195 people made that a reality. Now on the other side of the coin Hyundai sold 12.8 MILLION cars in 2011.

Now I realize there is a large difference in the type of car as well as the manufacturing process for the two cars. However, Marathon Foto are you saying you compare to a Ferrari in regards to your quality?

So, why not sell the pictures at a reasonable price?

And while I know I represent a very small sample of the US population, I don’t personally know a single person that has ever purchased a Marathon Foto or Brightroom photo.

Here is what I challenge you to do, at your next BIG event advertise the crap out of it. Let everyone know that for this event only you will be selling images at a deeply discounted price of $5 an image or $10 for the digital copy. Do the case study and find out if I am right or wrong. Because honestly you have much more to gain than you could possibly lose.

Have any of the people that follow this blog ever bought a photo from one of them or similarly priced vendor?