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Katie McGrath + wearing her watch on her right wrist (even though she’s right handed)

L’Animathon t’attend !

Étudiants en Animation, ne sentez vous pas l’appel de la mer ?

Du 29 Mai au 1er Juin, prenez le large car arrive l’Animathon à l’école Georges Méliès !

Prenez vos crayons et hameçons, et participez à la première édition d’un nouveau challenge d’Animation. Sponsorisé par des invités de marque tels que Tvpaint et Rougier & Plé, ce marathon de l’animation va vous faire plonger, en équipes tirées au sort, dans l’univers du teaser.

Les inscriptions seront prochainement ouvertes, il est temps d’annoncer la nouvelles à vos amis !

On vous embrasse et espérons vous voir bientôt dans nos filets !

This weekly roundup includes fics written (at least in part) during the 1k1h sprints and/or the Weekend Writing Marathon events.

Fics are ordered first by fandom, then by word count from smallest to largest.

The Cat with the Stars in Her Eyes by @majesticduxk

Harry Potter || None || General || No Major Warnings Apply || 7,300 words

Summary: Luna had been drawing on herself her whole life. It made the transient permanent. That it was a gift she could give to others was just a bonus.

Other Tags: slice of life, tattoo, canon verse, post hogwarts, self harm, needles, canon character death


Oceans Rise, Empires Fall by @alxdiamond

Merlin || None || Teen & up || Author chooses not to give warnings || 1,000 words

Summary: He couldn’t breathe as Cenred’s fingers twisted tighter in the collar. “You belong to me,” Cenred said when Merlin’s face was inches from his. His eyes were dark and hot with greed.

Other Tags: Vague hints of non-con, slavery, abuse, canon divergence, hopeful ending


Hot Spots by @magickmoons

Supernatural || Dean Winchester/Castiel/Jimmy Novak || Mature || No Major Warnings Apply || 441 words

Summary: The night that Dean realized that Cas and Jimmy didn’t have identical erogenous zones was going to be a topic of discussion for the three of them well into their old-and-gray days.

Other Tags: all-human au


Walk a day in my shoes by @majesticduxk

Supernatural || Sam Winchester/Dean Winchester || Mature || Author chooses not to give warnings || 1,200 words

Summary: Sam and Dean are body swapped. Of course they’ll deal with this like adults.

Well. Sam will.

Other Tags: body swap, crack, humour, mild ball play, dub con due to body swap, masturbation, brotherly banter, curses


Something to Suck by @dreamsfromthebunker

Supernatural || Sam/Cas/Dean || Explicit || No Major Warnings Apply || 1,536 words

Summary: After Carthage, Team Free Will head to Phoenix, Arizona to handle a coven of witches. Instead of witches they find a city at the mercy of an unseasonable heatwave that’s nothing more than a side effect of the impending apocalypse. Looking for another case to work, Sam gets distracted.

Other Tags: Plot What Plot/Porn Without Plot, Sam-Centric, First Kiss, Oral Sex, Mutual Masturbation, Sibling Incest, Post-Episode: s05e10 Abandon All Hope…, Popsicles, Hot Weather


You’re Missing Out by @samanddeaninpanties

Supernatural || Destiel, Wincest, Wincestiel || Explicit || Author chooses not to give major warnings || 1,577 words

Summary: They break into Sam’s house in the dead of night, when Sam will be half awake and slow to fight back or argue and find him scrounging for a late night snack in the kitchen.

Other Tags: Extremely dubious consent, serial killer Castiel, humiliation, begging, begging Dean, scared Sam, bottom Dean, top Cas


Perfect Arrangement by @purgatoan

Supernatural || Dean Winchester/Charlie Bradbury, Dean Winchester/Charlie Bradbury/Sam || Explicit || No Major Warnings Apply || 6,319 words

Summary: Dean and Charlie are married. They couldn’t be happier, performing as Rose and Jack, and taking care of their daily lives. One day, Samuel Campbell, one of the big fish in the industry, offers to become their manager. However, he soon transforms from the manager to a friend and undeniable attraction between all of them seems to push them into a state that everyone could easily describe as more than friends. (Samuel Campbell=Sam Winchester, just not related to Dean.)   

Castiel only wants to help save someone where he, himself, cannot be saved.

Other Tags: fluff and smut, AU, drag king!Charlie, drag queen!Dean, manager!Sam, bi!Charlie, bi!Dean, bi!Sam, domestic fluff, strangers to friends to lovers, Dean and Charlie are married, unprotected sex, oral sex (male and female receiving), vaginal fingering, anal fingering, barebacking, spit roasting, top!Sam, switch!Dean


like old times… with a twist by @froggydarren

Teen Wolf || Pre-Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski || General || No Major Warnings Apply || 1,003 words

Summary: It’s not that Derek is new to being arrested, or having handcuffs chafing his wrists. But he managed to stay away for a few years, since he left Beacon Hills. So when he’s sitting in a police station, cuffed to the bench, it feels like old times and not in a good way. That is, until the lawyer he called for shows up.

Other Tags: Post-Canon, Future Fic, New York setting


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tiredtoadstool  asked:

hey mars! i'm trying to raise money for boston children's hospital through a program at my school called dance marathon! the event is tomorrow and i'm still a bit off from my goal. i was wondering if u would share the link with your followers?? i'm going to post the link on my blog. thank u!!

AH! Is it too late? Let me help!

Whoever did this obviously didn’t know shit about the people of Boston. because nothing these terrorists do will shake them. For pete’s sake Boston was founded by the pilgrims, a people so tough they had to buckle their goddamn hats on. It is the cradle of the American Revolution, a city that withstood an 86 year losing streak, a city that made it through the big dig, a construction project that backed up traffic for 16 years! Even their bands are tough! The town of Aerosmith, who in their 5th decade, is still going strong! But here’s what these cowards really don’t get. They attacked the Boston Marathon. An event celebrating people who run 26 miles on their day off for fun. And they have been holding it in Boston since 1897. And do you know how tough you have to be to run in a whale bone corset? And when those bombs went off, there were runners who after finishing a marathon, kept running another 2 miles to the hospital to donate blood. So here’s what I know: these maniacs may have tried to make life bad for the people of Boston but all they can ever do is just show how good those people are

Stephen Colbert

Two years to the day and Boston has come back better than ever in the face of the worst kind of adversity. And although this isn’t a day most of us will ever forget, I at least take solace in the fact that not only are we still probably known as one of the only major cities who, if you fuck with them, will shut down the whole city (except dunkin donuts of course), stop everything and find your ass (which, we of course did), but more importantly, that justice has been served and Boston has kept, and will continue, running. I have never been prouder to be a Bostonian than on days like today. Because we are Boston and goddamn are we strong.

This morning I’m thinking about the Glee fandom, the people I follow and call friends. We’ve all experienced so much since we fell in love with this show and found each other.

And we shared so much of it, openly and courageously–the birth of children, the death of parents, weddings and divorces; funerals, and birthdays, and anniversaries, vacations, and adventures; falling in love and breaking up; losing jobs, and looking for jobs, and landing jobs; discovering sexuality, coming out, transitioning; changing careers and launching businesses; moving, graduating, becoming professionals; coping with mental health issues, addiction, and illness; winning awards, getting good grades, running marathons; processing world events, living through disasters, dealing with hardship; making art, making bucket lists, writing books, singing songs; facing fears and overcoming obstacles. This is not a random list; all of this happened over the past four years I’ve been in this fandom–on my dash, in my inbox, over the phone and in person.

What’s truly remarkable to me is, many of us are closer to who we wanted to be, to who we really are. That’s no surprise, considering we all came here for the love of this wacky show that reminds us we are okay just as we are, that we are not alone, and that our dreams matter.