My runs got longer. I got stronger, driven by what I was good at: reading. My own curiosity was my personal trainer.

I ultimately made it through my marathon, crushing my expected time by half an hour. For that run, I took the headphones off, able only to focus on the mystery of my own life: was I athletic enough for this? Was I capable? Could I wrap up the lifelong mystery of whether or not I was athletic without some deus ex machina?

I was capable. I did solve that particular mystery. But as always, books took me there.
heat of the recovery


Been anticipating the summer heat for some time, and it arrived today with a vengeance (in the upper 80s) along with the humidity (dew point in the upper 60s).  Today was the real recovery run from Saturday’s 10k.  The 2 H’s were a killer and simply neutralized the legs, deadlegged from Saturday’s race, yesterday’s 12 miler, and a bad night of sleep.  Still, was able to get the legs and arms moving enough to get across 10 miles.  Hopefully there’s some relief in the legs for tomorrow’s scheduled 6 to 7 x 800 meters(½ mile) track workout with the club.  The H & H are supposed to hang around for another day, a good preparation for the usually hot world class Subaru 4 miler in a week and a half in the neighborhood.  Stay tuned…


How to Eat Vegan for Endurance | No Meat Athlete

When it comes to marathon, ultramarathons, and similar endurance sports, what you eat is absolutely key.  When it come to endurance running in the plant-eating community, No Meat Athlete is a familiar name and go-to resource.  Today, Matt Frazier joins me to talk about what to eat as a vegan when training for endurance.  This video was sponsored in part by Cronometer where you can track your fitness & nutrition for free:

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Newsflash: I do not

Sometimes I can’t be cute. Sometimes I have to be powerful instead. And sweaty. These photos were taken after running, literally, 26.2 miles….a few seconds before crossing the finish line of my first marathon. After 4 and a half hours spent running continuously in the rain. I was cold, and sweaty, and in more pain than I have ever been in my life. Obviously no makeup, hair drenched in rain water and sweat, my skin wind burnt and red. Not anywhere NEAR the realm of “cute”.

But I didn’t fucking care.

Because no matter what I look like in these photos, all I see is a girl who accomplished something she couldn’t even DREAM of doing just a year ago. A girl who is unbelievably strong, determined, hardworking, and dedicated to success and self-improvement. A girl who trained tirelessly for months, alone, in a foreign country, while studying a foreign language, to run a marathon, by herself, and for NO ONE but herself.

I am that girl. And to be honest, I think I look fucking breathtaking.

Useful running technique to take you to the next level

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Injury Blues

Injury Blues

So I’ve finally resurfaced, out from underneath a large, sulk-infested rock. If you read my last post, you will know I sustained a piriformis injury just three weeks before the Edinburgh Marathon. I had hoped it was a minor problem, had a couple of massages with a sports therapist and prayed frantically that it would disappear in time for my big run.

Unfortunately, the pain was not shifting and I was unable to run a mile without pain, let alone twenty six and a bit. Two weeks before the race, I went to see a sports physiotherapist in Cambridge, who told me that my pesky piriformis was ‘pretty damn tight’, before she clicked my lower back in an alarming fashion and really went to town on my right buttock. I had three more weekly physio sessions, some with trigger point massages, others with six enormous electric needles inserted into my buttock. I can only describe lying face down on a table with one butt cheek twitching whilst the physiotherapist looked on as an ‘experience’. However, this ‘experience’ did appear to have a positive effect and after three or four sessions, she told me I could have a go at a mile.

Rest assured, no one has ever been more pleased to be told they should try running a mile. I had been doing a fair bit of cycling to try and keep some vague cardiovascular fitness/ sanity, but I’m sure you other running-bug addicts will agree, its just not quite the same. So as you can imagine, when she announced this, I felt like standing up and making a speech. I was told strictly to keep to my stretching exercises twice a day and before and after any physical activity; these were a classic piriformis stretch, the clam and the shoulder bridge – all of which are pilates exercises that you can look up.

My first mile went without a hitch, and I was ecstatic. It was all I could do not to ignore the advice of my physio and run before my 48 hour rest period was up. Two days later, I ran two miles. All seemed fine. A day before my potential three mile run (THREE BLOODY MILES!!!), I had a few little twinges of the pain I had previously had, but the physio had mentioned I might get a few aches and pains, and as long as they weren’t scoring over a 3 or 4 on a pain scale up to 10, I should be fine. I did all my stretches and then started out on the momentous 3 miler. Three minutes in, I was back in my mum’s car, muttering and swearing profusely.

A few days after this, I had a friend from America visiting, and we were off for a holiday in the south of France. This seemed like a timely rest period, in which I hoped my leg would magically heal in a sort of Jesus-style miracle. I’m now back from the holiday, and another physiotherapy session has been undertaken, where it was confirmed the muscle had tightened up again. I also had some orthotics fitted in my trainers to stop my over-pronating. Another session of massage scheduled in for Friday. I’m really determined to beat this thing, although I must admit, I wasn’t doing my stretches religiously throughout my two weeks off though, so we shall see how we get on.

After a really shitty couple of months, consisting of a job offer falling through, my injury and a few other more minor issues, it seems the mental battle is what is causing me most grief.

I had never realised how much I relied on my intense exercise schedule to keep my self-esteem and mood on a high. Having piled on 4 lbs as a result of a lot of French cheese and cider (arguably worth it) with still no positive outlook for my injury, I seem to have hit a low point motivation wise.

But fear not past-tense self, I have a plan:

·      Cycle 60 minutes on the exercise bike / 60 minutes cardio in the gym 5 days a week

·      Perform stretches religiously at least two times a day – STOP FORGETTING

·      Return to previous weight of 9st 10lbs before contemplating how to reach final weight target – I’m doing a 3 day juice cleanse to kick start me back into my normal healthy eating plan. Goodbye, Brie, it was nice while it lasted

·      Do everything the physio says… don’t try and sneak a run in under the radar. She will know.

·      Set some other fitness related challenges to take my mind off things – thinking of taking up cycling / crossfit. Anyone got any experience of these and how to get involved?

·      Use my new found time to do something constructive – get back to my writing, redecorate my room and find a new job!

·  Get inspired with my healthy cooking and baking (I would legitimately marry an avocado if I could)

I’d really love to hear from anyone going through a similar thing. The injury blues have really hit me hard – I could really do with a boost to get me back on track.



Today I was a racer and a coach!

I wasn’t expecting much at the Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon today since Ironman Boulder was just last Saturday. But my legs felt surprisingly good so I was disappointed when I had to make, not one, but TWO potty stops during the race. My run time was 2:02:44, but with the standing in line and potty business, I finished in 2:06:12. Ouch! That took me from a 9:18 pace to a 9:34 pace. 

I swear, if someone has an answer to this scourge on runners, pass it along. Sometimes I race several times in a row with no issues but then some races it’s just miserable. I’ve tried Immodium but am open to other suggestions.

Isn’t it nice that we are runners so that we know we can talk about anything?! TMI!!

After the half, we waited a good 45 minutes for the leaders of the marathon to come through. I had about 20 marathoners on the course and it was a blast watching them come in. It was wet but cool so everyone did extremely well. It was a long day, though, as my runners run the full gamut of paces. Each one had a smile, though, and everyone met their goals which was great.

I love both coaching and racing- fun to have a day with both!

Cherries are officially in season! One of my favorite summer snacks. These little gems are packed with all the best nutrients for better sleep, and muscle recovery. It’s finally Friday and time to recover from the week and gear up for a strong weekend! 🍒 #tgif #summer #cherries #raw #vegan #eatclean #fruit #happy #fit #fitspo #fitsporation #fitfam #fitness #instafit #instagood #instahealth #fitnessmotivation #run #runner #running #training #marathon #recovery #strong #wellness #yoga #love #dowhatyoulove #getfit