still here


Hello, I’m still here. Haven’t posted in days but still running.  In fact been doing 7 to 8 miles daily for the past week, yes, every day.  The strides feel lighter and I feel faster during these runs, reminding me that it was only a little more than a month ago that I ran New York and that I was still recovering from it.  Now I feel the heaviness of marathon strides leaving and those of the middle distances arriving.


Marathon! Change your life!

How often do you say to yourself, “I’ll Start on Monday!“and still put off for later? Are you ready to challenge yourself and turn your life upside down, starting with small steps? Are you ready to be the best version of yourself? Ready to learn to go to your goal, to go to the end? Then participate! I suggest we start on Monday! //symbolic// Only this time, no excuses!

let’s Call it ‘Change your life’. Goal: Get a bunch of good habits.

What do you need for this? You need to print that wonderful sign in the photos, or draw yourself. It needs to be done today, because tomorrow we start. Next, you need to determine what habits you want to put in your life rhythm. Put them in the tracker. Thank u @emmastudies for this Monthly Habit Tracker!🍉 And you need motivation and persistence!

How do you keep motivated?

I thought about that too. We will motivate each other! Every day you can summarize on your blog using the hashtag #marathonwithstudypeachs . So all participants will be easier to find each other’s posts, and thus receive a portion of motivation and boldly go to the end!

And now let’s talk about those habits that should be in each tracker.

🌟 Wake up at 7:00 am!

🌟 Drink 2 glasses of water in the morning and drink plenty of water during the day.

🌟 Morning yoga. Exercises can be found online or replaced with normal charging.

🌟Read 30-35 pages of the book every day.Choose the book you got today)

🌟 Move 20 minutes per day. you can run, walk with friends, jump, swim, but not sit!

🌟 Hug at least one person a day!this is also important. Hugs will cheer you up)

🌟 Plan your day from the evening! Every night you will make a plan for the next day. This habit will help you become more organized.

🌟 Do not use the device during operation! You’d be surprised how much time you’ll have and how much productivity you’ll have.

🌟Take 15 minutes to develop yourself! you can watch thematic videos on YouTube or read self-development books, find useful sites and learn something new.

🌟 Read 1 random Wikipedia article every day!as a result, you will fit 31 articles in your head. And, if it becomes a habit, you will get knowledge from different areas and further, which will make you a versatile person.

🌟 Spend 30-40 minutes in a foreign language! have you been wanting to learn English or German, Chinese or Italian for A long time? Start now! Get closer to the dream every day.

🌟 Go to bed at 11:00 pm!you need 8 hours for a good rest.

Well, are you in? Will you challenge yourself?! I hope so.

make a reblog to have more participants! Together we can!



Something I never take seriously enough is


My legs are killing me from running the past 3 days in a row and I haven’t been stretching. It’s so easy to just say “oh do your stretches!” So I’ve attached a few photos to help visualize what this should look like!

It doesn’t have to be fancy 🥂

Just get those muscles nice n’ flexible 💪🏼

Avoid injuries by doing this simple simple task that can take 3-7 minutes!

Kathrine Switzer, the first woman to ever run the Boston Marathon in 1967, was nearly thrown out of the race by an enraged race official who attempted to tear her numbers off her body as she ran. The moment only served to remind Switzer of her mission— “I’m going to finish the race on my hands and my knees if I have to because nobody believes I can do this.“ 🔥

Maybe I don’t fit the standard. Maybe I shouldn’t. Maybe, just maybe, we shouldn’t hold ourselves to such standards. Maybe I’m the exception. Maybe you are too. Maybe we should create our own standard – being happy with the skin we’re in – because I’m not a fan of the one I’ve been attempting to conform to.” - Allie Keiffer