Daydreamed through a leisurely 7 mile run around the park and the neighborhood.  Not as smooth and easy as yesterday’s run, but still nice in the warm July sun.  Ran by Buffalo’s well regarded ‘Shakespeare in Delaware Park’ getting started and the crowd gathering on the grassy amphitheatre.  'Romeo and Juliet’ is the current production but the atmosphere was more a ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream.’  Here’s to a dreamy midsummer Thursday evening..


Recently, I was reminded of my fascination with Bungie’s old FPS trilogy, Marathon (itself preceded by Pathways into Darkness)…and of my really old designs for the main AIs that needed redoing. Was too tired to include Leela, but her revision can be seen here. Thoth hasn’t been gotten to yet.

Both designs are pretty heavily Halo- and Destiny-influenced; hopefully, the parallels/contrasts between Durandal and Tycho are obvious enough. As for the “android vessels” thing, an element not from Marathon: it’s mostly for utility purposes (bothering Vince counts as a “utility”, right?). For Durandal and Leela, that is; I can’t help but think that Tycho has been locked into his vessel for whatever reason.

Everyday Marathon Niger The Red Planet Photo Hugh Ardoin

In spite of the torrid midday heat, girls are racing to catch a ride on a truck that has just stopped down the road

Another illustration of the motivation of Nigerien girls, and the effort they are putting into their education, this could be the an auspicious hint about the future of the future

Tomorrow suddenly looks like yesterday

Hugh Ardoin Niger The Red Planet Gallery



Newsflash: I do not

Sometimes I can’t be cute. Sometimes I have to be powerful instead. And sweaty. These photos were taken after running, literally, 26.2 miles….a few seconds before crossing the finish line of my first marathon. After 4 and a half hours spent running continuously in the rain. I was cold, and sweaty, and in more pain than I have ever been in my life. Obviously no makeup, hair drenched in rain water and sweat, my skin wind burnt and red. Not anywhere NEAR the realm of “cute”.

But I didn’t fucking care.

Because no matter what I look like in these photos, all I see is a girl who accomplished something she couldn’t even DREAM of doing just a year ago. A girl who is unbelievably strong, determined, hardworking, and dedicated to success and self-improvement. A girl who trained tirelessly for months, alone, in a foreign country, while studying a foreign language, to run a marathon, by herself, and for NO ONE but herself.

I am that girl. And to be honest, I think I look fucking breathtaking.

Useful running technique to take you to the next level

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Today I was a racer and a coach!

I wasn’t expecting much at the Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon today since Ironman Boulder was just last Saturday. But my legs felt surprisingly good so I was disappointed when I had to make, not one, but TWO potty stops during the race. My run time was 2:02:44, but with the standing in line and potty business, I finished in 2:06:12. Ouch! That took me from a 9:18 pace to a 9:34 pace. 

I swear, if someone has an answer to this scourge on runners, pass it along. Sometimes I race several times in a row with no issues but then some races it’s just miserable. I’ve tried Immodium but am open to other suggestions.

Isn’t it nice that we are runners so that we know we can talk about anything?! TMI!!

After the half, we waited a good 45 minutes for the leaders of the marathon to come through. I had about 20 marathoners on the course and it was a blast watching them come in. It was wet but cool so everyone did extremely well. It was a long day, though, as my runners run the full gamut of paces. Each one had a smile, though, and everyone met their goals which was great.

I love both coaching and racing- fun to have a day with both!