Fasting then 6.5 miles

This is my second 600 calorie fasting day this week. Oatmeal and a banana this morning, treadmill after work then an egg Mcmuffin.

I would have preferred to do my second fasting day on Thursday but I’m going to be in all day meetings followed by a dinner with colleagues and suppliers. I don’t want explain the fasting thing or justify why I want to lose some weight.


So a friend of mine recently sent me a link to a back to back marathon challenge. 2 days, 2 states, 2 marathons. The races are in January and take place in Jackson Mississippi and Mobile Alabama. This should be a killer challenge after conquering Boston 2 Big Sur. Not sure how to train for something like this, but I’ll make it through.

So for those races, I finally bit the bullet and registered yesterday.

Then this morning I get up and I see FB littered with “Army 10 miler” posts so decided to sign up for that as well.

I’m also currently fending off peer pressure to do a 1 miler race this coming Monday. $30 for one mile to get smoked out by a very competitive crowd? NoThx. Although I’m sure it would be fun to be out there with a handful of my running buddies.

4 days out

goal race: Buffalo Marathon 5/29


It’s already only 4 days out, the race seemed so far away back in February.  

It‘s progressively getting warmer, we’re getting a heat wave the rest of the week, hitting the upper 80’s and humid both weekend days.  Luckily the race starts at 6:30 am, so hopefully we get in before it gets really bad.  Meanwhile I’m on the verge of getting rid of this mini-cold that hit me over the weekend. Decided to not run today and get healthy, more useful than adding miles at this point.

On Your Mark, Get Set...GO.

Today’s the day I became a nurse.
Well, not really, it was perhaps a year ago, when I first graduated, when I first received the results that told me I had passed my licensing exam,
No, that wasn’t real.
It’s been a series of realizations, a series of small realities, a series of obstacles,
a series of firsts.

The first time I wore my badge,
The first time someone called me nurse,
The first time I looked over my shoulder,
..waiting for her to show up.
The first time I signed RN

The first patient solely my responsibility;
…no fellow students, no educator, no preceptor
(Oh my)
The first patient I bonded with,
The first patient who crapped out on me,
The first patient who expired,
The first patient that began to haunt me at night

The first patient who challenged my intellect,
…challenged my license
…challenged my patience
…challenged my reactivity

The first patient who taught me about hope
The first patient who taught me about courage
The first patient who taught me about faith
The first patient who taught me the importance,
..of letting go

The first patient who encouraged me to think
The first patient who encouraged me to put aside
The first patient who encouraged me to believe
..there’s more to our abilities,
..despite the walls that are unclear.

The first patient who reminded me today was all we have
..but to believe in the tomorrows too.
The first patient who reminded me what it means to feel, to hurt, to love,
…to feel blue
The first patient who reminded me the relevance of simplicity in life
The first patient who reminded me resentments have no place in care,
..in change
The first patient who reminded me we are the change
The first patient who reminded me the power of

The first patient who reminded me,
I am a nurse

Today was a first, tomorrow would be too. On your mark, get set, go.

Marathon #9 is in the books! I’m pretty happy with my race. It was really hilly, including a mile long hill that was the totality of mile 26. It wasn’t too hot but did rain on and off through the first half and then got pretty darn humid.

I averaged 10:11 per mile but the course was a bit longer than a typical marathon course at 26.66. The extra distance put m over 4:30 which I would have liked to hit but 4:31:44 is fine for the course and weather.

I’m also happy with how I handled the day. I really enjoyed the first 18 miles and never suffered. I ran EVERY hill and didn’t walk except when drinking at the stops.

The only negative moment was when I mistook pickle juice for Gatorade at mile 22. The guy said pickle juice, but I thought that he was trying to be funny or that it was a euphemism for Gatorade. No, it was not. I hate pickles and spat it out. That made me sad.

Is pickle juice on the course a normal thing?

anonymous asked:

Stan and Ford watching Ducktective

“C’mon, that’s Not how it’s supposed to end,” Stan shouted at the screen.

“What’re you watching?” Ford asked as he entered the room.

“Ducktective,” Stan replied. “Wanna watch?

“I’ll pass,” Ford grumbled and made his way out.

“C’mon, sit down and watch it with me! You might even enjoy it. I’ve got the entire show recorded,” Stan said, pouting a little at his brother.

I can’t believe that still works, Ford thought with a sigh. “Fine, I’ll watch a few episodes.


“NO! They can’t kill Ducktective, he’s a pivotal character of the show!” Ford shouted as the episode ended with the duck getting shot. “Put in the next episode!”

“Hold yer horses,” Stan grumbled, a smirk on his face. They’d been having a marathon for days and Ford was very into it. “At least you didn’t have to wait three months for the episode after this.”

“Three seconds is long enough,” Ford replies impatiently.

Several hours later they get to the last episode and Ford’s on the edge of his seat the entire time. Stan just sat back and watched his brother with an amused smirk, making sure his brother was suffering as much as he did watching this.

“Twin brother? I called that episode fifteen… Next episode,” Ford said.

“Last episode. Ducktective got canceled.”

“What?! How could they do that, it was such a popular show. I mean, I know he got shot multiple times throughout, but still!”

“Luckily for you, there’s fanfiction of what possibly happened.”

“… show me the fanfiction,” Ford said.