Coaching for my Half Marathon Group starts tonight! On the first night of training, we talk about goal setting and we write down training paces before we go for a run. It’s possible that I won’t be able get out the door for the group run because a lot of runners want to talk over their individual circumstances with the coach even though they have been given enough information in the group setting. It’s also only 10 degrees out and some also want an excuse to not go outside and run. And that’s all fine with me. I like that they take their training seriously and want to make an effort to do it right. 

Knowing this, I got my run done earlier today at the local dome. I’ve been on the treadmill the last couple of days and might have to go outside tonight so this was a nice way to be able to get the 4 miles done without too much discomfort. If I do end up running again tonight, it should be 4 miles or less so that is fine.

Time to bundle up and then try not to sweat too much while I explain endurance training!

motivation time

goal race: Buffalo Marathon 5/29


One of those successful runs because of the conditions and because you weren’t motivated at the start.  Got up the mojo, layered up, and hit the park for a tough 12 miler this evening.  Might not be the most significant run, but proud of this one.

Tired most of the day - probably not recovered from the last couple of days - and the leading edge of an impending extreme cold front hit the the area with temps in the 20’s and windchill in the teens.  After a relatively mild winter so far, the change was noticeable.

Now there’s snow in the forecast  - possibly up to half a foot - for the weekend and race day.  The cold temps were already a bummer, and the snow is bringing down my motivation meter for Saturday’s race to less than 50/50.  Drove through a snowstorm to get to last year’s race and wasn’t fun.  Want to use this year’s race as a tempo run, but it’ll be difficult with the weather requiring extra clothing.  Will be stalking the weather reports the next couple days before deciding.

Also I started to note my goal race at the top of the page, as a few readers have asked.

Happy #socksunday y'all! 🌻📖🌬
Rainbowthon from Feb 7-14th 👍🏼

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“While I’d always considered myself a mindful person, I often had trouble meditating. I would get distracted by my phone, or bugs, or the wind, or how thirsty I was or how hot I was or a million other things. Running was not the zen, silent space I imagined I could meditate in. With my feet pounding and arms pumping, how was I finding inner calm?

Then, I realized God had been meeting me with moving meditation for years.”

—Christina Torres, “Running is Moving Meditation.”

(Photo by Andreas Zieroth)


BACK TO 2011 !

Previously on Lolirock : Jean-Louis, the director, was trying to find the right Mephisto, while Praxina is finally approved by everybody.

But finally no.
Producers don’t like her no more. she’s too “japanese” and scary.
Soooooo, one more time, Benedicte and I got back to our pencils and tons of sheets. and weeks later, we ended up to a proposition that pleased everyone. for good. yeepeeh !


Disney Goofy Challenge completed!

Half Marathon:  2:11:55, 121/1,388 in my division

Marathon:  4:34:26  81/1,092 in my division

Wow, it’s really hard to sum up  these two races in just a paragraph or two. The humidity was a real challenge for the first 3 hours of the marathon. It was 70 degrees and 95% humidity with very little wind. The breeze picked up around mile 20 and that was welcome.

I ran both races with even splits. I ran 10 minute miles for the entire half marathon and 10:15-10:30 for the whole marathon. Lots of turns meant I ended up running 26.6 miles which means my actual average was 10:19. 

We walked a ton the day before the half marathon and all day after the half marathon in Universal and Magic Kingdom. I’m guessing if we had had cooler weather and I would have stayed off my feet I could have run the marathon at 10:00 pace, but we had a blast and I wouldn’t trade the slightly faster time for all the fun we had. 

I’m very happy with my training and race. I ran both races with an even average pace on the front and back halves, I never hit the wall and I felt strong the entire way. Besides a couple blistered toes, I feel great! Nothing hurts and, after taking it easy for a few days, I’m ready to move on with training.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Nashville is up next! It’s just 14 weeks away which makes things a little more interesting. Always another race!