marat dupri

the future will not be all that bad for our children

‘never stop living’/'lose control’/'so that you may live as a cloud’/'with flowers in your hair’/'eternal consciousness’/'just fall into the wind’

a random collection of quasi-mystic hippie platitudes/musings thrown together for your enjoyment.

thx to marat dupri for the photo. the guy knows how to live wouldn’t you say?

the only way i know how to live is thru a screen. all is mediated for me. but i can still feel a spark of the real by from viewing this photo via my computer screen. how vigorously alive he must feel atop the world, what kind of thoughts are rushing thru his head, what does the air feel like up there? a million questions to ask before my cynicism gets the better of me.

decades from now your children will wander the ruins just like this. beats the hell out of life through a screen. the kids are gonna be alright i guess.

- v.z. kid

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innen mar beparaztam teriszony :D