New equipment has arrived! 

Univ now has an entry-level DSLR camera (Nikon D3100) to allow members of the College to create high quality images. The camera can be booked out by emailing me []. We also have an excellent audiorecorder, a Marantz PMD661, which can be used to capture talks and interviews and is available for borrowing by staff, students and Fellows.

Marantz SR7005 Audio Video Receiver Black

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 Filming myself was just as foul as I thought it would be….. full on facial contortions whilst singing plus my mic kept sneaking into view as I got absorbed in the process. However, I did end up with 3 possible and viable videos. Summertime, Backwater Blues and Heard it all before (thought I would throw in an experimental mix. I had to resign myself to the fact that there would be some sort of facial expression of strain whilst I’m trying to reach some pretty low, pretty loud notes and that’s that.
 My original filming prep wasn’t exactly professional in that Ive had minimal equipment and had to adapt to it. I didnt want this video session to be a big event, I didn’t want to have to plan too much or book too much because by turning it into a big deal I’d be taking away the experimental quality of it. I’d be placing too much pressure on it being something final and essencially I’d be thinking about it too much which is something I think I did with ‘acting normal’ (although that particular peice had to be organised to within an inch of its life). I won’t know how sucessful these vids are untill I edit them on Monday but fingers crossed…..

                                                    SONY HVR-A1 camcorder with MANFROTTO tripod

MARANTZ recorder and mic

                                                    Lyrics to Backwater Blues.