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hey! i love your art so can you maybe make a llsif sr card thingy for tenko? and can the attribute be pure?

I hope you don’t mind that I used the tenko I drew yesterday!! here, now she’s a set with the others!

Public outcry for the diamond industry to change its ways could not be ignored. So, in 2000, South African diamond producing states met up in Kimberly, South Africa to discuss ways to stop the flow of blood diamonds into the legitimate gem market. What they came up with is called the Kimberly Process.

If you look on the “Ethics” page of any diamond retailer these days, you’ll see the Kimberly Process mentioned within the first paragraph, guaranteed. You’re also likely to read fantastical tales about how the process is responsible for ensuring that, in today’s retail diamond market, a whopping 99 percent of the stones are conflict free.

When it comes to addressing an industry-wide issue, those are pretty impressive results. Unfortunately, those results are a total sham.

You see, there’s a fairly ridiculous flaw (ha) in the Kimberly Process. Basically, any diamond that isn’t used to fund the rebel side of an armed conflict is considered clean. In other words, if you’re the head of a brutal African dictatorship and you want to fund your atrocities through the diamond trade, that’sperfectly fine. The aforementioned Global Witness pulled out of the Kimberly Process after the decision was made to certify diamonds from the Marange region of Zimbabwe, recently the scene of mass killings by the national army, as conflict free.

5 Huge Problems You Thought Went Away (Definitely Did Not)


Ang pagtanghoy ay may kabuluhan kung may marangal na kadahilanan. Kung ang luha ay ang tulay sa damdaming makabayan, hayaan itong dumampi sa iyong mga pisngi. Dahil kahit sa aking paglisan, ang mga pagtangis mo'y naririnig pa rin.

Ngunit huwag hayaang luha lang ang hangganan. Ang laban ay nagpapatuloy pa. Gamitin ang lakas ng iyong puso upang itaas ang bandila. At sa bawat pagwagayway ay kasabay ang aking mga brasong gumagabay sa iyo.

Kinuha at kinandili man na ako ng ating mahal na bayan, habang buhay pa rin akong nasa piling mo. Dahil ang diwa ko'y hindi mawawala sa iyong mga alaala.

Kaya’t umiyak ka, at iluha ang iyong paglululksa. Nandirito ako, hangga’t ginugunita mo, hangga’t pinapahalagahan mo, hangga’t iniibig mo.

Dahil kahit wala na ako, nananatili sa iyo ang pagmamahal ko. Gamitin mo ito para sa bayan.

At sa lahat ng pagsubok ay dala mo ako.”

Sagot sa akda ni @jebmonge
Maraming salamat sa pag-alala sa akin.

fun facts about julio nakpil

kasi hindi naman kami mag-getover na si paulo ay ang gumanap bilang julio later sa “lakambini” diba 

  • born 22nd may, 1867 in quiapo (he’s a gemini like rizal how cool) 
  • the fourth of twelve children 
  • his father was also a musician and later a jeweler popular among the rich in quiapo 
  • he was taught to play violin and piano since a young age but can you imagine ploo playing piano and violin oh my
  • made his first piece in 27th April 1888, a short polka piece (he was 21)
  • popular among the rich, he was a regular pianist performer at the malacanang palace 
  • he was also a piano teacher and many of his students came from rich families 
  • so he basically earned a lot of money
  • joined the katipunan at 29, he took the nom de guerre “giliw” 
  • also a rizal fanboy and his song “amor patrio” was based off the noli
  • bonifacio commissioned him to write “marangal na dalit ng katagalugan”, the first national anthem of the philippines, later replaced by palma and felipe’s “lupang hinirang”, the one we use today
  • he was a general in the revolution too!! how rad!! 
  • so he’s known as the original composer of the first philippine anthem 
  • his waltzes and compositions were inspired by the revolutionaries’ struggle during that time and many people commissioned him afterwards too 
  • bonifacio trusted nakpil to marry and take care of his wife after he had died and oryang grew to love him too (how sweet :3)
  • they had six kids
  • the eldest and the only son (juan nakpil) became a national artist for architecture 
  • here’s a picture of him when he was younger :D
Identifying Dragons: Tarkir’s Swamps

The swamps and jungles of Tarkir are once home to an opulent clan. The dragons were the pillagers until they took over and claimed the clan’s treasures - and territory - as their own. Today, the Silumgar dragons rule the swamps with their greed and cruelty.

“Bring forth the dead, their skull-grins and rattle-bones. We will feast upon their wailing ghosts.” - Silumgar, translated from Draconic

Ruthless Deathfang by Filip Burburan

Silumgar dragons are foul creatures, and nothing matches their ruthlessness.

What to Expect

Deathbringer Regent by Chris Rallis

Silumgar dragons are swamp-prowling creatures with large fangs and a breath that reeks of death.

Head: Silumgar dragons’ heads look like snakes’ or crocodiles’, but usually the former. Their most striking feature are their enlarged fangs from which poison drips. Most dragons have two pairs of fangs, one on the upper jaw, another on the lower jaw. Some dragons have more than four fangs.

Body: What is interesting about these dragons’ bodies are the variety of colors they can appear in, ranging from vivid purple to a mixture of yellow and blue to black. The patterns on their hides differ between individuals as well, ranging from small blotches to regions of color to none at all. Some wear gold jewelry.

Capricious and Worried

“Silumgar never passes up an opportunity to add to his opulence.”

Dragonlord Silumgar by Steven Belledin

Dragonlord Silumgar rules over the clan from the fortress at Marang RIver, lying on a throne surrounded by piles of treasure. There are two things that will occupy the mind of this dragon: either plotting or paranoia. He is more dangerous when having the latter, and it is certain that blood will be spilled.

He is a rather fat dragon. Small blue eyes, large nostrils, and four great fangs, two which curve outwards, mark his face. His hide is composed of purplish-black scales, and his underside is of a paler color. He is adorned with gold, and on his necklace hangs the enchanted corpse of the last Sultai khan, Tasigur.


“Dragons of Silumgar’s brood begin to digest their prey even before consuming it, letting their caustic breath do much of the work.”

Noxious Dragon by Svetlin Velinov

Breath weapons: corrosive gas, acid

Special trait: necromancy (with some dragons)

The Silumgar dragon’s main weapon is its breath. The color of the mist may vary and so do their visibility. Some dragons also spit acid that can dissolve even rock. Your death will be slower than usual, and it is definitely not pretty. More powerful Silumgar dragons, called deathbringers, can spread their deadly breath over a large area, and death is certain. The dragonlord sends these against large forces.

Necromaster Dragon by Mark Zug

If corpses are nearby, beware. Some Silumgar dragons also practice necromancy. These dragons, called necromasters, make no simple zombies. The zombies, or sibsig as the clan calls them, created by these dragons are stronger than the average necromancer’s zombie. Besides their breath, you’ll also have to tackle the challenge of defending against their sibsig.

“Sad what passes for a dragon among the Silumgar.”

Sandsteppe Scavenger by Kieran Yanner

Just stay clear of its mouth and its mist of poison. Defeating or escaping from one isn’t impossible, though. They can be killed, and some non-dragon creatures are even known to eat their flesh.

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As someone with Zimbabwean ancestry, thank you for calling out the Mugabe post. Not only did he wreck the economy, steal massive profits from the country's diamond mines (which his wife spends on mansions and designer clothes while people starve and cholera, AIDs and childbirth deaths are rampant) but even the redistribution of farms (certainly something that needed addressing) just led to experienced white farmers fleeing, while little training was given to their replacements...

…meaning that we were just worse off than before (like yeah, does tumblr seriously think blacks benefited from something that was just an excuse for Mugabe’s cronies to grab as much land as they could?). And yeah, as for how much Mugabe promotes antiblackness, my uncle’s friends were black, and last we heard of them, they were in the Marange camp, whilst my cousins were sexually assaulted numerous times by the police. But woo, at least someone’s standing up against our white oppressors!

Thanks for sharing- I’m sorry to hear the terrible things your friends and family members continue to experience under Mugabe’s regime. It is incredibly hurtful and offensive when we Western POC proceed to make into a hero someone responsible for immense suffering people you love go through. By doing this, we not only show a total ignorance of non-Western affairs, but imply that the choice Zimbabweans have must be restricted to being between the British colonialism and a terrible dictator like Mugabe who poses as an anti-colonial hero. 

As this anon showed so well- in many non-Western countries, all these leaders do is to effectively don the mantle of the European imperialist after first riding a wave of anti-colonialism to install themselves in power. They claim to be icons who have heroically fought European colonialism, and accuse their political enemies of being Western puppets or colonial sympathisers, when all the while, they are becoming the oppressor. With his parasitical exploitation of Zimbabwe,  self-enrichment at the expense of millions of Zimbabweans and political repression, Mugabe has more or less replicated, reinforced and continued the extremely poor conditions people were subject to under colonial rule. How many European countries, for example, had oppressive leaders belonging to their ethnic group, who people felt they were entirely justified to overthrow? Why do we not extend this logic to people in non-Western countries? Do we think the highest aspirations of people outside the West is to be ruled by somebody who looks like them, no matter how cruel and oppressive?

We should recognise the superficiality of the posturing people like Mugabe do. Sure, he deprives white farmers who disproportionately own land in Zimbabwe due to colonial rule- but he does it in a manner that results in even more food shortages where the hardest hit are poor black Zimbabweans. Does this not make it abundantly clear he does not care about black Zimbabweans at all, save his small circle of cronies? Many of our leaders who gained credibility as being leaders against European colonialism have only proven themselves to be traitors and hypocrites.

The world is not as simple as “four legs good, two legs bad”. The ending of George Orwell’s Animal Farm, I think, is particularly instructive. The pigs who initially championed the liberation of the farm animals from human tyranny walk on two legs, wear human clothing and finally- invite a group of human farmers over to play cards and divide the spoils of exploiting the animals. And so the anticolonial rebel finally becomes no different from the imperialist oppressor. The new boss is the same as the old boss, the king is dead, long live the king.

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The Marang River Skeleton is wearing the same outfit as the Marang River Prowler. I guess he's still going 1200 years later huh?

Skeletons don’t have a lot of time to go look for new fashion. I tried to get him some new shoes, but he just shook his head and said he didn’t want a new sole. Poor guy.