Reduced To Ash, Chapter 1: A Beginning
By Organization for Transformative Works

Guess who’s relieving her Nanowrimo-induced myopia by publishing her mainverse fic finally? THIS GIRL RIGHT HERE! After I post chapter 2 (which will be sometime this week), update schedule is every 2 or 3 weeks depending on real life and my writing speed.

We meet up with Mara on Dromund Kaas, where she’s prepping her shiny new ship for departure to some backward rock called Balmorra. 

Edited to add: all the thanks go to @wrathetc, @semper-draca, @aliyamirat, @inquisitorhotpants and @fluffynexu for beta reading, world-building help, and enduring my messages at weird hours asking them to gut-check my writing of a scene because I have no concept of emotions sometimes. (If you beta’ed for me and I missed you, PLEASE message me and tell me; my memory is absolute shit and I apologize profusely.)

“Holy shit, we’re traveling in style, now!”

Maranel Thrask smiled wryly as the spaceport security agent, Technician Rymes, scanned her ident card and handed her a datapad and stylus.

“It’s better than an improvised berth on the Black Talon, I grant you that,” Mara agreed.

“You’ll grant me that?” Vette turned from the control room’s viewport, her blue lekku fairly vibrating with excitement, purple eyes wide. She shifted her pack on her shoulders and her voice sharpened to a sarcastic approximation of a Kaasi accent. “How magnanimous of you, my lord.”

Rymes stiffened, his disapproval radiating out through the Force.

“Something the matter, Technician?” Mara asked as she traded the signed datapad for her ident card.

“Ah, no, my lord.” He ducked his head. “Please forgive my unwanted attention to your s-“

“I do hope you were going to say ‘sister’.”

What little color remained in the man’s face fled until Mara thought he would collapse from lack of blood flowing to his brain.

“S-sister? My lord?”

“Indeed.” Mara slipped her arm through Vette’s, smiling broadly, her red skin a bright contrast against Vette’s blue. “Vette is my adopted sister, and I would hate for you to blunder into insulting a Sith noblewoman’s family.”

“No of course, my lord. Thank you.”

“Have you anything else for me to sign to complete the transfer of custodianship?” Rymes twitched his head back and forth. “Wonderful. Run along.”

The man scrambled to do as bid, walking to the lift as fast as decorum would allow, Mara and Vette’s laughter following him.

tishinada  asked:

Uncanny SWtOR prompt - #4 - “Why do I feel as if someone’s watching us?”

Editing to add: this is legit spooky/scary if you have a fear of the paranormal. Please be warned. I kinda freaked myself out honestly.

Mara bit into her field ration and tried not to grimace at the taste. She cast a glance over at Captain Quinn just in time for him to do the same. It cheered her mood somewhat. They were alone in the middle of the Tatooine desert having just lost half their gear in a freak accident, taking refuge from the dropping night time temperatures and howling wind in a cave. Her captain had been infuriatingly distant over the course of their mission here.

 But the near-inedibility of Imperial field rations was a comforting constant.

 "What do you call that one?“ she asked.

 He jerked in surprise at the sound of her voice, blue eyes twitching to hers and away again. “I’m sorry, my lord?”

 She hefted her ration bar. “This one is allegedly flavored as Kaasi fish stew, but my father always called it Low Tide, which is upsettingly accurate. Which one are you eating?”

 He was silent a moment, the dim light of their field lamp casting odd shadows on his face, exaggerating the hollows of his cheeks and shadows beneath his eyes until he had a near-skeletal look to him.

 "It’s not a… polite term,“ he said finally.

 Something flitted across Mara’s mind. She frowned and tried to focus on it, but it evaporated like so much moisture during a Tatooine day. She couldn’t even be sure she’d felt anything. It’s the stillness of the cavern, she insisted to herself. I’d know if we weren’t alone.

 Scans had confirmed the local indigenous life steered clear of this place. Several meters behind their chosen camp site, the cave floor gave way to a sudden 10-meter drop that fed into a continued underground cave system.

 "Captain, if I’d wanted polite conversation I’d not have begun by asking you what your ration bar actually tastes like.” She laughed, the sound seeming to stop short at the edge of the circle of light cast by their lamp. “Such a topic is not fit for polite company, as I’m sure you know better than I.”

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Alternate Endings (*sob*)

12 Pall 1342
The Tython Incursion

Mara and Jaesa lead a squadron of Imperial soldiers through the forests of Tython, approaching improvised fortifications erected by the advance attack squadron, led by Captain Malavai Quinn. As she closes the distance, her apprehension at seeing her husband for the first time in six months building, Mara spots a group of Republic soldiers, ostensibly pinned down by fire from Quinn’s squadron above. She slides easily into a predator’s stalk and draws her lightsaber. One soldier stands and lifts a heavy detonator launcher to his shoulder. Mara curses, reaches out to the Force and bursts into the clearing, her blade igniting mid-leap to slice the launcher in half along with the soldier holding it.

In the main Maraverse, she arrives in time.

In this timeline, she doesn’t.

10 Pall 1402
KAAS CITY – Darth Vernost has died at the age of 91. She passed away quietly in her home in Kaas City. She is survived by her cousin and head of house, Lord Enar Thrask, and numerous apprentices, the foremost of whom is Darth Kathros (formerly Lord Jaesa Willsaam).

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