Gustave Caillebotte - Boats Anchored on the Seine in Argenteuil [1892] by Gandalf
Via Flickr:
The scene depicted here is that of the Seine alongside Ile Marande, just across the river from Argenteuil. On the right of the composition is the Château Michelet, featured on the banks of Argenteuil. It is possible Caillebotte painted the present work from a boat similar to the bateau-atelier that Monet used on many of his painting excursions on the river. This area along the Seine was a favourite amongst the Impressionists, and provided ample subjects for artists such as Manet, Renoir and Monet in the early 1870s. The first owner of this picture was Martial Caillebotte, who inherited many of his brother’s pictures upon his death in 1894. Martial exhibited the present work in the important retrospective exhibition organised by Durand-Ruel in Paris in 1894.

[Sotheby’s, New York - Oil on canvas, 60 x 73.7 cm]

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I love your writing, 22 please

She fell asleep with a book in her lap, and normally, Shiro would leave her. He has strict rules when it comes to Allura, the most important of which is that she is Off Limits. He has to remind himself of this every she smiles, every time her eyes light up, every time the din of battle fades and in the aftermath he’s so grateful she’s still standing there next to him.

But he is the professional leader of Voltron, a cadet turned soldier, who has no time for falling in love with princesses, much less ever be deserving of one as incredible as she is. So Allura is Off Limits, and he does his best to limit their physical contact. 

He’s found her asleep in random places in the castle before, usually over battle plans, and has draped blankets over her shoulders, gently nudged her into a more comfortable position―and right now he’s wondering how she fell asleep at all, because the position she’s in now is anything but comfortable. Her legs are folded tightly under her, and her neck is turned painfully: her joints will hurt like hell when she wakes up in the morning.

He pauses. Is he seriously thinking what he’s thinking―is he thinking at all? He must finally be going insane, he realizes, as he walks over to the chair and carefully, cautiously, scoops her up in his arms bridal style. She’s lighter than he expected, with all her strength, and he holds her against his chest with one arm, his free hand reaching for her book and saving her page. Curious, he takes a glance at the cover and title. Interspecies Intimacy: The Ins and Outs of Inter-Alien Friendships and Partnerships. A bit of an unusual read, but he supposes for a diplomatic people it makes sense.

He freezes, halfway outside of the library when she stirs slightly, blinking sleepily. His face is burning as her eyes make her way up to his face. “S-Shiro?”

He tries to channel Lance, grasping for a thread of confidence, but can’t quite manage it. Warmth spreads in his chest, and his voice is soft as he replies, “Don’t worry, princess. I saved your page.” 

Allura snorts softly, and then snuggles closer to him, burying her face in his chest. “Carry on, then.”

She’s asleep by the time they get to her room, snuffling quietly as he gently lays her down in her bed and pulls the covers up to her chin. He’s never seen anything more beautiful. 

In the morning, she has her book tucked under one arm when she sees him at the breakfast table, and stoops down to press a quick kiss to his cheek.