maramania-deactivated20120910 asked:

Why is there so much hate for Les Mis? Many ppl dislike the film just because of Tom Hooper. I don't know much about Tom Hooper because I'm not such a movie-freak, what is the problem with him? As a greedy selfish Maramaniac, I want Mara to star in every film I want her to be LOL i know that's crazy. But if she knows how to sing very well, I want her to be Eponine!!! Les Mis is one of my all time fave musicals!!!

I honestly don’t know, I’ve never seen Les Mis, I’m sure it’s a good/great musical, perhaps I’ll see it sometime, but I refuse to watch the film or w/e that Tom Hooper directed. Hmm I’ve always wondered if Rooney could sing!