The Doctor is a woman. DEAL WITH IT!!!!!!!!

I completely disagree in a visceral way to the idea that the doctor or any fictional character who is not from a specific culture (i.e., Black Panther) needs to be male or female, black or god-forbid, white. Why exactly does the doctor need to be male? Because he has always been male? If he can regenerate and change everything from size to personality why not gender or race? It’s like people getting upset Miles Marales isn’t white or that the lead in Star Wars is female. Basically ridiculous as it’s a made up character who gets handed off to different actors and writers. It’s not like our Doctor Who is the same Doctor Who thy was created 50 years ago. And it’s not like the world couldn’t use a woman or person of color who goes around the universe, saving people with nothing but her brain and a sense of goodness.

They didn’t make a lady Captain Kirk by just giving Kirk a vagina without changing personality origin or back story. The doctor is a being that gets regenerated for a new life. Who says that life has to be male? It doesn’t. Why should we get a spin off? A spin off time lady is a knock off. It’s not Doctor Who. Why can’t the same person who is wise and brilliant and strange and crazy and a damaged hero be the same but with lady parts? Why can’t a woman be the lead of the second most popular show in the world? It disturbs me the idea that picking a woman would be a gimmick. Why isn’t it that it’s simply time. After 13/14 regenerations and losing the love of his life, losing his actual life 13 times, I would be ready to shake it up to be new. Just like after 11 regenerations he took a young face. Maybe after seeing Missy and how she changed, 12 will think “it’s time for me to be a new me” and so becomes a woman. It’s a canon that the Doctor has a say in who he becomes etc. I can see twelve who loved River and ran with everyone from Rose to Amy and now Bill would see the benefits in for once being female.

Check your misogyny and not in my freaking inbox