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Commander Challenge: Lorwyn Poll winner!

So this poll can be defined as “Anyone’s game”, while there was a constant at the top, almost everyone else was catching up. Though there always has to be a winner.

Well….that’s a tie. Ok so it’s essentially a blind coin toss.

Congrats to the winner! Let us see what a $140 budget can do for us. Since I’m posting all the old decks that were owed this week. A new poll will be up some time tomorrow.

See this deck on October 16th!

Happy games all.

Until next time.


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The Rule is Exception: "Can't" is a Strong Word

AKA: A Guide on How to Play a Lawful Evil Deck

Subsection - Do you feel lucky, punk?

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Commander’s Toolkit

Good Punishment Cards  

Ever had a difficult or annoying person who needs to be knocked down a couple of pegs? These cards are either good for forcing your opponents to make difficult decisions or just generally punish them for being your opponent. They’re very red and black.

1. Painful Quandary 

If an opponent has no hand, this can get nasty very quickly, either forcing them to limit spell casting or discard their hand away, if they don’t they will lose quickly. 

2. Vexing Devil 

A brilliant one drop, it doesn’t have a downside. Either way it’s dealing four damage to something.

3. Browbeat

Drawing cards is sorely needed in red. Will an opponent take five for the team. Most likely.

4. Spiteful Visions 

Punishes opponents for something as basic as drawing cards. It also allows an extra card to be drawn each turn. It may even keep everyone happy for a while.

5. Winter Orb 

I’m so glad this has been reprinted. Now it’s like having Hokori, Dust Drinker  in any deck, and if you can find a way to tap it down, it doesn’t even affect you.

6. Ob Nixilis, Unshackled 

Got a player who is constantly tutoring? This will make them think twice. It’s even more hilarious when combined with Maralen of the Mornsong.

7. War’s Toll  

Oh, You’re all tapped out. Good.

8. Stranglehold 

Another answer to copious tutoring. I think punishing them for it is funnier though.

9. Tainted Remedy 

I bet that Oloro player’s laughing on the other side of his face now.

10. From the Ashes

I find that my opponents run very few basic lands so this card will hurt when they lose all those expensive lands and have no basic lands to search for. Ruination works the same way, but with no land searching.

Warning: If you value friends and a stable playgroup and friends, I wouldn’t use decks containing these cards very often. 

anonymous asked:

Is there a format like Commander but with multiple versions of the same characters? Between so many return blocks and the alternate versions of Phage, etc, seems like that should be a thing by now.

Oooooooooo!! I don’t know of any format that exists like that YET, but I like where you mind is going with this, Nonnie… 

OK, so I propose we call our new format: 

Quantum Commander 

(or “QC” for short) 

And it works something like this: 

  • Players still have a 100-card singleton deck (except for basic lands) 
  • Instead of one legendary creature for a commander, QC decks have up to two commanders, as long as both creatures flavorfully represent alternate versions of the same character 
  • QC decks may contain cards that match the color identity of the combined commanders 
  • Players may only have one of their commanders on the battlefield at a time (we don’t want any paradoxes, after all) 
  • If a player has one of their commanders on the battlefield, casting their other commander results in exiling the first, and sending it to the Command Zone (regardless of who controls the creature at the time) 
  • When a commander is in play, its owner may not cast any spells from their hand or play any lands in colors outside of that commander’s color identity (Updated 8-11-2017, italics text added, strikeout text removed) 
  • A player can only win the game when one of their commanders is on the battlefield (though not necessarily under their control) 

OK, so let’s go through some QC Q&A. And for our examples here, we’re going to use these two handsome legendary creatures for our commanders: 

Q: What card colors can I have in this deck? 
A: Since Rhys the Exiled has a color identity of Green/Black, and Rhys the Redeemed has a color identity of Green/White, this deck can contain any spells or lands with green, black, or white mana symbols on them (as well as colorless or generic mana.) 

Q: Would I be able to play any Abzan colored cards like Doran the Siege Tower in this deck? 
A: You can put Doran in the deck, and you can play him while the deck is in “superposition” (when neither commander is on the battlefield) but as soon as either Rhys is played, you would not be able to cast Doran from your hand, since neither commander has all of Doran’s colors in their color identities.  (Updated 8-11-2017, italics text added) 

Q: What about a cool spell with a White/Black hybrid mana cost, like Unmake? 
A: Unmake can go in the deck, and you can play it while the deck is in “superposition,” but you would be unable to cast it from your hand while either commander is in play.  (Updated 8-11-2017, italics text added)

Q: If I control a black creature, like Hunter of Eyeblights, does it go away when I cast Rhys the Redeemed? 
A: Nope, casting Rhys the Redeemed won’t make any of your black permanents go away. You just won’t be able to cast any black spells from your hand while he’s on the battlefield.  (Updated 8-11-2017, italics text added)

Q: Can I play a Plains while Rhys the Exiled is on the battlefield? 
A: Yes. No, but you can still use any lands you already have in play (as long as you’re not using them to cast white spells.)  (Updated 8-11-2017, italics text added, strikeout text removed) 

Q: What happens if my opponent’s life total is 0 or they can’t draw a card, and I don’t have a commander in play? 
A: Since you can’t win in “superposition,” the game will continue (like if you had an Abysmal Persecutor under your control) until either you cast one of your commanders, or your opponent wins the game. If both you and your opponent have life totals of 0 or lower when you cast a commander, the game ends in a draw. (Note that this rule applies only when you have a single opponent. If you have multiple opponents, those opponents can still lose while your deck is in “superposition.” Once you have eliminated all but one opponent, this rule then takes effect.) 

Q: What’s with all the extra restrictions, dude? Why do you hate fun?! 
A: OK, first of all, that’s more than one question. Secondly, that’s kind of rude. And thirdly, I think that restrictions are important for keeping formats fun! (I mean, if you’re going to have the flexibility of TWO commanders, you’re going to need to give some stuff up.) 

Q: Could I make a case that Maralen of the Mornsong and Oona, Queen of the Fae are two versions of the same character? 
A: Ooo! I see you’ve read the Lorwyn books too! Hmm, I could see making a case for that, but it’s up to the discretion of your playgroup whether or not they accept that interpretation of the character. 

Q: How much longer are these questions and answers going to go on? 
A: I think this is a good place to end them for now (at least until other people chime in with questions of their own.) 

So what do you all think?! Fun format? Inherently broken? Something worth trying out? Let me know your thoughts/suggestions!