Drawings by Marald Van Haasteren

Marald born in 1970, creates artwork for bands since 1989. Some of the bands for which he worked are - Bolt Thrower, High on fire, Wolfbrigade, Kylesa, Ortega, Grinding Halt, Entrapment, Slutvomit, Wartorn, Masakari, Victims, Suffering Quota and much more. Stay updated by following him on Tumblr and Facebook

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Finally found the time to finish this piece. It took me more time than usual to achieve a satisfying result, the crow feet were quite the challenge. I still don’t have a fixed title for this one ( “instinctual” & “driven” are the 2 I have floating around), so feel free to come with suggestions. Cheers!

Digital progress: tomorrow I will look at it with fresh eyes but it’s close to the finish line. I’m stoked about the result & I can’t wait to reveal the whole picture; I rank it among the best of my album covers. Thank you Lies for your trust & giving me so much artistic freedom, I think it paid off! 😉