Glen Keane always talks about animating with sincerity. When animating a character you need to understand him/her fully, predict their reactions, their feelings and foresee the way they will move, staying true to themselves.

Marahute moves like a magnificent eagle, and not like a human, but Glen gave her a relatable characteristic. He allowed us to be able to read as clearly as if she were speaking, what she’s saying or thinking.

I love these suble little movements that made her majestic, comedic and real!


Marahute is the reason I LOVE birds, this movie(rescuers down under) came out in 1990, the year I was born. I literally grew up watching this movie and was forever enthralled by birds. 

“Marahute is portrayed as a very kind, and gentle Haast’s Eagle, though her massive girth can cause problems (at one point, one of her wings accidentally knocks Cody off the tall cliff they’re on, though she quickly saves him). She has a lot of love for Cody, grateful that he saved her, and is a very caring friend and mother-figure toward her friends and eggs respectively as well as her mate as shown when Cody asked where the father of the eggs was, she displayed very high sadness and grief. She’s also extremely loyal to those loyal to her, having saved Cody’s life not once, but twice in the film. She is also shown to be quite intelligent and have a sense of humour, as shown when she tickles Cody during the flight scene.”

Video clip