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My Favorite Beauty Products

Hello, ladies! I want to share my favorite beauty products that I can not live without! If you are a guy reading this , WELCOME :) I hope you will find something helpful in this blog for yourself as well !

Since I received SO many requests and questions about my skin care routine, I don’t mind to share UPDATED version of it  (click here –> for Skin Care Routine I posted last year). 

I’m constantly searching and re-searching new natural, organic, hand made with  PURE LOVE skin and haircare beauty products. And because of this, my skin care routine is always changing (as you can see how it is different from last year:)  I like to try new things, and switch around. SO, here it is:

1. Essential Oils.

I LOVE Essencial Oils! I choose very nourishing  Tamanu Oil, Baobab Oil, Pure Maracuja Oil (very high in Vitamin C!) and Chamomile Oil (has calming effect on irritated skin). I don’t use them every day, after all THEY ARE OILS (can be very heavy on the skin) , but I believe in power of Essential Oils and they are a HUGE part of my skin care routine. Remember to apply 1-2 drops on MOIST skin ( I like to spay Rose Water before apply any essential oils, preferably right after the shower)

2. Face and body Cream.

Raw and Organic Skin Food by “Bee Yummy” is all time favorite plus I’ve recently discovered rose cream by Silicium. OMG ! Great Great cream! Body moisturizer is my first and only love - Coconut Oil! Can not live with my coco oil:) 

3. Eye and Lips.

For skin around my eyes and for lips I use  "Bee Yummy" Eye&Lip cream. All natural, raw, cold pressed oils. AHHHMAZING !!!

4. Exfoliation. 

I really enjoy using electric face brush. Now days you can find a big selection . Many brands make those brushes, I think they are great, because they help to exfoliate layers of dead skin. After I used skin brush, I apply skin polish by “Simply Divine Botanicals”. I LOVE this company SO much! they only us best of the best of the ingredients plus … all their products are “Energized with Reiki Energy” :DDDD

5. Hair Care.

For my hair I use Outer Body Experience by “Simply Divine Botanicals”. I can not get enough of this product! I use it to wash my hair, my body, my face and to shave my legs! Sorry If its too much info, but its true! This is ALL-in-One product , it lasts forever, it creates alot of foam, smells good, “energized with Reiki”,  and just super simple gorgeous product.

My hair conditioner is very natural and  calls “Shine On Conditioner”. I’m not sure who makes it, I ordered it online but I can’t remember which site. Anyhow, it is a  great product. I use it as a conditioner on wet hair and as a cream that I apply when my hair is dry. Every morning, when my hair is dry I spray “Solar Recover”. It contains a lot of  good for the hair ingredients which I love! 


“Our NEW Rainforest of the sea foundation exclusively for @Sephora is lightweight and full coverage at the same time. @iluvsarahii suggests adding a drop of our maracuja oil to give a nice dewwww. COMING VERY, VERY SOON!!! #tarteunderthesea #trippinwithtarte #tartelette #sephora #waterfoundation” by @tartecosmetics on Instagram

Remedy: Patchy, Uneven, or Rough Skin

Recently through both my work and personal life I’ve heard the complaint a lot: “My skin is blotchy.” or “It just isn’t as even and glowing like it was in summer.” Well I have got the answer! And I figure since it’s been such a widespread concern I’d address it on beautybombbb. 

Most likely the cause for the difference you’re seeing in your skin is the build up of dead skin cells from summer.  When your tan starts to fade, those dead cells just sit on your skin if you are not exfoliating.  From my conversations I discovered that a large amount of people actually do not exfoliate regularly.  It is important to do this every few days (maybe more or less depending on your skin’s sensitivity). Easy ways to do this are with physical exfoliants like products that have the exfoliant beads or powder in them.  My personal favorite is the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant paired with my Clarisonic.

Once you are past the point of not exfoliating regularly, or if your skin needs that extra pick me up, it is time to call in a peel.  A peel uses alpha hydroxy acids to chemically exfoliate the skin (this just means no abrasive texture). Some peels can be a bit strong, especially for sensitive skin, so I opt for the Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel Sensitive.  Juice is an all natural line which bases their products with organic juice instead of water and the peel is incredibly gentle.  Its gentleness does not undermine its power though.  Within just one 20 minute use those flakes will be gone, the blotchiness will decrease, and your skin will glow like its July.

After a peel it is very important to replenish your skin so I like to use the Tarte Maracuja Oil. I rub it all over my face and neck to keep my skin nice and moisturized.  It feels slick while its on but don’t fear, it will not clog your pores.  If your oily/ acne prone it will actually help with blemishes as well as provide anti aging benefits and overall rejuvenation.

While both products are natural and great for all skin types in my experience, if you do have specific skin issues always consult with your dermatologist before starting or adding to your regimen.

Both products can be found at Ulta for around $38 each and I recommend picking them up ASAP because the weather outside is truly becoming frightful when it comes to skin but thank godness we now know the secret to keeping our summer glow!

Good luck beautybombbbers! xo

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Oh yes, it is that time of the year again when sleep deprived students all over the world are pulling all nighters and struggling to stay awake during the day. While I can’t help you with staying awake, I definitely can share some tips about how to care for your skin when you’re sleep deprived and how to make it LOOK like you got eight hours of sleep!! Give this video a THUMBS UP if you want to see more school related videos!!

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Tarte Pure Maracuja Oil

I just got back from Ulta where I went on a Tarte spree. I’ll be reviewing those items soon, but I wanted to share a quick teaser photo of the freebie I got with my purchase. This is the Pure Maracuja Oil and I thought it looked like fun. Can’t wait to try it out! 
They have a new line of foundations that contain this oil. The foundations themselves felt very nice on my skin, but I am too tan from beach week to purchase a color for my normally pale skin tone! I’ll have to try them again later on…

Maracuja Oil

What it is: Maracuja Oil from Tarte that is 100 percent cold pressed, translucent organic oil straight from the Amazonian Rainforest and extracted from the Maracuja flower (pretty exotic, huh?) It is high in Vitamin C  and fatty acids. This oil is to be used at night and after cleansing. This is going to replace your regular serums and moisturizers. A supplemental moisturizer may be used after according to your skin needs.

The Claims:  This oil claims to make skin more radiant, improve skin texture, and reduce fine lines, due to the high concentration of the antioxidant Vitamin C, and essential fatty acids.  All skin types can use this product. Two to three drops is recommended.

The Results: I love it! I’ve been using for about three weeks now and my skin does look brighter. I don’t see that it has reduced the fine lines I have on my forehead, but I have only used for a couples weeks (I’ll update later on.)  This product does a good job at moisturizing my normal to dry skin. I use about five to six drops a night because I like a very moisturized feel and dewy look. I equate dewy, moisturized skin to younger skin. This oil sinks right into skin and does not leave behind an oily residue.  It has not broken me out at all, and it just balances my skin.  I use this at night in place of my eye cream, face serum, and moisturizer, so it’s like three products in one! Hello saving some money! I have noticed some reduced darkness around my eyes, which to me is pretty impressive. Also, It does not irritate my eye area. The only place to get it right now is QVC. I highly recommend! Believe the hype!


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Tarte Pure Maracuja Oil review and comparison to argan oil!

Source for inexpensive skin oils

All this talk about skin oils from Arabelle reminded me of this company that’s pretty popular for their skin oils. I may have talked about them before but in case I haven’t, the website is GardenofWisdom. Though the website leaves a lot to be desired, their skincare is pretty popular with a forum I follow.

1 oz of Organic argan oil for $10, 1 oz of Maracuja/Passionfruit Seed Oil for $5.25, a cleansing oil for oily skin starting from $3.85, and a cleansing oil for sensitive skin starting from $4.25

Their chemical exfoliants (AHAs, BHAs, etc) also have a pH listed which is always good since too high or low of a pH makes the AHAs or BHAs less effective.

Most of the oils are unrefined so they will be a little smelly.

The products are inexpensive enough that they’re worth try before jumping in and making a huge purchase. They also offer a few samplers of their cleansing oils too.

Give them a scope!

messrprongs  asked:

Hello! Just wondering, do you have a dupe for Tarte's Maracuja Oil? Thanks <3

Hi there :)

If you want a more affordable facial oil try oils like

Olay Regenerist Luminous Facial Oil $25. This is a more “oily” and is very luminous so great for dry to very dry skin but not so much for normal to oily. 

Boots Botanics Facial Oil $9. This is probably my favorite drugstore facial oil. It has rose hip which is great for the skin and is organic! Can get this at Target or online. 

Yes to Blueberries Face and Neck Oil $15. 

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil Face $10. Has retinol and vitamin c to help fade dark spots and even the skin. Also one of my favs!



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Boscia / Tsubaki Beauty Oil

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Tarte / Pure Maracuja Oil

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Nude Skincare / ProGenius™ Treatment Oil

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Algenist / Advanced Anti-Aging Repairing Oil

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Josie Maran / 100 percent Pure Argan Oil

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Fresh / Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil

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Boscia / Tsubaki Cleansing Oil-Gel

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Josie Maran / Argan Cleansing Oil

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Ren / Rosa Centifolia No.1 Purity Cleansing Balm

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Josie Maran / 100 percent Pure Argan Oil Light

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Kate Somerville / Dilo Oil Restorative Treatment

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Ole Henriksen / Pure Truth™ Vitamin C Youth Activating Oil