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Pampering myself tonight. Took a LUSHcious (lol) bath, followed by a lotion rub for my legs, a lush massage bar back rub, a Burt’s bees coconut foot rub, a maracuja oil face treatment, and an organic coconut oil hair treatment that I’ll be leaving in over night. Fuck yes.


  I must admit I have found a few incredible brands through Instagram and it makes it much more exciting when they are based in our homeland of New Zealand (so good to support one another). One of my latest finds is Kiwi beauty brand Pique. I was lucky enough to ask Pique a few quick questions and discovered that Pique is much much more than just a scrub, a philosophy and a way of life. The…

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My Favorite Beauty Products

Hello, ladies! I want to share my favorite beauty products that I can not live without! If you are a guy reading this , WELCOME :) I hope you will find something helpful in this blog for yourself as well !

Since I received SO many requests and questions about my skin care routine, I don’t mind to share UPDATED version of it  (click here –> for Skin Care Routine I posted last year). 

I’m constantly searching and re-searching new natural, organic, hand made with  PURE LOVE skin and haircare beauty products. And because of this, my skin care routine is always changing (as you can see how it is different from last year:)  I like to try new things, and switch around. SO, here it is:

1. Essential Oils.

I LOVE Essencial Oils! I choose very nourishing  Tamanu Oil, Baobab Oil, Pure Maracuja Oil (very high in Vitamin C!) and Chamomile Oil (has calming effect on irritated skin). I don’t use them every day, after all THEY ARE OILS (can be very heavy on the skin) , but I believe in power of Essential Oils and they are a HUGE part of my skin care routine. Remember to apply 1-2 drops on MOIST skin ( I like to spay Rose Water before apply any essential oils, preferably right after the shower)

2. Face and body Cream.

Raw and Organic Skin Food by “Bee Yummy” is all time favorite plus I’ve recently discovered rose cream by Silicium. OMG ! Great Great cream! Body moisturizer is my first and only love - Coconut Oil! Can not live with my coco oil:) 

3. Eye and Lips.

For skin around my eyes and for lips I use  "Bee Yummy" Eye&Lip cream. All natural, raw, cold pressed oils. AHHHMAZING !!!

4. Exfoliation. 

I really enjoy using electric face brush. Now days you can find a big selection . Many brands make those brushes, I think they are great, because they help to exfoliate layers of dead skin. After I used skin brush, I apply skin polish by “Simply Divine Botanicals”. I LOVE this company SO much! they only us best of the best of the ingredients plus … all their products are “Energized with Reiki Energy” :DDDD

5. Hair Care.

For my hair I use Outer Body Experience by “Simply Divine Botanicals”. I can not get enough of this product! I use it to wash my hair, my body, my face and to shave my legs! Sorry If its too much info, but its true! This is ALL-in-One product , it lasts forever, it creates alot of foam, smells good, “energized with Reiki”,  and just super simple gorgeous product.

My hair conditioner is very natural and  calls “Shine On Conditioner”. I’m not sure who makes it, I ordered it online but I can’t remember which site. Anyhow, it is a  great product. I use it as a conditioner on wet hair and as a cream that I apply when my hair is dry. Every morning, when my hair is dry I spray “Solar Recover”. It contains a lot of  good for the hair ingredients which I love! 




Just call me the bottle whisperer. Chances are, it comes in a bottle or jar, I’ve tried it (and disliked it). Yes, you read that correctly: disliked it. When you work in the beauty industry, you automatically become a member of a very special group afforded the privilege to try just about every product that magazine editors are writing about and celebs are raving about. You don’t like everything you try and like the name or not, you become a Beauty Junkie. Now there are two types of Beauty Junkies in the industry.

The 1st type: the ones who try it all, like it all, and keep it all…in bins, in storage, in walk in closets, and (when space runs out) kitchen cabinets & ovens too. (Trust me, I’ve seen it). We also refer to this type as your typical garden variety hoarder. The Hoarder Beauty Junkie is one of the best kinds because she (or he) is like a witch doctor with something for everyone and their targeted ailment (pores, frizz, uni-brow). The HBJ also tends to be very  giving, she (or he) will rummage through 3 Ikea bins full of night creams to find you “the perfect one”-and it will be- just be sure to check the expiration date.

The 2nd type: also known as the Can’t Go Backwards in Lifestyle Beauty Junkie. I happen to fall into this group comprised of women and men who have experienced the best of the best and from that moment on there’s no compromise and no sense in keeping a mass of sub-par product. (Chris Rock explains the CGBIL perspective far better than I ever could here and it’s pretty hilarious). One of the harsh realities (@WGP?) that comes with being in this grouping is that you’ve come to the realization that “you get what you pay for”. That does not mean drug store brands don’t work, many of them do. However, you pick and choose where you spend your money and you know what you like. Rather than having 50 moderately priced products in the bathroom, maybe you have 10 that work really really well for you, some of which may tip the scale.  

Being that I fall into the latter, I’m usually inclined to keep my products to that min (10), especially during the Summer (it’s when I’m most busy and also when my style is a little more carefree). Below is my list of 10 Summer Wonders (skin & hair) that I simply cannot live without to help you shop like a pro.

*Check back next week for 10 Summer Wonders (makeup only). Yes, I will cover SPF! If you love color like I do, this will be the post for you.

Just add a sarong, shades, a coconut water & you’re ready to flirt with the lifeguard! ;)

1. Avalon Organics, Facial Cleansing Gel

Message in a bottle: "Washed away".

Face wash isn’t a hard product to come by when you’re working in beauty because they’re not terribly expensive to make and sample out so I have tried MANY- most of which sell in Sephora. With a slew of washes given to me, I’ll still purchase this one from the health food market ($12.99) on 1st. I use it year round. It’s the only wash that makes my skin feel completely cleansed. (Works wonders with a clarisonic mia- and let’s face it, that’s where you ought to spend your $).

2. Thayers, Alcohol-Free Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner

Message in a bottle: "Flower Power".

At $9.95, it’s a steal. Some dermatologists say that toner does nothing but I have to use toner before bed & every makeup application because I like my skin to feel fresh and tingly. During the hot summer months in NYC, that’s exactly how I want my skin to feel so I’ll take some to-go in a mini spritzer to keep in my bag. Yes, I’m that girl misting herself on the subway but you don’t see looking like an oil slick, do you? I got yelled at by friends recently for using a toner that one could have taken shots with- it had THAT much alcohol in it. This one from Thayer’s balances my skin and smells like roses so it’s a little femme. Love that!

3. Weleda, Wild Rose Smoothing Lotion

Message in a bottle: "Coming up rosy"!

More rose scented products. I tend to gravitate towards anything lavender or rose scented because they’re not overpowering and tend to be very calming. It’s a small bottle for $28.00 and I’ll go through a tube quickly during the drier months so you could call it a splurge. Super lightweight and doesn’t leave behind a greasy filmy feel. I think it’s great for someone, like me, with  nomal/combo/oily Tzone skin.

4. tarte, pure maracuja oil

Message in a bottle: "pure miracle"! 

Maybe I am biased but I’ve always been a major fan of tarte (even before working for the brand). When tarte launched its first skincare product, this hydrating, moisturizing & intuitive skin elixir, I was one of the first to try it. Forget going back to the next fad in skincare, this oil actually worked  wonders for me. “Score!” because I was given a few bottles in the office and use it every single night before bed. There are before and afters (after 3 wks) seen on QVC ($46.00) for this product but I can literally see a change in my skin overnight. (My apartment is super dry! Maracuja oil has replaced my need for a humidifier).

5. tarte, maracuja lip exfoliant

Message in a bottle: "obsessed".

Another maracuja infused miracle from tarte. I was skeptical about this product at first, not because of the formula but because it wasn’t an already existing step in my routine- did I really need to add another? I try to keep it simple but when my friend at work, Leigh, mentioned that it was like “brushing your teeth for your lips” I had to give it a try. “Hmmm… it sounds refreshing” I thought and what’s one extra step if it can eliminate the need for a medical strength lip balm? It’s got a refreshing burst of peppermint and sugar granules to slough off any dry flakiness. It’s sold with a LipSurgence lip tint for $29.50 on QVC so the tint is free. Wait a minute, I want that set now!

6. Dollies and Rockers, amped: salt spray 

Message in a bottle: "SWAG".

I was lucky to receive this salt spray in a swag bag for a private screening of L!FE HAPPENS. I was using a product that rhymes with smurf cray from my favorite hair care line when I discovered this one. I had to make the switch. I’m a scent person…but I am choosy about them. This spray gives me the same beachy waves that scream salt & summer coupled with a yummy green apple scent that’s not overpowering. No idea on the price but worth giving Dollies and Rockers a call to ship you a bottle, STAT.

7. Bumble and Bumble, Styling Lotion

Message in a bottle:Sleek & chic”. 

A love affair that has lasted almost 10 years. I had seen this product many times but never knew just how badly my hair wanted it until I was introduced to it by my then-stylist at James Joseph on Newbury in Boston and have been using it since. (BTW, JJ: great salon! I just moved!). $25.00. When the beach weekends roll into Mondays and I want a more sleek look for the office, I’ll spritz this one-mane-wonder all over my head for the ultimate blow dry. Bumble has never let me down and after moving to NYC and meeting some of the amazing passionate people who eat, breathe, sleep and work for this brand (one that truly embodies the art of hair-styling), well I think I fell a little more in love with the House of Bb which seems impossible because my heart & shower caddy have already been full for so long. Yep, they are that cool. :)

8. Oscar Blandi, pronto Dry Shampoo

Message in a bottle:Blonde Ambition.”

Do blondes really have more fun? I suppose it depends on the individual. One thing I do know is this, they really have a lot more work. The upkeep with going blonde is outrageous. I never understood the amount of dedication it takes to be a toe head so hats off to the golden girls who make it look so good. The more blonde you go, the less you should wash your hair each week to keep it from drying out. Oscar Blandi’s “pronto” dry shampoo is a new favorite of mine because it keeps my hair (and recent change) manageable between washes. $23.00 for a small bottle but you’ll use sparingly on roots only. 

9. Bumble and bumble, spray de Mode (the purple one!)

Message in a bottle: “Bzzzworthy”.

spray de Mode is de best. I feel like I redeemed myself of the crunchy curls look I wore when I was younger by using this  workable spray with flexible hold. Bumble has 3 different types of hairspray but this one has always been my favorite because my hair tends to be on the dry side. It is also choice for getting those soft waves that stay in place a-la-Lana del Rey. Who isn’t channeling her this Summer? One day I am going to do a YouTube tutorial on getting Lana’s waves using spray de Mode… Oh shoot, somebody already did! 

10. tarte, Brazilliance skin rejuvenating self tanner

Message in a bottle:Bronze Bombshell”.

For those who are vigilant about sun-worship safety, this is a self tanner made for you (and me). All winter long I kept busy at work writing away at the computer, some days barely seeing the light of day. OK, I’m being dramatic but it’s like that in NYC, you work all day and when you get out, it’s cold and dark and you are left pale. Pale. Pale. Pale. Eddie, I don’t think we’re (I’m) in LA anymore. Another trade-off OK by me. This is the self tanner I’m using for a buildable bronze leading up to Summer. No typical self tanner smell. No breakouts or irritation. No streakiness or orange tone. What’s the tradeoff? Snooky is still going to get more attention for her oompa loompa tone even if yours trumps hers. 

Do you have a top 10? List under my post on facebook.

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Remedy: Patchy, Uneven, or Rough Skin

Recently through both my work and personal life I’ve heard the complaint a lot: “My skin is blotchy.” or “It just isn’t as even and glowing like it was in summer.” Well I have got the answer! And I figure since it’s been such a widespread concern I’d address it on beautybombbb. 

Most likely the cause for the difference you’re seeing in your skin is the build up of dead skin cells from summer.  When your tan starts to fade, those dead cells just sit on your skin if you are not exfoliating.  From my conversations I discovered that a large amount of people actually do not exfoliate regularly.  It is important to do this every few days (maybe more or less depending on your skin’s sensitivity). Easy ways to do this are with physical exfoliants like products that have the exfoliant beads or powder in them.  My personal favorite is the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant paired with my Clarisonic.

Once you are past the point of not exfoliating regularly, or if your skin needs that extra pick me up, it is time to call in a peel.  A peel uses alpha hydroxy acids to chemically exfoliate the skin (this just means no abrasive texture). Some peels can be a bit strong, especially for sensitive skin, so I opt for the Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel Sensitive.  Juice is an all natural line which bases their products with organic juice instead of water and the peel is incredibly gentle.  Its gentleness does not undermine its power though.  Within just one 20 minute use those flakes will be gone, the blotchiness will decrease, and your skin will glow like its July.

After a peel it is very important to replenish your skin so I like to use the Tarte Maracuja Oil. I rub it all over my face and neck to keep my skin nice and moisturized.  It feels slick while its on but don’t fear, it will not clog your pores.  If your oily/ acne prone it will actually help with blemishes as well as provide anti aging benefits and overall rejuvenation.

While both products are natural and great for all skin types in my experience, if you do have specific skin issues always consult with your dermatologist before starting or adding to your regimen.

Both products can be found at Ulta for around $38 each and I recommend picking them up ASAP because the weather outside is truly becoming frightful when it comes to skin but thank godness we now know the secret to keeping our summer glow!

Good luck beautybombbbers! xo

Tarte Pure Maracuja Oil

I just got back from Ulta where I went on a Tarte spree. I’ll be reviewing those items soon, but I wanted to share a quick teaser photo of the freebie I got with my purchase. This is the Pure Maracuja Oil and I thought it looked like fun. Can’t wait to try it out! 
They have a new line of foundations that contain this oil. The foundations themselves felt very nice on my skin, but I am too tan from beach week to purchase a color for my normally pale skin tone! I’ll have to try them again later on…

Obsession: Murad Skincare

(This post starts with a story, but I promise that there’s a point!)

About a year ago, I got a gift certificate for a massage or facial at Spa Envy from a friend. Since I hate people touching my neck and shoulders, I opted to get a facial. 

I had never had a proper facial before, so I was beyond impressed with the treatment. I told the esthetician that I wanted an anti-aging facial because I’m clearly obsessed with staying wrinkle free. She used all Murad products that made my skin feel tight, yet supple, and glowing. She tried to get me to buy the products, but they were pretty expensive and I was convinced my drugstore products would work just as well. WRONG!

Fast forward and now I’m always on the look out for higher end skincare products because my drugstore stuff has not been good to my skin. When I saw this Murad Rapid Results Set for $15, I was beyond stoked! The set comes with samples of the Essential-C Cleanser, Essential-C Day Moisturizer with SPF 30, and Rapid Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Serum. As a free sample with my order, I also received the Murad Resurgence Renewing Eye Cream.

I have been using the set and eye cream for the last week and my skin feels amazing! 

At night, I wash my face with the Essential-C Cleanser, then put on the Rapid Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Serum on my whole face. I, then, tap the Resurgence Renewing Eye Cream under my eyes, followed by my old trusty CVS Acne Treatment Cream with 10% Benzoyl Peroxide, capped off with the Tarte Maracuja Oil. Sometimes I follow up the Maracuja Oil with Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion, if I want to be obsessive about hydration. At night, I really like to lather on lotions and oils so that they have 8-ish hours to sink into my skin, hence the oil AND lotion.

In the morning, however, I want my skin to be hydrated without being oily since my skin is so prone to oiliness. Instead of the Maracuja Oil or Clinique lotion, I used the Essential-C Day Moisturizer. What I like about it is that it makes my skin soft and hydrated without being heavy or overwhelming. My skin still gets oily by the end of the day, but nowhere near as bad as with other lotions.

Months ago, I had tried the Murad Oil Control Mattifier and hated it. It did not moisturize my skin, nor did it keep it mattified for any length of time. The Essential-C moisturizer is so much better. It goes on easily and absorbs quickly. 

I realize that Murad products are not the most affordable, but for $15, the Rapid Results Set is awesome. The samples are smaller than I thought they’d be, but a little goes a very long way. I’ve been using all of the products consistently for 2 weeks and I still have some left. I assume that the full sized products will last for months.

Hope that was helpful!




Quick Review: Tarte Maracuja C-Brighter Eye Treatment $38

I’ve tried many high-end eye creams (Murad, Clinique, Benefit, etc.), and this is by far my favorite. I feel like it’s a “one-stop-problem-solver” as far as eye creams go. It’s targeted more towards dark circles, but considering Maracuja oil is also great for fine lines, it’s got you covered there too, not to mention that it’s very moisturizing. After two nights of using this product, I noticed my under-eyes were a lot less “sunken-in” in appearance. I usually get kind of dark around the inner quarter of my eye (probably due to dehydration) and this product quickly reverses the damage. Try it for yourself, I highly recommend it!

Holy Grail | Tarte Maracuja Oil

Holy Grail | Tarte Maracuja Oil

I received a travel sized version of Tarte’s Maracuja Oil in October/November 2014, and my addiction started there! I use about 2-3 drops on my face every morning and night after cleansing, but before just a little bit of moisturizer,  and the condition of my skin has drastically changed. Putting an oil on my skin just always seemed like a bad idea to me because it seemed counter-productive. I…

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Tarte Pure Maracuja Oil review and comparison to argan oil!