maraca xd

And so, with @rusaruka‘s permission XD I has scanned her son’s precious Akuchan Akutagawa’s shikishi from the anikuji! 

As some or most or idk but some of you know about how I got the Chuya shikishi XD I also got the Akutagawa shikishi, since Rusa bought BSD merch from me before and so I showed her this and bidded it for her, won it and here he is! 

BLEH edit: I honestly dunno if I can ever get the same anikuji shikishi for the amount I bought them at but if lucky maybe XD;; 

Rusa wants to show how cute and angry stylish Akutagawa looks in this so anyone to thank, do thank her for allowing me to scan this XD before it goes to her anyway hahahaha

Akutagawa looks so angry and pouty in everything it’s so cute and funny like PFFFTT PFFFTT CUTE ANGRY BLOWFISH >A<! 

Enjoy! XD