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“There is only the pounding of each other’s heartbeat, the reassurance that each other works when nothing else does, when the house is literally falling to pieces around them and they are holding each other in their arms for the very last time, when all’s well that ends well and the American and the geek are found side by side, peaceful at last, together.”

-Vivian, makefunofourexes

Hmmm....Today's episode was...flat.

So, this episode was, well kinda flat and a let down for us (me and my lil sis.)

  • So Fabina broke up, um, saw it coming and it was basically Nina’s fault. As Diana said multiple times already, she blew holes in her own ship.
  • Mick and Mara broke up. Well, didn’t people WANT that to happen so that Jara could happen? So why hate on Mara? She was pretty mature in her decision, putting Mick’s needs BEFORE her own. So no, she was not being mean.
  • Jerome being…Jerome. That’s all that needs to be said.
  • Alfie: finally standing up to Amber. Can you say hallelujah?
  • Amber trying to help but ultimately messing everything up. Adorable and she get’s an A for effort.
  • Joy finally getting her shot and having a cute moment. I still don’t know why people dislike her.
  • Patricia STILL blending in the backround.

So overall thought? Eh. Nothing major happened and still no progress in both mysteries. I still say season one was better than this and we got laughs from the,ehrm, overacting at some parts. ^^’