mara uprising

I wonder how old Jake is. Like, do we have any official information here?

I haven’t seen anything and though John is 25 actors don’t always play roles that is exactly their age. But going with that, in lack of anything else, Jake was born in 2010 - the movie takes place in 2035 - three years before the first Kaiju attack and he would have been 15 at the time of his father’s death.

Where were toddler Jake and his mom when the first Kaiju attacked? 

How did teenaged Jake feel when his father sacrificed his life to save the world? Going by this shot in the trailer, 

it’s something that’s left a huge impact and he has not dealt with yet.

When exactly did Jake join the Jaeger program? I mean, he was still in his mid-teens at the end of the last war so it must have been after mustn’t it?

And why did he end up leaving again? For that matter, given that all those articles suggests that humanity thought the war was over and peace had arrived, why was the Jaeger program even continued?


Before you say that these pictures are crappy or horrible, please take a minute to read this.

My little brother (he´s 5 years old) drew them for me and they are one of the greatest gift I´ve ever got.

A few weeks ago we watched some episodes of Tron:Uprising and he realized how much I love this show. So he decided to draw me some pictures. He built a little mailbox out of an old shoebox and put these pictures as a surprise into it. You can guess how happy I was, when I discovered the pictures.

1) This Beck fighting Clu, Dyson and some soldiers.

2) Mara´s head is a little too big, but she looks happy. :)

3) Paige´s hair got a little bit messy, but she has the right circuit color. :)

4) Group photo of Clu´s soldiers.

5) This is Tron. Tron has 2 discs. :D

6) Tron and Beck fighting Clu and Dyson.

7) And this one is my favourite. Beck is so tiny and looks kinda weird but I always have to laugh when I look at it.

8) And last but not least: the great Clu himself.

This is what you get when you watch T:U with a child. :D I know, they only have heads, arms and legs, but that´s what makes them unique. They are cuttlefish, ok? :D

I´m really happy to have a little brother who draws me some Uprising guys. :) This cheers me up evertime I´m sad.