mara does art


So I commissioned this lovely person to draw the main characters in my Lady Vengeance story and I am so completely in love with the finished piece. Honestly, they all look exactly like how I pictured them in my head. I totally didn’t cry when I saw the finished works nooooo. There’s two others that’ll be finished soon, so I’m super excited.

(Also you guys should totally commission her for any art you want bc she’s awesome!!!)

I’ve had this in my brain for a while and I needed to sketch it really fast before I go to bed. @fun-sized-owl / @kaaras-adaar hope you don’t mind I borrowed your Kaaras for this!

Aylen likes tall people. They give the best piggy back/shoulder rides. And up there she can mess with their hair c:

Plus I think she’d like Kaaras. He looks like the kind of guy she’d want to hug.