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The girls having a double date with two who don’t get along so well… 

Mara: “Come on, honey. It’s just a double date.”
Mia: “Yeah, Danse. Can’t we have one night without you two stink-eyeing one another?”

Grey Skies and Brown Eyes

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Even when it was raining, New York City was still beautiful. Cafes were packed with soaked, but happy New Yorkers, people ducked into subways, and the sound of machinery echoed throughout the city. You smiled and took out your colorful umbrella. You were meeting Credence today.

You strolled through 5th Avenue and enjoyed the bright lights and the glamour, then you spotted his dark, soft hair. He was wet and shivering, handing out Second Salem flyers, giving anyone who passed by a pamphlet about exterminating witches and wizards like you.

You didn’t mind. You knew he was only handing out those flyers for the sake of being able to go with you and explore the wonders of New York City. Once a week, you two would meet up and just hop on a subway to nowhere.

Eagerly, you ran towards him and tackled him into a warm hug, indifferent about the fact that your clothes got wet. “Credence!”

Credence’s expression instantly turned from dark and gloomy to bright and happy. He smiled at you and tucked the remaining flyers into his breast pocket, excited to go on another adventure with you.

At first, Credence was nervous to go more than five miles from the Second Salem building, but over time, he started enjoying your random, spontaneous trips with him.

“Come on, we have places to go to!” You took his soft hand and ran down the street, dodging confused tourists and baffled New Yorkers. You didn’t care that your umbrella disappeared and that you were even more soaked; Credence’s joyful laughter echoed in your ears, and that was all you needed.

Eventually, you two had ducked under a stray cafe umbrella and he was still laughing and smiling widely at you. You grinned as well, because his smile always brightened your day. Even though he always insisted you were the special one, you thought differently. Credence gave you hope and brought happiness into your life. Before, you were alone. Now you weren’t.

You two stood there for a while, watching the hustle and the bustle of New York City. Credence had never done much exploring in his life before, but you changed that. His dark brown eyes shined from the bright lights, making him look more amazing. He smiled and looked at you. “T-Thank you, Y/N. for all of this.”

“You don’t have to thank me, Credence. Let’s go, the magic’s not over yet!” You took his hand once again, but this time, you didn’t run, you two strolled through a busy street, smiling and giggling from time to time. From what, you didn’t exactly know. But you focused on the feeling of Credence’s hand on yours, and you gripped his hand tighter.

He smiled when he realized where you two were. Times Square, where you two met. He was handing out flyers and you were hurrying to MACUSA, and you just happened to bump into him, making all his flyers fly away. You said sorry over and over again, and he instantly forgave you. He had never received kindness in his life before, and he was surprised that you took the time to grab all the pieces of paper and blow the dirt away from them.

The memory brought a smile to his lips and you grinned as well, the memory still fresh on your mind.

Standing in the middle of Times Square with Credence was nothing less than magical. You’re looking at him and he looks so beautiful. His dark brown eyes mesmerized you, they reminded you of sweet, sugary chocolate you ate when you were a child and his lips looked soft and plump. You mentally screamed. You two had never went past holding hands and hugging, because you knew Credence was sensitive.

But here you two were, raindrops falling on your eyelids and soaking his dark hair. You leaned in, slowly, and he leaned in too, until your lips finally met and it felt like multiple explosions went off inside your heart.

It had only lasted for a few seconds, but for you, it felt like an eternity. And you kissed him again, because you realized something. You loved him and you always would, because Credence Barebone was finally yours.

And he was more than happy to be with you forever.