Blushed by Teagan Jacobs

A dreamy shoot for dreamy clothing. Blushed is designed by Teagan Jacobs in Perth, Western Australia. Her pieces are intended to be layered, mixed and matched with basics and an everyday wardrobe to create different and interesting looks. I felt like a princess in her items, they were ballerina-like, light, flowing and pastel coloured. The clothes ticked all of my boxes and made it really lovely to shoot her pieces. A full length view of the dress in the bottom right image is available to view on instagram here.

Fourth image features my artwork as the projection.

Photography, Melissa Colby

Designer, Teagan Jacobs 


i was battling with myself if it’s worth posting because I was not even fazed but here it is:

Eleanor posting her Mother’s Day picture on IG picture and tagged Louis’ public house on the map.



“He’s alive, he’s alive!” These are the words exclaimed by the medics when they saw that fifteen year old Ziad was alive. 

The medics had been on their way to bury him, thinking he was dead.

Ziad was injured by shelling on his house. The attack left him bleeding with a major injury to his head. SAMS medics worked quickly to perform the multiple surgeries needed to address Ziad’s injuries. Thanks to the efforts of these healthcare workers, his life was saved.

Ziad is now doing well and back helping his family on their farm, all with a new face!

Support medical workers who bring Syrians back to life!