Cape Town, South Africa-based artist Lorraine Loots (previously featured here) continues to delight the Department of Teeny-weeny Wonders with her ongoing miniature painting project Paintings For Ants. Loots recently began working on tiny space-themed paintings which she unveils each Monday for “Microcosm Mondays.” We love the idea that Loots is painting some of the largest things known to humanity on an miniature scale. Depicting things that are unfathomably large as something impossibly small.

Loots has created give Microcosm Monday paintings thus far, including the awesome Pillars of Creation portion of the Eagle Nebula (as viewed by the Hubble Telescope), the Eta Carinae Nebula, our Moon, Mars, and the Monkey Head Nebula.

“The set is part of a collection of 100 miniatures the artist is painting throughout 2015. In addition to Microcosm Mondays she’s committed to Tiny Tuesdays, Fursdays and Free Fridays. If you want to pick one of these up, the works are being sold by auction.”

Loots’ 100 paintings will be framed and exhibited together before being sent to their respective owners. She’s also producing limited editions of 5 prints for each painting. Follow Lorraine Loots on Instagram or Facebook for additional information and to check out her latest miniature paintings.

You can also follow her right here on Tumblr at paintingsforants​.

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He decidido estar en una relación en la que el “para siempre”, simplemente no existe porque así sólo hay un hoy con mi mejor sonrisa y mi mayor amor.

He decidido estar en una relación en la que el “para siempre”, simplemente no existe porque he descubierto que así disfruto cada segundo que vivo. He decidido compartir mis alegrías con una persona especial para mí, una que se ha hecho esperar, una que me hace corroborar que la vida es una gran aventura. Las experiencias me han hecho consciente de que me muevo todos los días, de que el tiempo sigue avanzando y de que es mejor amar con libertad porque de esa forma todo lo que ocurre y ocurrirá será una experiencia que me hará crecer aún más porque estoy dispuesta a sufrir y aprender, así como también a amar, ser feliz, ser amada y compartir para seguir aprendiendo. No hay miedos, no hay ataduras, sólo hay un hoy en donde damos lo mejor de nosotros mismos, en donde nos nutrimos, en donde vivimos, en donde nos amamos… sólo hay un hoy con mi mejor sonrisa y mi mayor amor.



“One person said I couldn’t play twice in a week He knows who he is. I’ve not only proved him wrong but everyone. I’m still fighting, I’m still in the side, I’m feeling great. More importantly I’ve got great players and great management around me.”

At the age of 34 John Terry played every minute in the league this season and will lift the BPL trophy for the fourth time as a Chelsea captain in his 20 years at the club.


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no one talks about how transitory your 20s are. and it’s just not as simple as moving apartments and leaving behind cities.

it’s that white mug that said “you’re a twat” on the bottom. you loved it and it made your one-night stands laugh, but you lost it in one of the countless moves like you lost your grandma’s ring and for some reason you keep having to buy hangers. 

it’s the $300 you’ll spend on ikea every time but how no amount of money spent on decorations will make you feel like you’re finally home until finally you get to one airy apartment and life feels like it could count again.

it’s the intense anger you will feel when the new transportation systems feels inadequate and confusing and you will figure it out just as it is time to leave again, but eventually all cities will start to look the same.

it’s having to find a place that serves your favorite wine. it’s fun but it’s also exhausting because we tell ourselves we want a life of adventure but usually we just need a glass of red. and you won’t have your best friends to search for it with you, even though you’ll text them (and there will be so many, but so few who feel real) when you find it.

you’ll keep your area code from “home,” because changing it feels too committed and what if this place fails you too. your resume file will see too many changes to the address line. it’ll seem like you finally landed the dream job, but then maybe your boss will grab your ass and there will never be ink in the printer and the office will have good coffee but never enough filters.

everyone around you will seem so put together, but they can’t find their favorite books anymore either, and no one has time to look through mom’s attic. i think we grow up believing there is no period of growth, that we become “adult” in a moment, but that is what our 20s are for. it means we will be lonely for months on end and it means there will be no one to help us sometimes, but that is okay because this is how we become people who do without being asked or being told.

—  20s aren’t supposed to be easy, n.m.