13 Beautiful Villages and Towns of Spain


A beautiful medieval town, Pedraza is a dreamer’s paradise. Set within the confines of a fortified wall, this village is ideal for walking around on the cobbled streets that hold many interesting stories from the past. Just an hour away from Madrid, this medieval town is a world apart from it. 

Photo by Victor M. Chacón

Highlights: Plaza Mayor and Pedraza Castle

Vejer de la Frontera

This whitewashed town sits pretty on top of a hill affording drop dead gorgeous views from everywhere you look. You will yearn to get lost in the labyrinth of winding streets and fall in love with the sleepy pace and the authentic vibe. A paradise well beyond your imagination, Vejer seems to be stuck in time for its own good.

Photo by Jhavi

Highlights: Plaza de España, Arco de las Monjas and El Palmar Beach


Built on the side of a mountain, three hundred meters above sea level, this quaint little town is a little Moorish in character. You’ll love to discover tiny surprises as you wander- tiny boutiques, cafes and curio shops. The flowery balconies and the white walls contribute to the picture perfect background.

Photo by Nacho Coca

Highlights: Barrio Morisco and Casa de los Condes 


An ideal start to your discovery of the Rioja wine region, Laguardia may have become popular with tourists but it sure hasn’t let its modest charm slip away. Tucked right between lush green vineyards and at a great vantage point too, this town is not just stunning but also a wine lover’s paradise.  Its multiple bars are a befitting place to sit back and sip on some fine wine!

Photo by Anabel García

Highlights: Wine Cellars, El Collado walkway.


Drive just a couple of hours from Valencia to reach the middle ages. Yes, Albarracin is gleefully stuck in the past and that’s where its charm lies. Perched at some 3800 feet above the sea level, the UNESCO World Heritage streets and architecture is truly awe-worthy. Lost in between legends and nostalgia, this town is like a panacea for a weary soul.

Photo by Tate

Highlights: River Walkway and La Torre de Doña Blanca.

Fornalutx & Biniaraix

Sure Soller is a pretty little town but its hard to argue that its real soul lies in Fornalutx and Biniaraix. Fornalutx is a small, sleepy hamlet that is happily stuck in the past. If you yearn for some peace and quiet, Fornalutx gives you just that. Biniaraix too, is a picturesque place that is popular for its lovely trails.

Photo by Twiga Swala

Highlights: spectacular scenery and nature trails. 


Whether you are visiting Sierra de Grazalema national park or are just passing by, you will not want to leave this pretty hamlet for sure. Located at a height of 800 meters above sea level, this mountain town is one of the wettest places in Spain. This has created a unique ecosystem where rare flora and fauna flourish. Get lost on the cobblestone streets or wander with a purpose through its blessed landscape,  you will find eternal beauty in Grazalema 

Photo by Al wants a bagel

Highlights: Churches of La Aurora and San José, and hiking trails!


Juan Sebastián Elcano’s birthplace, Getaria truly seems like it is inspired by genius. A quiet little fishing town, you’ll find the most gorgeous medieval houses , boulevards and vistas everywhere you go. Treat yourself with a glass or two of the famous Basque wine Txakolí as you take in the understated beauty of this village.

Photo by MaKenay

Highlights: Church of San Salvador and Harbour


Casares could well be an epitome of beauty. Be prepared to be taken aback by the sights of this postcard village, Casares is beautiful beyond words. Even the drive upto the village is completely out of the world! This village is best discovered at a slow pace, take your time and revel in the lovely picture that unfolds in many layers.

Photo by Ubi-Rhodes Malin

Highlights: Medieval fortress and Plaza de España.

Santillana del Mar

This scenic town is home to not more than 5000 inhabitants but can definitely give some of the other populous cities of Spain a run for their money. Blessed with abundant beauty, this town is developed around the church of Santa Maria. The heady mix of scenery and history will make you fall in love with this place. Curisiosity: It’s not saint, not flat and not by the sea.

Photo by Mariluz Rodríguez

Highlights: Collegiate Church Of Santillana Del Mar, Palacio Barreda Peredo


Deia became one of the millionaires’ hideaway in Spain. And its easy to see why. This immaculate village is idyllic because of its beautiful views and laidback yet chic vibe. A great place to just do nothing but enjoy the scenery, Deia’s ochre houses with green shutters blend really well with its surroundings.

Photo by Dennis_F

Highlights: Cala Deia and hiking trails!


Trujillo has played its own part in the exploration of America. Since the 16th century, this place has been the cradle of illustrious individuals who are credited towards the exploration of the American continent. A treasure chest of natural bounty, Trujillo also has many castles, manors and churches that are declare Places of National Interest.

Photo by Nacho Coca

Highlights: Trujillo Castle and Plaza Mayor, Monfragüe National Park.


The dramatic unfolding of fantastic beaches and rugged cliffs is a sight for weary eyes. Pastel-painted houses scream pretty coastal town and Cudillero lives up to this reputation. Stop by for a feel of authentic Spanish hospitality and gorgeousness.

Photo by Elisabetta Ermini

Highlights: Harbour, lighthouse and beaches around.



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