My Dash is dead... SO!

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So I got tagged by themortalhalfbloodgames for this challenge (I thought more people tagged me for this? Oh wait that was the shuffle one and the writing one).

So my lock screen is the muses of my super obscure askblog askthecurrentlyaliveteenagers, drawn by the lovely mun of ask-yandere-john! Well Dirk wasn’t in it but he’s Dirk. And my lock screen is obviously Solangelo, drawn by brunagonda!

I tag trustmeimastrider, therandomeer, stoicscripter, meowtunacaptor, elphabaoftheopera, theshinyampharos, harrypotternerd57, mathes0n, annabethisterrified, and actually-nico!

And we all know the real reason why I have that certain Solangelo pic as my lock screen

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

This Is War
  • This Is War
  • Thirty Seconds To Mars
  • This Is War
i finally finished this damed thing! I’m actually surprised i got this finished so quickly and before the time i hoped to be done it. You can tell it was rushed at the end and i just wanted to get it done but w/e cause i love this thing so dang much! The song is This Is War by Thirty Seconds To Mars u0u