From formal, polite, slightly artificial small-talk about the expected delights of the office Christmas party to one of their shared mysterious looks in about three seconds flat.

Oh, yes, you know it has to be Randall and Lix still dancing around the conversation they’ve both really needed to have since Randall all of a sudden showed up as the new Head of News – but at least they are finally (finally!) about to do something about it.

For indeed it is while Freddie and Bel and Hector et al are at the mince pies and jollity affair advancing the main plot about corruption and vice and so on that Lix decides to come into Randall’s office to “return a book” and we finally (finally!) find out about their long-lost daughter.

(And I can’t help but notice that while Lix keeps saying she doesn’t want to talk about it, she does decide the best time to “return a book” is when everyone but Randall is at the party and there is no danger of them being overheard or interrupted.)


The more I think about it, the more I’m convinced  Randall + origami swan + strangly tangential ethnographic anecdote + random quotation from Sophocles is actually more unsettling than most told-on-purpose ghost stories. 

But you know you’ve become completely used to him when you stop thinking what is he talking about???? and start thinking, why yes, this is a totally normal normal office conversation.

I’M BACK and that means THE RETURN OF FIC WITTERING. Yes, this is your surest sign that I’m around and writing! Please indulge me and pat me on the head kindly. It costs you little and keeps me going.

Anyway, where was I? Oh, yes! Wittering about all these complex relationships!

In my real life, I’m with the guy I met 20 years ago and married one day less than one year after meeting, because we both knew straight away that this was it. (We were both in our 30s, so this wasn’t as silly as, say, Romeo meeting a 13-year-old Juliet on the rebound and going a little bonkers. But I digress.) So you’d think I could write about calm quiet long-term relationships easily. And I do! I channel a bit of that in the RPF; long-term relationships have their own interesting problems.

But mostly I don’t.

State transitions are interesting subjects for fiction. By which I mean, how & why & the details about when things change is often more interesting than how they stay the same. By one definition, a story is a thing that cannot happen more than once. It is about change inherently. This leaves out slice of life fiction, a thing I also love dearly, but even fanfiction is fascinated by slice of life as a contrast to what canon gives us. 

First times, last time, big emotional transitions. We crave those because things are not the same afterwards.

So state changes are interesting, but there’s something more that obviously fascinates me as a writer. This is complex relationships between two strong, intelligent equals. Preferably a complex woman who meets her match in a fascinating man, or vice versa, but I’m not above chasing the subtext into slash if the sparks fly. But I seem to want the mess of watching two people work out how to mesh their lives together.

This is, of course, just plain work to write. Sigh.

Footnote: I’m kinda really sort of a One True Character writer except that right now I’m writing “every character PCap played” paired with Clara, who isn’t actually my OTC here. It’s the PCap essence at the heart of all of his characters that attracts me, somehow. 

Soneto LIX

Pobres poetas a quienes la vida y la muerte
persiguieron con la misma tenacidad sombría
y luego son cubiertos por impasible pompa
entregados al rito y al diente funerario. 

Ellos ?oscuros como piedrecitas? ahora
detrás de los caballos arrogantes, tendidos
van, gobernados al fin por los intrusos,
entre los edecanes, a dormir sin silencio. 

Antes y ya seguros de que está muerto el muerto
hacen de las exequias un festín miserable
con pavos, puercos y otros oradores. 

Acecharon su muerte y entonces la ofendieron:
sólo porque su boca está cerrada
y ya no puede contestar su canto.

Pablo Neruda (Cien sonetos de amor)

@magpie-in-the-shade asked me these for this

2 Talk about three of the most important ships throughout your life.

Joey/Dorian One Life to Live

Before the rest of the word discovered that Nathan Fillion was the best thing since sliced bread, I watched him be seduced by his mother’s nemesis, Dorian Lord, on One Life to Live. I watched this soap for over 25 years, and this was unquestionably the best storyline the show ever did. I also bonded with my BFF in grad school when we found out how important this storyline was to us both.

Laura/Lee BSG

Speaking on Nathan Fillion, the first online fandom I ever belonged to was the Browncoats. I then followed many Browncoats and above mentioned BFF to BSG where I discovered the joys of fanvids and shipping with other people. When you love a niche, non-canonical ship like Laura/Lee, well, that’s literally what the internet was made for, right? Finding the likeminded.

Athos/Aramis The Musketeers

My first slash ship. These boys started me down a new and glorious path. Bless them.

22 Which of your ships have the best chemistry?

Milathos. It’s not even sort of a contest. Tom and Maimie are amazing.

23 Which of your ships deserve better writing?

Well, Milathos in S3, obviously.

32 Share five must-read fics.

Trying to mix this up a little.

Face Au Soleil

Louis/Philippe (Versailles)

Sundering Sea

James/Thomas (Black Sails)

But at Least the War Is Over

Randall/Lix (The Hour)

All of Us (or literally anything by breathtaken) 

Athos/Aramis/Porthos/d’Artangnan (The Musketeers)

Conversation Among Comrades 

Aramis/Porthos/with a hint of Athos (The Musketeers)

40 If you could change one thing about your OTP, what would that be?

HA! Read anything I’ve written that takes place post-S2. ANY other ending for Milathos would have been better than what we got.


The she who is a brilliant producer is of course Bel who is in this instance –  and not for the only time – also unknowingly standing-in in a very very oblique way for the missing Sophia while Randall and Lix dance around talking openly about their daughter with each other. 

(Not that I really need to specify the each other since they NEVER talk about her to anyone else they work with.)

I do think it is interesting how the show establishes Randall and Lix’s long history.  Even though they have four scenes together in 201 where they are in the same place at the same time, it’s only in the dust in the lens scene and this one where there’s any indication that they even know each other.

In this opening episode, just about as much of their history is established by what isn’t said. Whether it’s Lix telling Bel she’s not going to talk about how she knows Randall or one of my favorite things, Lix’s completely silent physical reaction to just seeing three rows of neatly ordered thumbtacks on the noticeboard.


SEBLAINE WEEK 2016: Day 3 - Inspired by another TV show
Roswell (1999). 2.05 - The End of the World

There’ll never be another you, Sebastian.”


I don’t know who the worst behaved are, but the most adorable?  Yeah, that I DO know and I can say for absolute certain I am looking at them right here.

Because there can be absolutely no doubt that Real Life Peter and Real Life Anna behind-the-scenes are in fact the *most adorable*

No! Doubt!