[1. The theatrics and curses of the young artist]

This is sort of my new idea of drabbles. I know I tend to put out so many things, but since I’m hardly efficient anyway might as well just do what I want lol. Tell me what you guys think. I have a draft of the character and the background story and everything, so I’ll just throw it in from time to time. 


“Don’t even look at me.” you grumbled entering the office upon laying your eyes on the cheeky young man staring at you dressed in all black. Jay whom had only arrived from the States looked perplexed as you rolled in, not even saying hello and the vehement tone, sort of gave an indication that the horrible mood started from the younger man sitting in front of him. Min Taek laughed, his eyes trailing after you, quite amused by the negative energy you omitted.

“What the fuck happened?” Jaebum turned his head towards Min Taek, when you suddenly stopped dead in your track, turning around to face your CEO.

“What happened you say?” you asked rather loudly, taking a few steps back towards the waiting room. You tugged on each end of your backpack, ready to go full blast in ranting out the man they had left unattended.

“Yeah.. why do you sound so angry?” Jaebum didn’t even wait for an answer before he was entertained. He knew he was in for a show. You’ve always had a flair for the dramatics— one the few things he had learned after you joining them in the company. He had missed it while he was away, knowing fully well how easily enraged you get. “I’ll tell you why…” you took a momentary paused, glancing the older man with a glare and huffing out in irritation. “Christian came over yesterday. He wanted to meet Hyuk Woo—” Jaebum had already smiled at the mention of the man you had multiple times portrayed your crush on. It was of course for the most part harmless, and very amusing especially everytime Sunghwa or Kiseok rolled their eyes when you purposely gushed about your crush in front of them.

“He came in and he was like…” you put your hand on your waist as the other moved to cover your mouth, mimicking a very dramatic gasp as you then pointed your index finger towards Jaebum. “Isn’t this man your wallpaper?” as you finished, your second class act; you turned your head to glare at the star of the show.

He chuckled, his eyes falling towards Jaebum who was silently laughing as his body shook from the force, later on the sound started coming out— causing much despair to you. “Well she was calling him Ian.” Min Taek let out a shrilly voice at the mentioned of the name— what is that? Was that supposed to be you? You gasped out in horror, completely offended by his impersonation of you.

“Everyone calls him Ian!” you argued, stomping your feet towards Min Taek, grabbing a pillow on the process ready to pound on him and he as if instinctively, raised both hands in defence.

“You never called him that!”

“I’ve never met him before! Until yesterday!” you slammed the pillow right on top of his head making Jaebum laughed harder, safely seated across the battle zone. “And now. I’ll probably will never be able to meet him EVER! He’ll probably tell this to all of DPR and I’m screwed, like imagine them laughing at me as we speak! My career stops here and I haven’t even reached 25!” You added dramatically, pouting at the thought. “I was going to work with Live!” you continued on as the both man continued to laugh.

“Who asked you to call him Ian?” Min Taek argued, prepping his hair back in place when you pummelled the pillow against his face, taking him off guard.

“He did you bastard!” you cursed the older man.

“Well but Min Taek has a point.”

“What?” you turned towards Jaebum, folding your hand across your chest, your fingertips holding the pillow ready to attack if required.

“You did put him as your wallpaper.”

You could hear Min Taek shouting ‘exactly!’ but you were far too angry at these two man, that you just threw the pillow aimlessly and it ended up landing on Jaebum’s lap. “It was for fun. I put him as the wallpaper because I know it would irritate all of you like crazy! Not that I’m crazy in love with him!” you grumbled out, running your hand through your hair furiously. You could feel warmth accumulating around your cheeks at just the reminder of Christian Yu chuckling at your red cheeks and angry expression. You stomped your way into the studio, cursing everyone in the room— because goddamnit were they petty!

if aomg were on tumblr part 1
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  • jay park: gets anon hate, 60000 followers but only gets 5 notes on selfies
  • ugly duck: sends anon hate
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Wheatley's Theme

I was inspired to create this simple theme for Wheatley, as if he were a character in an RPG, after hearing an amazing 8-bit version of Mr. Blue Sky. I’ve had this tune stuck in my head for a while now so I’m glad I was finally able to do something with it! I used garageband, which is still very new to me, and I had a lot of fun with the various sounds. I hope you like it :D

Los signos cuando hablan con su crush

No hablan demasiado y se arrepienten despué: Aquarius, Virgo, Taurus

Hablan demasiado y se arrepienten después: Leo, Aries, Gemini

Escupen un moton de cosas estupidas accidentalemente: Sagittarius, Pisces, Cancer

Lo evaden por completo porque no pueden avergonzarse más a sí mismos de lo que ya lo están: Scorpio, Libra, Capricorn

haha this is what happens when AOMG tries to introduce themselves. a mess haha Simon D is like the Papa trying to get everyone together and to listen to him while Jay Park is the five year old that keeps messing around xD! They kept introducing themselves over and over again haha…