mar draws stuff


My Inner Senshi sticker set is finally done! Woo!

For now I just have these 4, but if people like them I will probably do the rest of the main senshi. :D

I’ll be selling these at the cons I’m going to this year:
Bellingham Anime Con (Bellingham WA, May 14)
Kuroneko Con (Spokane WA, July 30-31)
Rose City ComicCon (Portland OR, Sept. 10-11)

Come by and say ‘hi’ if you’re at these cons!

So…I did a thing. Not as good as I was aiming for, but seeing as it’s now almost 4am and I haven’t slept for more than 4 hours since this weekend, I’ll take what I can get.

 It’s actually my final project for my Color Theory class, but I figured some folks here my appreciate it.

I told myself five million times that I would not draw this but I really wanted to do the thing with the curtains so here I am and there they are. 

Based on Suggestivescribe’s drabble “Adore You.”

//whispers/ happy birthday eicinic