mar 8th

Inner Demon

Sun in the 8th (or Leo in the 8th house cusp): The will, that brilliant and majestic will. That will that is equally driven toward self destruction, the will that is relentless about fighting for the right to live. The individual bonds with lovers so profusely that they imbibe the purpose of their lover as part of their own

Moon in the 8th (or Cancer on the 8th house cusp): The inner demon waits and expresses through emotional energy, deceiving the individual into believing they are at hostage to these wild emotions. Through the ego-loss of the 8th, the individual can separate the self from the emotion, understanding emotion as transforming, insightful experience and not the captor 

Mercury in the 8th (or Gemini/Virgo on the 8th cusp): The demon resting in the mind, crawling into thoughts to contaminate them, easily destroying others with words. The individual may identify these thoughts as part of themselves. Realising the inner monologue is separate from the self deflates these mental experiences opens the door of free flowing intuition from the unconscious

Venus in the 8th (or Taurus/Libra on the 8th house cusp): The demon is projected onto lovers, the demon waits in the heart’s desire, its compulsion its consumption, can harmonise the forces of light and dark. They can sensitively draw lovers into a magic cauldron of sexual experience, revealing everything including soul 

Mars in the 8th (or Aries/Scorpio on the 8th house cusp): The rage, the carnal urges, the desire to consume. The swords for invisible battle are raised, but in this the individual accomplishes great feats in the material world, especially in terms of relationships. The intuition is focused toward exhuming connections with other people, settling for nothing less than magnificent 

Jupiter in the 8th (or Sagittarius/Pisces on the 8th house cusp): The desire to know, to have the answer, to relentlessly pursuit spiritual desires in the material world. The inner world is a portal to the ravaged and raised guru. Intuition conduits through the higher mind directly from the underworld, ready to cultivate the purest wisdom  

Saturn in the 8th (or Capricorn/Aquarius on the 8th house cusp): The ego, it’s grip on the self and its refusal to let go. The fears of relenting and giving into insanity. Vulnerability, letting go, and trusting the universe with its astral body is the place where the individual can master both worlds. Intuitive capacities can be mindfully developed and primed

Uranus in the 8th (or Aquarius on the 8th house cusp): The tendency to hold onto lost life, lost circumstances, lost loves, and lost lifestyles. The overturn of change is tremendous, when the person submits they can experience multiple lives and conscious experiences that become purely elevating, facilitating bursts of ingenious psychic activity  

Neptune in the 8th (or Pisces on the 8th house  cusp): The desire to seduce the feeling of death, of seeing how far they can go teasing the ledges of consciousness. It’s about extracting wisdom, healing, and peace through the quality of these experiences rather than destructing through quantity escapism. This sense of elevation they experience must be transmuted into everyday life  

Pluto in the 8th (or Scorpio in the 8th house cusp): The allure and reticence associated with union. The individual must be mindful about sharing spiritual resources with other people, they can introduce something sinister. They can live from chaos to chaos, or they can charter their sensitivity toward conscious transformation of the whole spirit, as new energy flows, perspective must become renewed



* Mars in the 1st/Mars in Aries: (men) you like submissive women and or men and someone whom you can dominate and conquer. The quickest way to arouse these males is by power plays. They like the idea of being challenged and sassed and “fought” so to speak they want to duke it out before they win the fight and an easy won fight can turn them off. So they tend to be drawn to the idea of earned submission from their partners. (Women) can be drawn to dominate and passionate men and like the idea of being conquered and tamed(seeing as how these women tend to be a force of nature) and usually they like the idea of “forced submission"The hair is a hotspot and hair pulling can be a common occurrence sexually here. Rough sex is a commonality and most people link mars in Scorpio to animalistic sex and I would say that’s more Aries mars natives.

* Mars in the 2nd/mars in Taurus(men) ideally these men love flesh they love the sensation of skin on skin and love and even romanticize the tender aspect of love making. They are usually aroused by their senses and tend to be easily aroused by “massages” and “rubbing” so to speak. You feel up on them in the right way(sensually) and you’ll have them going. Both guys and gals here tend to love a lot of touch in sex and need it to stay aroused. Women here are no different from the male counter parts and usually enjoy sensual stimulation and slow lovemaking. Both tend to hate being rushed no matter what house mars is resting in.

* Mars in the 3rd/mars in Gemini: “talk to me dirty” these males and females tend to be aroused by “communication” and anything they can visually and audio-bly witness. The enjoy sexting/nudes and sexual talk over the phone and in person. They have to be mentally aroused before they’re physically aroused and usually those two come in a pair so when trying to arouse these folks wordplay is keen sexual conduct! They tend to love communication during sex and like to hear all of the sounds you make as it make the act that much more intimate for them as mars here will tend to see communication as a form of intimacy.

* Mars in the 4th/mars in cancer: guys and gals here are all about vibes and tend to be aroused by emotional displays and emotional release and expression/connection. If any of these things are missing it can be super hard to turn these guys on especially since sex is super emotional for them and not something they can easily disengage from. So the best way to get them going is really to cater to their feelings. Not to say they can’t have casual flings but in all honesty it’s super rare that they do unless mars is afflicted as sex is a big matter for them. That being said breast and femininity turn them on(gay or otherwise) and touching as well as surrender arouse these individuals as it shows trust and intimacy.

* Mars in the 5th/mars in Leo: Mirrors-mirrors-Mirrors. They love to be worshiped and tend to be turned on by video recording their sexual endeavors! They like the idea of an audience mostly imaginary though. They are also towards the more dominate and “on top” role of things and males and women with this position are turned on when they have their back or the person their sleeping with has their back to them. Any position where they can be on their back and vice versa is appealing to them.The way to arouse men and women here is via worship and praise.(you know those bodybuilders that get off on muscle worship?) that’s I’d describe these guys. They lose their minds at praise and tend to be very lustful to the idea of being idealized and adored by their partner. Although the underdeveloped ones may be sexually selfish most tend to give out just as much praise to their partners when love making! But yeah attention is a turn on for them.

* Mars in the 6th/mars in Virgo: now I always hear about how cleanliness is a turn on for these folks and “oh my god the way you clean that counter makes me hard!” But I’ll be honest most I’ve known are very keenly attracted to “dominance” males tend to be sexually interested in being controlled or dominated or being the one enforcing the domination. Women can be drawn to more submissive and power surrendering roles as well. Masochist. Men can be easily aroused by “the first time” and innocence and the in experienced men/women. Women tend to like more domineering or forward male/female partners. CLEAN SEX is important to them and don’t even think they’ll take their clothes of if your hygiene is wild.

* Mars in the 7th: okay I’m doing this separately mainly because in my opinion people who have their mars in the 7th are way way different from mars in libra guys and gals. But for starters these guys and girls tend to be aroused by “passion” and “disputes” they actually act like Aries mars sexually and tend to find aggressive energy very sexually inviting. They usually are aroused by the idea of mutual arousal and mutual satisfaction similarly to mars in libra but in a more passionate way. Sex for them is a competition with their partner and or love interest and usually argumentative and willful sex is the name of the game. A battle of the wills so to speak. Women here can be turned on by a good debate and or argument. While men here can be turned on by disagreements and or confrontation. Sex here like libra is about mutual satisfaction.

* Mars in libra: these men and women are more on the passive side and may have a passive arousal pattern. Men here tend to be ambiguous in terms of what turns them on and can have varying triggers mainly based on the sign their venus is in which plays the role of their unconscious desire. For example a guys with his mars in libra and Venus in Scorpio may be turned on by genitalia and seduction via mystery and intensity. While a guys with mars in libra and Venus in Aquarius might be turned on by spontaneous sex or something on the border of kinky. Women here tend to be aroused by charm. They aren’t really aggressive or particularly into overly forward moves but once again as with the males Venus plays a big role here. But for the most part women like a bit of a more assertive taste sexually but not anything to cut and dry. Sex here is about mutual satisfaction in a peaceful and pleasure filled manner.

* Mars in the 8th/mars in Scorpio:(women) I’ve noticed women here aren’t aroused the same way men are. They tend to be more private and quiet about their pleasure and can be more into atmospheric means of arousal. These women are all about the scenery and the vibe. They are mainly aroused by the “situation” then the actual person. So as much as they like mr tall dark and mysterious they love the idea of the dimly lit room..the jewelry rubbing against their skin..the velvet sheets and so on. It’s all about textures for them. (Men) from what I’ve noticed are very much so turned on my the “moment” they LIVE for that one “moment” and the lead up to it. They can be very easily aroused by touch and perceived stimulation and or anticipation of a moment turning into something more. So if you intrigue them enough and give them the idea that something otherworldly(and or sexual) could occur via glances and movements and a small shake and jive here and there you’ve got them. Sex here is about control and how many ways you and them can lose said control.

* Mars in the 9th/mars in Sagittarius:👀"how many different ways can we experiment?“ These guys are super into the idea of trying new things and how many ways they can turn a mundane sexual escapade into an expansive sexual train so to speak 😭. (Guys) here are super turned on by excitement and a good time. Anything lighthearted and passionate is a turn o for them. Both guys and gals here are turned on by laughter and simplicity. There’s an edgy quality here that they are drawn to and that usually is intensity. Despite how lighthearted they may be they have a streak for being turned on by a lack of inhibition. (Women) here are turned on by passion and lust they like the idea of a uncontrollable sexual encounter that leads to a new awakening of sorts. The fast way to arouse these natives is “intrigue” like their opposite gemini they like the concept of being surprised and or having their curiosity peaked. So if you peak their interest in some way and overwhelm them with a passionate encounter and throw in some laughs here and there. Boom.

* Mars in the 10th/mars in Capricorn: “control me before I control you” these guys and gals are so military when it comes to sex like no lie. (Women/men) here can be into BDSM and anything where control is focal in the act. They tend to be aroused by moments and or situations where they can’t control themselves. Or situations where they might be restricted in some way from allowing themselves full sexual outlet. Men can be very aggressive and intense sexually and run on the colder side. Men here can be aroused by physical touch and physical intimacy while women can be turned on by dominance and touch as well. These guys are more vanilla sexually and into more traditional roles be it gay or heterosexual. (Mind you all earth placements have stamina but I’d say these guys take the cake)

* Mars in the 11th/mars in Aquarius:“mr and Mrs I’m not really here” these guys are kinda icy sexually and tend to have very fluctuating sexual moods. That border on hay lets go to hey let’s not. These guys are mentally sexual and can be turned on by the idea or concept of a sexual ideal. That being said they are very easily aroused and can be aroused by litturly anything. But that being said mentally they are turned on by communication and “mental visualization”(men) here can be cold and aloof in bed and seem hard to reach during the act but they are there trust me in fact sex is usually very deep for mars in Aquarius females and males they just process the act differently. (Females) can be emotionally gone or “blank” durning sex and can easily be somewhere else while it’s going on and seemingly in another moment of time. Both are usually turned on by the idea of sex itself but can vary on their emotional state and wherever Uranus is placed on how and when they would be aroused. These guys and gals run hot and cold and can sometimes be an entirely different person after the act is over as what they wanted in that moment sexually might be completely different and or non existent the next.

* Mars in the 12th/mars in Pisces: these guys and gals are mr and Mrs versatile. They are super fluid and a basic combination of all the variously mentioned mars positions since they are the last house and sign. That being said males and females here don’t have a specific gender archetype and I won’t be differencing between males and females for this one. They can be aroused by anything I’ve mentioned above and tend to actually need a strong emotional component and connection to their arousal as well. Sexually they can be very elusive and vague and may be so ethereal and fluid you won’t even come back from the sexual experience the same. They are extremely seductive and cloudy. So at times I call this the sexual fluid hot spot since many of the people I know with this sleep with guys and gals and guys and gals who seem to lose their own boundaries of sexuality when in contact with these people. That being said they can be either motionless and quiet in bed or very entrancing and moldable in bed like water there is litturly no in between. They get off on servicing the same way mars in Virgo does but via sacrifice. They actually fantasize about “losing themselves”

- Alright that being said this post isn’t meant to be taken to seriously and most of it is based on experience and stories from friends! None of what I said is set in stone nor is it something like a dis or shot at anyone’s mars sign or house placement. I really love all of you and I hope this post of anything gives you a laugh or maybe a little relatable aha :) but yeah bless 🎲🎲🎲

planets in the 8th house: things we are painfully aware of

sun in the 8th: painfully aware of themselves. People with sun in the eighth struggle allowing others to see them as who they truly are, they are very aware of the power of their actions and it sometimes keeps them from doing new things. This natives want all or nothing, they crave to taste and feel everything the world has to offer but are scared of it as well. All that intensity can be abit overwhelming to them and others, which is part of why they don’t let it show to anyone in fear of pushing them away. Strong transformations of the self through intense experiences.

moon in the 8th: painfully aware of their emotions, they know exactly what they are feeling most of the time, which causes them to have an iron grip on their emotions. This people feel so deeply it hurts them. Very aware of their sexual needs and fears. Painfully aware of how emotionally attached they are to others.

mercury in the 8th: painfully aware of their thoughts. what they think of their surroundings is always there; eating up their brains, but they feel unable to say it, it’s like their greatest secret. They move through the world in such a controllled way it sometimes feel like they are trapped in their own bodies. Good manipulators and intuitively know what others want to hear.

venus in the 8th: painfully aware of love. They see it everywhere, affection. But they think of it as weakness. Natives are faithful to the core, but they don’t believe other people are the same, more than anything: they don’t believe on the reliability of emotions. Love seems fickle and shortlived to them, and definitely not worth the pain. Extremely aware of their sensuality and magnetism. 

mars in the 8th: painfully aware of their wounds and physical desires. There’s a warrior in every person with this placement, but they don’t want to let it show, they don’t want to let all that pent up aggression out for the world to see. They don’t want to be controlled by their body. Warriors at their core, they won’t just stand and watch injustice or others in pain.

jupiter in the 8th: painfully aware of their beliefs. They usually see the world as a dark place and rarely trust anyone, this causes them a lot of pain because it makes them feel isolated from everyone and can be prone to depression. Getting out of their comfort zone is a struggle, since they fear the unknown. This people love to dive into the darker and deepest side of philosophy. Very aware of death’s nature.

saturn in the 8th: painfully aware of their flaws. They can be overly controlled and self conscious, limits are a cause of distress. Insecurities are hidden from the public at all costs, which makes them have more power over the individual. This people hate to be seen as “weak” so they keep vulnerability under a mask of toughness and stoicism. Amazing self control. 

uranus in the 8th: painfully aware of their differences, this natives know how they stand out in the crowd and in most cases becomes a source of great insecurity. They don’t believe they fit anywhere and sometimes keep themselves from belonging. Can have immense control over the masses and are hard to influence.

neptune in the 8th: painfully aware of dreams and vulnerability. Their dreams are kept under lock and key and rarely shared with the world since they are seen as a weakness and a taboo subject. This people feel like an exposed nerve, feeling everything and being affected by it so deeply they rather appear emotionless and cold. Prone to being psychic.

pluto in the 8th: painfully aware of power. They know the power others have over them and their position in the world. They are painfully aware of the evils around them and this can make them quite paranoid and distrusting. Primal insctints are hidden but deeply felt, they are survivors at their core. Great emotional and physical strength.

♂ Mars: Your Weapon

Mars is the warrior, and a warrior is nothing without his special weapon or power. Mars gives us drive and passion and aggression, and with that comes a weapon, a gift that was handed to us to fight our battles with. When it comes for our battles, some, we excel in because it is within our Martian nature. The arrow of the Mars glyph is a symbol of the sharp and untainted edges of your weapon.

“My weapon is my (House Mars Is In)." 

  • Mars in 1st: body
  • Mars in 2nd: belongings
  • Mars in 3rd: words
  • Mars in 4th: heart 
  • Mars in 5th: creations 
  • Mars in 6th: logic
  • Mars in 7th: partner 
  • Mars in 8th: passion 
  • Mars in 9th: knowledge 
  • Mars in 10th: status 
  • Mars in 11th: community 
  • Mars in 12th: intuition
Planets in their opposite houses

Sun in the 11th: who am i, really? why do I express my individuality in groups? why do i love people, but at the same time drive them away? how are some people so sure of who they are? 

Moon in the 10th: do i give enough time to myself? why does everyone tell me to relax? why do i feel so much pressure? what is privacy? should i visit home?

Mercury in the 9th: why are we here? how can i learn more? was that offensive? why is everyone else so shallow? what’s the next flight i can get on? 

Mercury in the 12th: can i trust myself? should i say that? can i be alone? did anyone else feel that? do i daydream too much? what else is out there? wait, what?

Venus in the 1st: why do i care so much? why does everyone come to me? am i genuine? isn’t this beautiful?

Venus in the 8th: why is everyone so superficial? why is everyone i like bad for me? did that make me sound creepy? is this too intense? who am i anymore? 

Mars in the 7th: do i love them or hate them? do we fight too much? why can’t i let go? is it too soon to be in love? 

Planets, Houses and Physical Appearance
  • 1st House: Head, forehead,
  • 2nd House: Entire self/body, throat, neck
  • 3rd House: Arms, hands, shoulders
  • 4th House: Chest, breasts
  • 5th House: Heart, back,
  • 6th House: Stomach
  • 7th House: Hips, butt
  • 8th House: Genitals
  • 9th House: Thighs
  • 10th House: Knees, skeletal system (entire body, like 2nd)
  • 11th House: Calves, ankles
  • 12th House: Feet
  • The house that a planet is in will change its appearance in the way described below. If there are planets in the same house, they will harmonize and will still affect each planet the same, although if both are in Jupiter and Saturn they will cancel out. (Ex: Jupiter in 8th and Saturn in 8th)
  • Sun: Increases masculinity
  • Moon: Increases femininity
  • Mercury: Makes it more angular, thin or easily affected
  • Venus: Makes it more aesthetically pleasing
  • Mars: Makes it more muscular/defined or rough
  • Jupiter: Increases size
  • Saturn: Decreases size
  • Uranus: Makes it look unconventional or complete opposite of described
  • Neptune: Makes it look better than it really is
  • Pluto: Makes it more square or subtly defined/prominent
  • To find out more info on the planets in the houses go here:
  • Sun in the 8th: Forms powerful sexual, soul bonds with everything
  • Moon in the 8th: Guides lovers into transporting orgasm
  • Mercury in the 8th: Sexually penetrates the mind
  • Venus in the 8th: Seduces demons in search of angels
  • Mars in the 8th: Intense, sexual displays of passion piercing the veils of reality
  • Jupiter in the 8th: Meditates into orgasm
  • Saturn in the 8th: Can reach the peak orgasmic state if relinquishing, letting go, becomes learned
  • Uranus in the 8th: Bedazzling, electric sexual energy and experiences, one of a kind
  • Neptune in the 8th: Reunites with the goddess, seduces mini death during orgasm
  • Pluto in the 8th: Generates tremendous sexual power, makes love to the soul
Astro notes part 3 👻👹🌪

* Cancer moons tend to be extremely emotionally stable and tend to be very private with their emotions which is why they seem very aloof and detached.
* Many surgeons usually have mars in Aquarius due to their ability to completely disengage from the act itself.
* An abundance of Neptune contacts shows a natural talent for acting due to Neptune’s influence of blurring conscious lines of ones personality(it’s easy for them to be someone else)
* Lilith on the ascendent can make men immediately obsessed with you but also repel them in the same way.
* The 2nd house determines how your voice will sound(its tone) the third house describes your mind and how you “speak” with said voice.
* Sun in the 5th house individuals are the personification of the sun but can be some of the most prideful people because of it.
* To many 7th house planets can show an inability to decipher your own personality from that of others.
* Air house synastry is actually important for rationalization in a relationship.
* A watery synastry can show an inability to disconnect from one another.
* It can be so dangerous for people with Neptune in the 8th to get involved with the paranormal as these people have such a thin grasp in the world of the living as it is.
* Pluto in the 8th house people can lose themselves in the act of sex and I mean this both metaphorically and litturly.
* Pluto in the 3rd house people can have disturbing relationships with their siblings(not sexual but toxic and or intense)
* Mars square Pluto can be a rape aspect ☹️ and both men and women with this position need to be watchful of transits involving these planets.
* Moon in leo are more inward with their emotions but also tend to lack emotional control. Leo suns don’t have a temper and usually take awhile to aggravate.
* Where ever Saturn or Capricorn is in your chart shows an area or place of your life that you will grow to not only master but become wise in.
* Aquarius in the 8th/Uranus in the 8th house people usually have something unique about there genitalia.
* Jupiter in the 8th house people are growers not showers and tend to be endowed depending on the aspects that hit Jupiter of course.
* Saturn in the 8th house people(guys) are not always small and can actually have big members but whenever Saturn and Jupiter interact a cancel affect happens and it makes things smaller or bigger then they should be.
* Neptune in the 8th house individuals tend to have as they say “unbelievable” bodies. Ex Marylyn Monroe.
* Joan Crawford and Betty Davis are a classical example of fire and air moon combos.Joan struggled with multiple copping mechanisms and often had varying public images that never aligned with her ego or her emotional desires, but changed the platform for women in television and film with her demanding and passionate nature.(Aries sun/gemini moon) Betty Davis whom was both a strong and talented individual with a presence like no other capable of leaving an audience completely swept away. But she often struggled with connecting with her daughter and often was to focused on gaining the wrong attention and failing to realize what she sought all along was the love from her own daughter. She constantly disengaged emotionally and struggled with the more tender aspects of being a mother.(Leo sun/Aquarius moon)
* Mars and moon aspects is a very passionate synastry aspect to have and is a huge baby naming aspect as it makes both involved extremely (in heat as they say) and very fertile😱 *wear protection*
* Mars in 2nd house synastry is also another sexual hotspot and can liturly make the house person want to devour you completely at every moment! Very sensual and constant sex.
* Venus in the 2nd is a beautiful placement but can cause possession on both ends and very sensual and touchy feely desires from both people.
* Pluto in the 3rd house synastry or composite along with 6th house Pluto can showcase an intense relationship that may have A very heavy and intense vibe that’s apparent “daily” in the relationship either through communication(heavy dialogue/sexual/angry and so on) or every day life(sex has to be apart of couples routine/constant testing of one another/inability to “relax”
* The yod configuration in the chart points to a divine lesson and or purpose one must grasp and understand in this life! Multiple yods can mean a life full of heavy duty to guide and lead the world in some way!
* A lot of generational aspects in your natal and synastry points to a life full of heavy past life karma.
* People with retrograde Venus can come across as emotionally disconnected and sometimes perceive themselves as more loving then they really are which tends to be the cause of strife in their relationships! Tends to be worse in water venus ex: drake.
* Jupiter retrograde people don’t tend to believe in luck or something “working out” by believing alone. Tend to create their own destiny.
* Uranus or Aquarius/gemini or mercury in the 12th house can point to multiple personalities and hidden parts of the personality that are hidden.. these people wear mask and are 1,000 different people all at once.(there’s a threat for mental instability if not kept an eye on here)

Hope you like this guys!! 💗💗💙 and let’s all get ready for the ridiculously long tag just below 😂

Mars Feeds Energy into a House

Mars in the 1st House: Outer aggression or fire! Mars is being fed into how you present yourself, the exterior world.

Mars in the 2nd House: Energy is concentrated on the material world. A lot of endurance towards goals. Could increase desire/reliance on physical pleasures.

Mars in the 3rd House: Energy is being pumped into communication and the mind! Aggressive, forward, and confident communicators.

Mars in the 4th House: Leader of the clan! Super protective of family. Mars “masculine” and intense energies are going into the home.

Mars in the 5th House: Energetically and passionately living through their hobbies. Energy is gifted to celebrating life.

Mars in the 6th House: Energy is funneled into work, work, work! High ambition but also a lot of impatient and intense energy towards health, perfectionism, and criticism.

Mars in the 7th House: Energy is fed into partnerships, romance, and relationships. There is a lot of independence, good luck towards being single, impatience, and restlessness towards love. 

Mars in the 8th House: Energy collects and collects emotionally until forced to transform. There is passion and intensity towards growth, resources, ownership, and joint finances.

Mars in the 9th House: Fire is mixing with their beliefs. They can be a campaigner but also highly defensive and aggressive with their philosophies.

Mars in the 10th House: A little hellbent on being a great success? Yeah… Huge drive, Mars is starving for power here and has eyes set on ambition.

Mars in the 11th House: Energy is being fed into friends, groups, and organizations. Great placement for networking. Passion is put towards being involved with others. 

Mars in the 12th House: Mars fiery, energetic, and action-taking energies are being smothered. Individual must work hard to shed light on their Mars Sign. 

Where Mars is, the person fights...
  • 1st house: by being
  • 2nd house: to obtain
  • 3rd house: verbally
  • 4th house: for security
  • 5th house: in competitive sports
  • 6th house: as a routine
  • 7th house: diplomatically
  • 8th house: with passion
  • 9th house: by their beliefs
  • 10th house: for a carrier
  • 11th house: along friends
  • 12th house: an inner war

- Scorpio suns have more of a carefree and easy going attitude then Scorpio moons. But Scorpio suns also tend to have bigger egos and troubles with obsession more then Scorpio moons.
- Leo moons aren’t outwardly interested in being the center of attention and this need can be hidden to them as well.
- Jupiter in the 7th is pretty nice for marriages but points to a lot of dating around before settling down.
- Venus square Pluto people have a very overwhelming energy and can be some of the most seductive and intense people you’ll ever meet.
- Venus can also show how one dresses and how one self esteem might be. Ex: Venus in Gemini might have a self esteem that fluctuates and wanes based on what they see around them(media) while a Venus in Capricorn may be harder on themselves and never really feel (good enough)
- Aries and Scorpio moon/Venus people are drawn to dark themes full of reds/auburn/black/grey and dark warm hues.
- Mars in Pisces are Sexually fluid and tend to lean towards more Versatile roles sexually(male or female)
- Cancer mars men can come across as feminine and motherly but tend to be dominate and aggressive in bed.
- Saturn aspecting personal planets tends to make people immature and childish during youth but tend to shorten how long the “youth” period is due to Saturn’s structuring and marring affect.
- Neptune in the 12th house people fall into trance like states often and can have trouble distinguishing reality from the spiritual.
- Pluto in the 12th house people are drawn to superficial types due to their tendency to avoid “problems”
- Pluto in the 7th house people are prone to self destructive relationship habits and can be doing this subconsciously.
- Virgos no matter the placement tend to have OCD about an aspect of their life and some sort of daily routine that they live by.
- Lilith in the 4th house people are can be extremely emotionally aloof and cold and tend to never really feel at home when “home”
- A packed 2nd house shows a heavy attachment to the world of the living. A packed 8th house shows a heavy attachment to the world of the dead.
- Mars in aspect to Venus in synastry with the man as Venus and women as mars can lead to power struggles and power plays wether positively or negatively aspected.
- 8th house synastry is very physical and intimate be it platonic or romantic. The natives will feel like they have got to touch or be involved with the other in some way! Especially the planet person. And especially with mars in the 8th.
- 5th house showcases how you might have sex with someone whom you’ve just met and or are casually interacting with. The 8th house shows how you might have sex with a spouse or someone whom you’ve dated for a few years.
- Kids tend to be intimidated and nervous around 5th house Pluto natives at first but end up growing very clingy and intimately bonded to these individuals.
- 7th/8th house dynamic can show issues and or circumstances that occur in your relationships. Ex: my 7th house is in cap and Neptune is there and my partners are usually very rigid and serious and sturdy but can be blurry and overly emotional. And it can conflict with my inner need (8th house Aquarius and Uranus) whom likes to be spontaneous and open.
- Sagittarius in the 7th house can show a big appetite for the occult/all things dark and tantric and sex. But wherever Jupiter is located will show what must be conquered or triumphed in order to reap what Jupiter can grant you.

Part 2 will be coming soon 💙💖

i behave (sun sign)

my behavior is (house of sun)

i feel (moon sign)

my feelings are (house of moon)

i think (mercury sign)

my thoughts are (house of mercury)

i express grace (venus sign)

my grace is (house of venus)

i act (mars signs)

my actions are (house of mars)

aries: assertively

taurus: indulgently 

gemini: dynamically

cancer: tenderly 

leo: emphatically 

virgo: conscientiously 

libra: passably

scorpio: secretively

sagittarius: righteously

capricorn: professionally 

aquarius: distinctly 

pisces: aimlessly 

1st house: apart of my embodiment 

2nd house: excessive 

3rd house: communicated 

4th house: protective

5th house: theatrical 

6th house: a service 

7th house: apart of my shadow 

8th house: a secret

9th house: perceptive 

10th house: public 

11th house: receptive 

12th house: incognizant

How One Might Masturbate:

Mars in Aries/1st House: On impulse (i.e. in a moment of passion).

Mars in Taurus/2nd House: Utilizing the 5 senses (i.e. a candle-lit bathroom with water running). 

Mars in Gemini/3rd House: While communicating (i.e. on a video chat; possibly in a nonchalant manner whilst talking). 

Mars in Cancer/4th House: In privacy (i.e. in a locked room). 

Mars in Leo/5th House: When inspired (i.e. watching an explicit scene). 

Mars in Virgo/6th House: For health reasons (i.e. stressed, low energy, etc.).

Mars in Libra/7th House: With a partner (i.e. “show me yours, and I’ll show you mine”). 

Mars in Scorpio/8th House: In secret (i.e. does anyone know that you do this?). 

Mars in Sagittarius/9th House: To experiment (i.e. “What would it be like doing it this way–or whilst thinking of this–or that?!”). 

Mars in Capricorn/10th House: To reach an actual “climax” (i.e. working for the goal).

Mars in Aquarius/11th House: Randomness (i.e. something/someone viewed in a different perspective might be a turn on). 

Mars in Pisces/12th House: Aura (i.e. Illusions portrayed by any of the above Mars/Houses).

Saturn in the 4th, Sun in the 12th, Uranus in the 10th, Sun-Uranus aspects the father’s presence may have been erratic and the individual lost faith in authority early. The father may have spent long periods away or been disinterested in the child’s personality 

Saturn in the 2nd, Cancer on the midheaven the individual may have grown up in money tight (often single parent) households, they are too early exposed to the sacrifices made by parent(s) and start feeling guilt from a young age 

Neptune in the 4th, Moon-Neptune aspects, Neptune in the 10th, Pisces midheaven one of the parents can be in need of salvation, the individual can be primitively exposed to emotional instability, addiction, or illness. It can make the child feel very unsafe or threatened because she realises her protective unit is not integrated 

Uranus in the 4th, Moon-Uranus aspects, Moon in the 12th the mother may have an inconsistent presence. In the case of Uranus the mother wants to keep in touch with her personal identity and interests not related to motherhood, with the 12th the mother may spend time away in hospital, rehabilitation, or mental health clinics 

Mars in the 10th the father (or mother) can encourage competitiveness and winning in the child, commonly through sports. Venus in the 4th can dearly admire the mother and the mother can be absolutely beautiful in their eyes. Saturn in the 5th can feel poked and prodded in childhood, being under a glaring watchful and critical eye and possibly forced into performing arts

Mars in the 4th the individual may have walked on egg shells as a child because they may have been the outlet for the mother’s rage or moods Moon in the 8th has a powerful, magnetic, and unbreakable bond with the mother. Psychic abilities have been inherited from her as well as her ancestral energies


Planets in the 8th House
  • Sun: Identity transforms a lot, seek to refine the self, secretive person
  • Moon: Controlled emotions that suddenly burst out, emotional depth and intensity
  • Mercury: Deep thoughts, extreme opinions, curiosity for the forbidden, conspiracy theorists pretty much
  • Venus: attracted to "forbidden love", need and ability for true intimacy and closness
  • Mars: Anger management issues, anger is suppressed and then overpowers them
  • Jupiter: very interested in learning about or teaching esoteric topics
  • Saturn: rigidity, inability to let one's self fall and give in to emotional depths, controlled
  • Uranus: breaks taboos, tends to suddenly do or say something shocking and provocative
  • Neptune: psychic, goes through intense spiritual transformations
  • Pluto: very deep person that goes through many intense transformations and has a lot of personal power
Dark Mars: show me your houses
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>1st:</b> Engages in various self-destructive behaviours, can often offend just by existing, can come off too strong or agressive<p/><b>2nd:</b> Very selfish when it comes to possessions, troubles with sharing, gives things then asks for it back<p/><b>3rd:</b> Always being told to "hush", gives high praise to the wrong people, turns friendly debates into full blown arguments<p/><b>4th:</b> Agressive towards people closest to them, has a habit of destroying safe environments for themselves and unknowingly seeking discomfort, wishes their pain on others<p/><b>5th:</b> Shocks people with their writing and art, roasts other people's interests, points out insecurities<p/><b>6th:</b> Monitors the habits and motivation of others, takes the role of the preacher, may get told to take their own advice<p/><b>7th:</b> Sabotages close relationships, finds their passions backfiring and takes it out on others, relationships must be on their terms only<p/><b>8th:</b> Gets lost in blind hatred, doesn't know when to stop an argument, scares themselves<p/><b>9th:</b> Agression shows when they're getting ready to go out, completely one track minded, selfish with desires<p/><b>10th:</b> Doesn't care whose image they ruin as long as they come out on top, can get fired because of explosive rage at being told what to do, can embark on various get rich quick schemes that never go to plan<p/><b>11th:</b> Sabotages friendships, has a hero complex, thinks their problems are worse than everyone else's, driven but messy<p/><b>12th:</b> Underlying angry vibe, can engage in self-destructive behaviours for years without realizing it, push good people away<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>
Scorpio/8th House + Sexuality

I want to get into a stranger topic because I never really see anyone cover this;

Something I’ve noticed is that we tend to associate Scorpio being the most carnal and sex driven archetype out of all the signs which I don’t think is necessarily the true connection between Scorpio/8th House and sexuality. Don’t get me wrong, Scorpio and the 8th house do define sexual expression, but on a completely different level.

I think we need to break the idea that Scorpio is the most hyper-sexual out of all of archetypes and start making the real connections to placements that do symbolize or allude to hyper-sexuality. The amount of times I see posts implying  that a Mars in Scorpio is the “kinkiest” placement followed by posts of someone who identifies as asexual complaining that being born under the sign of Scorpio didn’t make them sex-crazed. Well, if you know a thing or two about astrology, you would know there is always more to the picture. 

Scorpio is not pleasure driven. Scorpio is driven by soul intimacy; just how close can two souls get? How close can you get to death without leaving your mortal self? Scorpio sees sexual expression as a conquerable death. The so-called “lust” that tempts Scorpio is just a yearn for transformation. Scorpio has rulership over sexuality because it understands intimacy on a far less carnal level; a soul level. 
One must also keep in mind that the 8th house is one of the three soul houses, therefore it has no rulership over materialism (aside from accumulated materials). In fact, the 8th house does not actually have rulership over intercourse, although it does rule over intimacy, that intimacy being on a spiritual plane. It does not rule the act, but rather the expression. 
You have to look to the 5th house for sensuous enjoyments, physical pleasure, promiscuity, and sexual intrigue. 
Another thing to consider about the 8th house is that it comes after the house of partnership (7th) meaning the 8th house does not symbolize meaningless pleasure. It symbolizes connections one has with people that are profound and deep; soul bonded connections. Anything casual, meaningless, or “just for fun” is always put into the 5th. 

For your curiosity, here’s some notes on placements that effect one’s sexuality (feel free to send an ask on any of this because I’m not really going to elaborate too much on this post);

The 8th House;

-Sun in the 8th house can symbolize a deep connection through intimacy; like a profound awakening through being intimate with another soul.

-Moon in the 8th house can be similar to the Sun placement, but this is the perfect representation of someone who favours an emotional bond over sex. 

-Mercury in the 8th house verbally communicates about intimacy.

-Venus in the 8th house can be sensual, but lazy. Expects the deep connection to come to them rather than they go searching for it. 

-Mars in the 8th house symbolizes high sexual energy. It can also symbolize strife in that area (especially if afflicted); however that strife manifests could depend on a lot of things.

-Jupiter in the 8th house can symbolize great desire and exploration for intimacy. Easily could be labelled as one of those “high sex drive” placements, but the fantasies driven here are more about ‘soul’ intimacy, whether the individual consciously knows that or not. 

-Saturn in the 8th house will likely do the opposite of Jupiter. There can be fear of intimacy or difficulty understanding its importance. Attitude towards sex may need some improvement as Saturn teaches lessons in whatever house its placed in.

-Uranus in the 8th house can make an individual sexually impulsive. 

-Neptune in the 8th house makes for profound experiences in intimacy. Loses self in intimacy and fantasy.

-Pluto in the 8th house makes for the greatest appetite and desire for understanding and experiencing intimacy. Could symbolize obsession. 

The 5th House;

-The 5th house defines a person’s turn ons and carnal knowledge. 

-The sign in which the 5th house cusps, aspects to, and planets in the 5th house can give you some hints to someone’s turn ons. The sign and house Mars sits in as well as aspects to Mars can also give you hints to a person’s turn ons. 

-Mars, Jupiter, or Pluto can symbolize a higher sex drive whereas Saturn does the opposite (Especially if Neptune afflicts Saturn, there can be some confusion on the topic of sex). 

Astrology and Hogwarts Houses (Just for Fun!)

Fire Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Air Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

According to J.K. Rowling, the Houses and elements correspond as such:
Fire: Gryffindor
Earth: Hufflepuff
Air: Ravenclaw
Water: Slytherin

Basically, what you do is you figure out which sign is in each placement. For instance, I am a Sagittarius Sun. Sagittarius is a Fire sign, and Gryffindor’s corresponding element is Fire. This means, based on the question, that I AM a Gryffindor. My Rising is Aquarius, an Air sign, which corresponds to Ravenclaw – i.e. I look like a Ravenclaw.

Just for fun! How true did it turn out to be?

I AM (Sun) a Gryffindor (Sagittarius)
I FEEL (Moon) like a Gryffindor (Sagittarius)
I TALK (Mercury) like a Hufflepuff (Capricorn)
I LOVE (Venus) like a Hufflepuff (Capricorn)
I EXPRESS (Mars) like a Hufflepuff (Capricorn)
I GROW (Jupiter) like a Sagittarius (Sagittarius)
I FEAR (Saturn) like a Slytherin (Pisces)
I CHANGE (Uranus) like a Hufflepuff (Capricorn)
I DREAM (Neptune) like a Hufflepuff (Capricorn)
I TRANSFORM (Pluto) like a Gryffindor (Sagittarius)
I LOOK (Rising) like a Ravenclaw (Aquarius)
I ACHIEVE (Midheaven) like a Gryffindor (Sagittarius)

I approach FINANCES (House II Sign) like a Gryffindor (Aries)
I approach COMMUNICATION (House III Sign) like a Hufflepuff (Taurus)
I approach HOME LIFE (House IV Sign) like a Ravenclaw (Gemini)
I approach CREATIVITY (House V Sign) like a Slytherin (Cancer)
I approach HEALTH (House VI Sign) like a Slytherin (Cancer)
I approach RELATIONSHIPS (House VII Sign) like a Gryffindor (Leo)
I approach UNCERTAINTY (House VIII Sign) like a Ravenclaw (Libra)
I approach TRAVEL (House IV Sign) like a Slytherin (Scorpio)
I approach FRIENDSHIPS (House XI Sign) like a Hufflepuff (Capricorn)
I approach COMPLETION (House XII Sign) like a Hufflepuff (Capricorn)

In synastry, I’m mostly fascinated by planets that fall in the first and eighth houses especially the really emotional,sensual, and instinctual  ones(moon,venus,mars). When a planet like Venus or Mars is in the 1st house (especially conjunct the ascendant) I usually find myself immediately attracted to them and the attraction barely ever fades even if it’s just from looks and whats on the surface. Now with eighth house, I CANNOT get them out of my head(especially with the Moon) and I get all of these deep urges and feelings! Every little thing they do fucks with my emotions whether it involves me or not and I feel like I turn into a little bit of a stalker cuz the moment someone calls their names or mentions them, my attention immediately shifts to that conversation and I’m more focused than when I’m in class and it sucks but I love the intensity of the feelings it brings but it sucks when you can’t have them!!!