mar 28th

PARIS _Feb 10th~ 16th
BERLIN_Feb 17th~23th
LONDON_ Feb 25th,27th,28th and Mar 1st~4th

fe14 zodiac

•note: these are the actual signs of the characters from the wiki and this post will be updated when more info is published


benoit (mar 24th)
kazahana (mar 28th)
shara (april 1st)
sakura (april 9th)
kanna (april 19th)


zero (april 22nd)
yukimura (april 28th)
ryouma (may 1st)
charlotte (may 4th)
midoriko (may 17th)
setsuna (may 20th)


shigure (june 6th)
anna (june 10th)
gunther (june 13th)
orochi (june 19th)


mitama (june 26th)
leon (june 30th)
kisaragi (july 4th)
matoi (july 6th)
nishiki (july 12th)
odin (july 15th)


sophie (july 21st)
kagerou (july 26th)
crimson (aug 3rd)
lazwald (aug 7th)
ignis (aug 16th)
hinoka (aug 18th)
shinonome (aug 22nd)


soleil (aug 31st)
lutz (sep 5th)
asama (sep 9th)
ophelia (sep 15th)
tsukuyomi (sept 19th)


hisame (sep 27th)
kaze (oct 2nd)
saizou (oct 2nd)
mozume (oct 6th)
velour (oct 11th)
kinu (oct 20th)


marx (oct 27th)
flannel (oct 30th)
silas (nov 1st)
yuugiri (nov 7th)
deere (nov 16th)


oboro (nov 28th)
kamilla (nov 30th)
jakob (dec 3rd)
takumi (dec 14th)
asura (dec 21st)


pieri (dec 24th)
izana (dec 29th)
grey (jan 1st)
fuuga (jan 8th)
arthur (jan 14th)


luna (jan 21st)
eponine (jan 31)
rinka (feb 5th)
tsubaki (feb 7th)
nyx (feb 17th)
flora (feb 19th)
felicia (feb 19th)


belka (feb 26th)
azura (mar 3rd)
foleo (mar 13th)
elise (mar 19th)

Astronomical & Astrological events in September 🌌
  • September 1st: New Moon in Virgo & Annular Solar Eclipse
  • September 3rd: Neptune at Opposition 
  • September 9th: Jupiter enters Libra
  • September 10th: Saturn square Neptune
  • September 16th: Full Moon in Pisces & Penumbral Lunar Eclipse 
  • September 22nd: Mercury exits Retrograde, Sun enters Libra
  • September 23rd: Venus enters Scorpio
  • September 26th: Pluto exits Retrograde
  • September 27th: Mars enters Capricorn
  • September 28th: Mercury at Greatest Western Elongation
  • September 30th: New Moon in Libra (Black Moon)

PARIS _Feb 10th~ 16th
BERLIN_Feb 17th~23th
LONDON_ Feb 25th,27th,28th and Mar 1st~4th

armand ⇄ mar; 911
  • [Timeline - 28th August 2017, Monday, 9.29 p.m., Serafine Distillery, Sanguine.]
  • Armand: Heads up, your boy's gonna be so drunk tonight.
  • Armand: Too drunk that tomorrow morning he won't remember what happened.
Astronomical & Astrological Events in January [2017] 🌌
  • January 3rd: Quadrantids Meteor Shower, Venus enters Pisces
  • January 4th: Quadrantids Meteor Shower, Mercury enters Sagittarius
  • January 8th: Mercury exits Retrograde
  • January 12th: Full Moon in Cancer, Mercury enters Capricorn, Venus at Greatest Eastern Elongation
  • January 19th: Sun enters Aquarius, Mercury at Greatest Western Elongation
  • January 27th: New Moon in Aquarius
  • January 28th: Mars enters Aries
Brittana Trends Updated
Almost a hundred world wide trends thats what it took for us to get Brittana back together
  1. Brittana is Love (Jan 14th 2012)
  2. Brittany Loves Santana (Nov 28th 2012)
  3. #SantanaMakesBrittanySmile (Nov 29th 2012)
  4. Brittany Just Wants Santana (Nov 29th 2012)
  5. Brittana is Forever (Nov 30th 2012)
  6. Santana Makes Brittany Smile (Dec 1st 2012)
  7. Bring Brittana Back (Dec 3rd 2012)
  8. Brittana Is Something Special (Dec 6th 2012)
  9. Stop Double Standards On Glee (Dec 6th 2012)
  10. Brittana (Dec 6th 2012)
  11. Faberry Shippers Support Brittana Fandom (Dec 7th 2012)
  12. We Love Brittana (Dec 7th 2012)
  13. Brittana Are Soulmates (Dec 8th 2012)
  14. Happy Brittanaversary (Dec 9th 2012)
  15. Brittana Actually (Dec 13th 2012)
  16. Santana Stop The Wedding (Dec 13th 2012)
  17. All I Want For Christmas Is Brittana (Dec 18th 2012)
  18. Brittana Till The End (Dec 21st 2012)
  19. 2013 Brittana Reunion (Dec 30th 2012)
  20. 2013 Is Brittana Year (Jan 3rd 2013)
  21. Brittana Are Meant To Be (Jan 8th 2013)
  22. Never Give Up On Brittana (Jan 11th 2013)
  23. Brittana In NYC (Jan 15th 2013)
  24. Brittana Is Not A Joke (Jan 18th 2013)
  25. Keep Calm And Love Brittana (Jan 21st 2013)
  26. Brittana Is Always On (Jan 22nd 2013)
  27. Brittana Is Our Glee (Jan 29th 2013)
  28. Santana Always Believes In Brittany (Jan 31st 2013)
  29. Brittana Belong Together (Feb 4th 2013)
  30. Team Brittana (Feb 8th 2013)
  31. Brittana Are More Than BFF (Feb 8th 2013)
  32. Brittana Heart Anniversary (Feb 14th 2013)
  33. Wrong Blonde Santana (Feb 14th 2013)
  34. We <3 Brittana (Feb 20th 2013)
  35. Brittana Together In NYC (Feb 26th 2013)
  36. Brittana Are Infinite (Feb 28th 2013)
  37. Brittany In NYC With Santana (Mar 6th 2013)
  38. With Brittana (Mar 8th 2013) - derp
  39. Free Brittany From Lima (Mar 11th 2013)
  40. Brittany And Santana In NYC (Mar 13th 2013)
  41. Brittana Duet Come To Our Windows (Mar 14th 2013)
  42. Brittana Just Give Me A Reason (Mar 17th 2013)
  43. We Miss Brittana (Mar 18th 2013)
  44. Brittana Is Important To Us (Mar 20th 2013) 
  45. Romantic Brittana Duet (Mar 22nd 2013)
  46. Brittany Loves Santana (Mar 24th 2013)
  47. Reunite Brittana (Mar 25th 2013)
  48. Let Brittana Talk (Mar 27th 2013)
  49. Only Brittana (Mar 28th 2013)
  50. More Brittana Scenes (Mar 30th 2013)
  51. Brittana Is A Real Relationship (Apr 2nd 2013)
  52. Team Brittana (Apr 11th 2013)
  53. We Really Miss Brittana (Apr 13th 2013)
  54. Waiting For Brittana (Apr 23rd 2013)
  55. We Want The Brittana Wedding (May 1st 2013)
  56. Never Give Up On Brittana (Aug 27th 2013)
  57. Brittana Will Never Be Over (Aug 30th 2013)
  58. Brittana Is Endgame (Sep 1st 2013)
  59. We Miss Brittana (Sep 3rd 2013)
  60. Hopelessly Devoted To Brittana (Sep 6th 2013)
  61. #BrittanaTaughtUs (Sep 9th 2013)
  62. Brittana is Forever (Sep 16th 2013)
  63. Brittana Are Meant To Be (Sep 21st 2013)
  64. Never Forget Brittana (Sep 23rd 2013)
  65. Never Let Brittana Go (Sep 26th 2013)
  66. We Will Wait For Brittana  (Sep 28th 2013)
  67. Brittany Pierce Is Irreplaceable (Sep 30th 2013)
  68. We Love Brittana Like Never Before (Oct 2nd 2013)
  69. We Will Fight For Brittana (Oct 5th 2013)
  70. Glee is Nothing Without Brittana (Oct 9th 2013)
  71. #ReplaceSongsWithBrittana (Oct 12th 2013)
  72. We Will Always Love Brittana The Most (Oct 13th 2013)
  73. Thank You Heather And Naya For Brittana (Oct 16th 2013)
  74. Brittana Or Nothing (Oct 18th 2013)
  75. Glee Needs Brittana (Oct 21st 2013)
  76. Brittana Together In NYC (Oct 26th 2013)
  77. Brittana in glees 100th  (Dec 5th 2013)
  78. Happy Brittanaversary (Dec 9th 2013)
  79. Britanna (Jan 14th 2014)
  80. Brittana Is Everlasting (Jan 16th 2014)
  81. Dance Hard With Brittana (Jan 21st 2014)
  82. I Built My Life Around Brittana (Jan 24th 2014)
  83. Brittany Pierce is our Genius (Jan 24th 2014)
  84. Brittany Pierce in NY (Jan 29th 2014)
  85. Brittana in NYC (Feb 3rd 2014)
  86. #StartTogetherEndTogether  (Feb 5th 2014)
  87. Brittana Fandom is Eternal (Feb 6th 2014)
  88. Brittana Will End Together (Feb 7th 2014)
  89. Happy Two Year Brittana Heart Anniversary (Feb 14th 2014)
  90. Thank you Heather and Naya for Brittana (Feb 25th 2014)
  91. We Ship Brittana Proudly So (Mar 4th 2014)
  92. Brittana is our OTP (Mar 11th 2014)
  93. Welcome Back Brittany Pierce (Mar 18th 2014)
  94. We Love Santana Lopez (Mar 18th 2014)
  95. Brittana Is Our North Star (Mar 25th 2014)
  96. Heather And Naya Have Amazing Chemistry(Mar 25th 2014)
  97. Santana Belongs With Brittany (Mar 25th 2014)
  98. Brittana In NYC (Mar 25th 2014)

MiA &  METO  [ MEJIBRAY] &  Wataru [ LIPHLICH ] & SORA [ DEZERT ] &  TOMO [BORN]  at the live event【EDGE Ikebukuro 2nd Anniversary 『池袋スタンダード』】held at Toshima Public Hall on Mar. 28th, 2014.


shannon: Surface of Mars, photographed by Mars Express, 28th October 2005.

Image runs from 63°S 205°E on the Terra Sirenum about 830 km due south to 78°S 205°E among the Ultima Scopuli. The crater seen in the 5th and 6th images is Reynolds (Osborne Reynolds, engineer & physicist, 1842-1912; see also: Reynolds number).

Composite of 3 visible light images for colour, and one monochrome image for detail. 

Image credit: ESA. Composite: AgeOfDestruction.


Bruno Mars in the Staples Center in LA (July 28th, 2013)

Money Make Her Smile Mash Up - Prince’s “Sexy MF”, James Brown’s “Sex Machine”, Rick James’ “Super Freak” and Trinidad James’ “All Gold Everything”.



END OF JAN: (26th): last *not-music-related* product promo. (TWITTER)

END OF FEB: Louis reactivated his old FB account and deleted the newer one that had Elouno as default picture. (FACEBOOK)

END OF MAR (28th): Louis’ IG is reborn. New name. New icon. Posting: Winning !!! (IG)


Hey guys! I’m pleased to announce that @listentothepages, @gh-morgan and myself will be hosting a Hobbit & LotR Read-Along!  


- There’s no official sign-up (we’re chill here.) Just re-blog the post to spread the word, then mark the start date! We’ll be using the #98 days of Tolkien, so don’t forget to post so we can all see!

 - Feel free to post quotes, fanart, edits, aesthetics, reviews and whatever the heck you want. (Don’t forget to use the #98 days of Tolkien)  

- It is a rather lengthy series to read so we’ve decided to read a ‘book’ every two weeks. You don’t absolutely had to stick to the schedule, but if you move ahead don’t spoil it for those who have never read the series. 


Dec. 6th - Dec. 19th: The Hobbit

Dec. 20th - Jan. 2nd: The Fellowship of the Ring: Book One

Jan. 3rd -  Jan. 16th: The Fellowship of the Ring: Book Two

Jan. 17th - Jan. 30th: The Two Towers: Book One

Jan. 31st - Feb. 13th: The Two Towers: Book Two

Feb. 14th - Feb. 27: The Return of the King: Book One

Feb. 28th - Mar. 12th: The Return of the King: Book Two


Message @listentothepages, @gh-morgan or @whispersofthesilentwind 

INFINITE will release 3 new songs at the Seoul Encore Concert

Infinite will release three new songs at their Seoul Encore Concert, ‘One Great Step Returns' 

On the 24th, Infinite’s company, Woollim Entertainment, revealed that “on the upcoming Encore Concert on Feb 28th and Mar. 1st, Infinite will reveal three new songs along with completely new stages for those songs." 

Inifnite revealing three new songs when they haven’t yet revealed any plans on their new comeback album is unsusual. However, due to the world concert that started August of last year, Infinite didn’t have the time to have long album promotions, so to re-pay the fans’ never-ending cheers they have prepared this. 

Infinite has already left the fans excited by revealing individual concert posters as well as a group poster behind-the-scenes pictures of their poster shoot. Not only that, the company has said that "this concert will use the learned knowledge from the last world tour and will have better configuring and spectacular production to re-pay the fans”

To welcome the fans’ expectation, as soon as the ticket page for the “Infinite World Tour Encore Concert - One Great Step Returns” opened up, the site was filled and all 20,000 seats were sold out and set a new record as the all-selling-dols.

Infinite’s Encore Concert “One Great Step Returns” will open up on Feb. 28th at 7:30PM and Mar. 1st at 5PM at the Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium.

trans.credits to Purpleboyhowonee