Perhaps the best known ancient Aztec weapon is the maquahuitl (macahuitl).  This is sometimes compared to the sword, and it was a powerful, close contact weapon.  Like the European sword, they came in two varieties - one handed and two handed.  Made from wood (usually oak), they were about 3-4" wide and 3-4’ long.  The two handed versions might be slightly wider and as tall as a person.  Embedded in the edges was obsidian (volcanic stone) or flint.

The maquahuitls were incredibly strong, and the Spanish claimed they could chop the head off a horse with one blow.  They were sharp and the Aztecs knew how to use them.  They could not thrust like a sword, and so they lent themselves to a different type of warfare.

moodykittens  asked:

Which ancient culture's armor is the coooooollllest?

Aztec helmets are the super-coolest. They look like they were designed by Jack Kirby. Imagine being some fresh-off-the-boat Euro dude who’s being charged by a dude who is carrying a blood-stained maquahuitl and is dressed up like a full-on jaguar.