A few weeks ago Georgia Maq played with Wil Wagner at the Thornbury Theatre in Melbourne to launch his demo cassette. Pour yourself some tea and have a listen.

MAQs knock the bees for six

Have been to check on my bees today - 1 week after putting in MAQs strips. Going back today, early evening, I thought I’d killed them all as no were flying as I walked up to them. Luckily I hadn’t killed them but they were extremely dopy and quiet.

All seemed okay other than that. I didn’t do an inspection as I didn’t feel it was needed and disturbing them any more wouldn’t be good for them.

I’ve put contact feeder in for them full of a heavy sugar mix. If the weather is suitable I’ll check then again next week.

MAQ: Why don't you have more reviews?

Why, my dear readers, don’t I? I cannot answer this question and give you an honestly sensible answer.

I think that maybe it’s because I don’t fish for reviews. I don’t end my chapters/Author’s notes by saying “Review my story!” or “Reviews make unicorns happy!” or “Reviews make the chapters come faster!”. And I don’t say that kind of thing because it feels so much less real. I post my story because it makes me happy. I post my story because you people seem to like it, even if you aren’t throwing compliments at me. I want the world to see my story, but I’m not blackmailing anyone in order to make myself feel better.

There are a couple of you (literally, a couple. As in, there are two of you. Rori Potter and Eponime) and you review every single chapter and that is so rewarding for me that you’re there- but I don’t need you, the rest of my readers to shower me with reviews. Knowing that I have two other people there who are genuinely wanting to read more is enough to make me feel warm and fuzzy.

MAQ- The Path Fate Chooses

I’m calling it MAQ to stand for Multiply Asked Questions. I haven’t had enough to call them FAQs. Most of this one is from people I know IRL with questions about it or they’ve contacted me outside

I’ve had a couple of asks via reviews about how old Kurt is in the fic- I’ve never totally decided but he isn’t much older than Blaine. I think he’s probably somewhere 18/19-ish, but you can reach whatever conclusion you like.

Highlands is a teenage drama something like Degrassi, and Kurt’s been on it since he was probably 13 or 14.

On that note, Highlands doesn’t exist, as far as I’m aware. It’s a cute play on words like, High, as in High school, and then Highlands already being an established word in terms of Geographical places and all that fun stuff.

I’m making up most of the details to Born Rivals as I go, but I’ve sort of dipped into a bunch of other games for inspiration. Highlands on the other hand has elaborate plots I’ve designed over time. It takes a lot to not tell you everything and only the semi-relevant parts.

supermacaquecool said: he does seem to be glaring us, hardly cute but not scary to me lol

lol i think unresponsive staring babies are scary… Well there’s also another reason I say he was scary but I agree this drawing doesn’t convey that “freak of nature” feeling I wanted him to have. I’ll keep on trying tho!! XD;;;

supermacaquecool said: The almighty Amano returns! Seriously, I want to know more about her. This is a p cute image tho

Sorry but Amano isn’t Kai’s mother! xD I try to draw them similarly because they are from the same race/clan, but their designs aren’t reaally finished yet, so sorry for the confusion!

And thank you so much for the positive feedback, even on this small sketch!! >////<

I do agree Amano is pretty badass tho 8))

Also, answering a bunch of tag-comments on that last reblog…

>… Bad things happened to Saka when he was 10…

> lol Sei wouldn’t laugh as a kid much. His early childhood did a number on his psyche xD;;;;;

> Yes, Sei got himself involved in a nasty love triangle, but that’s when he was in his late teens ;) he was actually doing alright-y in his 15s

> Lol don’t be fooled, Sei in his 20 is a mess. He only desperatedly tries to hide it ‘w’;;;

> LOL I’ll draw the hubby soon I promise!! And they did meet when Kana was 19-ish I think so maybe she’s mad at the to be hubby???

> And Saka is a mess at all ages, no matter how many skillz he gits gud at OTL

I think I do prefer the manga ver of Reiko’s story a little bit but it was a good episode nonetheless! 

Next is Gamin-sama’s story! We’ll get to see how much gore they’ll keep!

(Psst: I’ll wait a bit to post the gifs from this episode, I don’t want to spoil yet; I’ll reblog them on Monday tho, so yeah, if you get spoiled then, not my fault)

anonymous asked:

What happened with 'The World of Varldech?' Did you contact the creator?

It’s being remodeled but the Devblog is definitely deleted…

However, Maq said she’ll open a new account where she plans to put TWOV there along with other projects she plans to do (So we should just wait for the new devblog!)

I’ll update the NEW RPG HORRORS list link for TWOV and make it say that the devblog is down for now~

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Maggie by Georgia Maq

couldn’t listen all the way through | not my thing | it’s okay | kinda catchy | ok i really like this | downloading immediately | already in my library

just bc i dont really enjoy listening to songs that are like just piano bUT IT IS VERY PRETTY AND SHES SUPER TALENTED

Yay for Georgia Maq, a bowl of green and happiness!

I smashed my phone on the weekend and I felt bad coz it was given to me but then I remembered to not care about things like that shit so I have bought myself a brand spankin new one which is 100 times better lol! 

Not long until I am back in Tassie dirty dancing with my pals and drinking until I can’t walk hehe but I am so stoked! full week of catching up on sleep tbh and eating out of my parents house coz I am poor! 

Many yays x