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and I’m still trying to find myself by finding the cheapest wine on the shelf and drinking until I’m by myself crying on the phone to sam.


I wrote another shitty song.

West Side Story.

What Do You Mean (The Bank's Out of Money)
  • What Do You Mean (The Bank's Out of Money)
  • Georgia Maq
  • Georgia Maq - With a Q 7"

I can’t believe it’s twenty-fourteen and we’re still fighting for equality, and the minister for my gender is a racist, homophobic misogynist.

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  • Georgia Maq
  • Friends & Bowler's Run

and no-where else in the world is a dealer so easy to find

because rain, hail or sun the bong circle lives on

but I prefer drinking goon under a tuscan moon 

with friends and bowlers run

MAQs knock the bees for six

Have been to check on my bees today - 1 week after putting in MAQs strips. Going back today, early evening, I thought I’d killed them all as no were flying as I walked up to them. Luckily I hadn’t killed them but they were extremely dopy and quiet.

All seemed okay other than that. I didn’t do an inspection as I didn’t feel it was needed and disturbing them any more wouldn’t be good for them.

I’ve put contact feeder in for them full of a heavy sugar mix. If the weather is suitable I’ll check then again next week.