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Welcome to the 2017 Reylo Fanfiction Anthology!

Dear writers,

We’re so excited to have all of you as part of this year’s anthology project, Celebrations! We’ll be using email to update everyone during the project and to communicate about outlines and editing. We’ll also be posting on tumblr, but emails will usually have information that the tumblr posts won’t. If you didn’t get an email from us, please let us know!

The next step for the project is for everyone to turn in their outlines. For the outlines, we’re looking for everyone to have a clear idea of where their story will be going and for a clear link to the celebration you’ll be using. Please email your outlines to us by April 9th, either through Google Docs or with the outline in the email. We’ll reply to you to let you know we’ve read your outline as soon as we can! All outlines will be read and replied to by April 16th.

Once outlines are returned, first drafts will be due on June 18. Each story will go through a round of editing by a mod at this point, but we ask that stories have gone through at least one round of betaing before being turned in as a first draft. We can help you to find a beta or to find resources! We will email more about the editing process once we get closer to the first draft deadline.

As a reminder, here’s our schedule:

  • Outlines due - April 9
  • First complete drafts due - June 18
  • Second/final drafts due - August 6
  • Final release in September

We’re going to continue holding a chat for the project, but we’ll be moving the chat from Skype to Discord. The chat is for everyone to talk about the project, Reylo, writing, word wars, and just getting to know each other. The link to the channel is in your email; let us know if you have any problems accessing it! 

Finally, below is the list of this year’s writers, organized by celebration, with their tumblr usernames, and then ao3 usernames in parentheses. If your information is wrong or something needs to be changed, please email us and let us know.

@dustoftheancients (dustoftheancients)
@jitterygummy (jitterygummy)

@mollymatterrs (OccasionallyCreative)
@themakeupfeminist (Tmf)

@greyjedireylo (second_chances)

Carnival of Venezia:
@lion-hearted-wolf (NatMatryoshka)

Empire Day:
@solikerez (solikerez)
@thegarbageship (kmanion)

Festival of Light (Naboo):
@cosetteskywalker (WildConcerto)
@kylorenvevo (diasterisms)
@cobwebbing (cuddlesome)

First Day of Freedom:
@the-reylo-void (the-reylo-void)

First Day of Spring:
@punkeraa (punkeraa)

First Kiss:
@kuresoto (kuresoto)

@theauraki (Auraki)

@lukassgoggles (thomasjeffersonsmacaroni)
@hauscrashburn (Elywyngirlie)
@coyoterey (IamLokiLocked)

Guy Fawkes Day:
@tehanufromearthsea (TehanuFromEarthsea)

@siriouslyweasley (sassanachs)
@sunshinereyisbae (La_Catrina)
@gio-zzz (LonelyWitch189)

High School Reunion:
@nightsofreylo (nightsofreylo)

New Year’s Eve:
@ophelia-markov (Midnight_Ophelia)
@maq-moon (maq_moon)

Nocturne of the Winged Planet:
@reylosmut (swag_77)

@chthonya (Chthonia)

Remembrance Day:
@cynical-harlequin (Artemis1000)
@ceallaigheirinn (Ceallaigh)

Ribbon Cutting:
@thewayofthetrashcompactor (thewayofthetrashcompactor)

Rosh Hashanah:
@southsidestory (SouthSideStory)

@mnemehoshiko (bittersnake)
@reylotrashcompactor (Reylotrashcompactor)
@nerdherderette (PalenDrome (nerdherderette))

Solar Eclipse:
@anythingtomakeyoustay (anythingtomakeyoustay)
@jonnsansa (dansunedisco)

Summer Solstice:
@shelikespretties (Vivien)

@lariren-shadow (LarirenShadow)
@i-am-thesenate (LueurdeLaube)
@mosttulip (MostTulip)

Winter Solstice:
@politicalmamaduck (politicalmamaduck)

Thank you again to everyone; we are incredibly excited to work with all of you! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send us an email!

All our best,

The Mods (Mer, South, Mneme, Jen, Alexandra, Viv, and Briar)

What Do You Mean (The Bank's Out of Money)
Georgia Maq
What Do You Mean (The Bank's Out of Money)

I can’t believe it’s twenty-fourteen and we’re still fighting for equality, and the minister for my gender is a racist, homophobic misogynist.


Camp Cope “Done” (Live at the Rolling Stone Australia Office)


Rhymes for Young Ghouls, featuring Mohawk actress Kawennahere Devery Jacobs, is now streaming on Netflix!

From IMDB:

Red Crow Mi'g Maq reservation, 1976: By government decree, every Indian child under the age of 16 must attend residential school. In the kingdom of the Crow, that meansimprisonment at St. Dymphna’s. That means being at the mercy of “Popper”, the sadistic Indian agent who runs the school.

moonbeambisexual  asked:

all the tumblr user themed questions ?? ^-^

1. What blogs are in the “Recommended blogs” section?

????? idk

2. How old were you when you made your blog(s)? i was 15, it was before i went to ‘high school’, or preparatoria as we call it here

3. Who is your best tumblr friend(s)? well, the people i interact the most are you !!, Maq @supermacaquecool , ronnie @dependentlapislazuli, andrea @sinnamonrollarmin, Ari !! @thisendlessmaze  and @kimbeegalaxy, plus other cool people that are the so great !! 

4. Which blogs are “Your most liked and reblogged blogs" 

5. How many blogs do you follow?  712

6. Favorite tumblr editor(s)? ???

7. Favorite blog(s)? gigi.d.g for sure ! and underchara (? those are the ones i look often 

8. How many followers do you have? 815

9. Who made your icon? it’s from bee and puppycat (the one with frisk was drawn by gigi !!!)

10. Who made your theme? glenthemes

11. Recommend 5 theme blogs ???  i dont follow/recognize them

12. How many likes do you have? 51,051 (i need 4 more !)

13. Which blogs are your biggest fans? 

the best of the best

14. How many posts do you have? 78,425 with this one (woah!)

15. Do you share a blog with anyone? If so, who? none of them

16. Who do you get messages from the most? maq and andrea i guess

17. Who told you about tumblr? a friend from my old school (we all made an account to keep in touch, but we have different types of blogs and im not even sure if i still follow them … )

18. Why did you stay on tumblr? a lot of people liked the same stuff as me (at the time it was tangled and gravity falls) 

19. Do you consider yourself “tumblr famous” or famous in your fandom? not really

20. What do you think people think when they hear your url? im not really sure? maybe they think it’s an aesthetic blog or something like that