Heritages and the cultures that go with them can be instrumental in shaping the type of people we become. It’s something to celebrate, or at least express. It’s there every time our tongue hits the back of our teeth. Our fingers always know the taste, it will always marinate whatever we spit to paper.

We all have maps for teeth. This is an invitation to bare them, or flash them – it’s the voice from behind them that we want to hear.

This literary magazine is my latest project. I’m excited about it and I really hope you’ll submit your work if it’s something you relate to

or keep it in mind and pass it along to anyone else that may be interested.

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Thanks so much!

every time i get bummed about the slow start to my lit zine project, i get a submission that punches me in the face in the best way and like i can’t give up because i need these things to punch other people in the face too. aaah. i really hope by the end of the semester i can make this happen.