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I’m presently developing a new series of London district maps that shall be available to buy as fine art prints. Here are some snippets of four maps I’ve completed in recent weeks: Shoreditch/Hoxton, Greenwich, Islington and Hampstead.

They demonstrate the distinct “retro” design style which I am focussing on… each map shall come embellished with one or two illustrations of local landmarks, and I also intend to make them available in a variety of colours.

Later in the year I shall also develop a new series of maps of other cities and locations in Europe and around the world.

More designs and details of their availability to come soon!

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That I Have Regretted

Pairing : Bucky Barnes x Reader (female pronoun)

Genre : Angst, tiny bit of fluff

Warning : death, cringe worthy writing, sucky writing, etc (??)

Word Count : 5120 ( Sorry, I got carried away )

A/N : This idea came to my head all of a sudden minutes before I sleep and unlike some of my other ideas, this one lingers in my head day and night so I decided to write it. At first I wanted the character to be Steve coz he’s my ultimate favourite among the Avengers but Bucky seemed to be more suitable. This is the very first story I post on this blog so please be nice to me 💕 - Nana🌸

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There both (Y/N) and Bucky stood still like statues.

In the dark, cold room, face-to-face, eyes boring into each other due to anger that has been gnawing on both of their hearts.

“I mean it” he said.

(Y/N)’s eyes were narrowed to the man before her, hands moving to rest on her hips as she answered her man back, “you are not the boss of me, James” she spat bitterly. The name she used to address him meant that she is beyond mad, pissed, annoyed, and all other emotions that are stirring up in her.

Bucky cringed slightly at the name (Y/N) used to address him, it sounded rather hostile and cold to him because the name is rarely used by anyone close to him.

“you never listen to me, not a damn bit! How many times should I tell you to stay in the Quinjet after you did your part of the mission and until we all finish ours!? You are our eye in the sky and you almost blew the mission for us all, almost get killed and those damned HYDRA agents almost escaped!”

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Beach City, Delmarva

A little over a year ago I had the chance to make a canonical map of Beach City, featuring lots of locations seen in the show and a few we’ve never been to! 

There’s a few Beach City locations not shown here– the abandoned warehouse is up north across Rehoboth Bay, the docks and the Crab Shack are behind the water tower hill, and the barn is in the countryside a few miles inland.

If you’d like to get your touch stumps on a physical copy, the map will be printed in the Best Buds Together Fun quiz book, coming Summer 2016!

Make Native America Great Again, 2016.
By: Demian DinéYazhi’ & John Henry/Tracy Schlapp

Repurposed maps of “Indian Reservations” letterpress printed as part of an Alternative Identities workshop for LGBTQ youth hosted at the Portland Art Museum. It was a pleasure engaging with youth in a city and space that encourages them to make strides toward self-representation while bringing physical and mental awareness of place in this colonized landscape. A special thank you goes out to Sharita Towne and our Reed volunteers who brought the extra love and support we needed.

My store is one of a chain, and just in my area, there are 10 stores within a 30 minute drive. I absolutely hate it when customers want directions to another location. I have a tiny map that the managers printed out for us and I have a list of addresses, but I’ve never been to another store in our area, I have no clue how to get there or what they’re near. I always want to tell customers that there’s no reason for me to go to another location. I work at this store so if I wanted anything I’d just buy it while I’m at work. But they always insist that I must know or ask if it’s near this store or that mall, and I just have to keep saying I don’t know. But the fuck customers actually goes to the people who do all of that, and then say, “I’ll just put it in my GPS.” Bruh, if you have a GPS or Google Maps, you do not need to ask me where it is, just get the address and go.