maps make me happy


- Marauders Character Portrait from Pottermore

                         gooD for you 

                      for forEver 

      waving through A window 

                      sinceRely, me 


    to break in a gloV


       you will be fouNd

        if I could tell Her 

                words fAil 


               so big, So small 

      anybody havE a map?

                        oNly us

The asari...

It sucks that the main reason for the asari was “sexy blue aliens.” Because they do have an interesting lore despite that. 

Like the bachelor party in me2 where the guys started discussing what an asari actually looks like. The salarian thought that they looked like salarians, the turian thought that they looked like turians and the human thought they looked like humans. Which presented an interesting idea - that the asari are kind of parasitic in nature. Though not in an evil way! 

The theory that asari has some ability to make themselves more appealing to other races is not new. Mordin will state that he finds the asari offers intriguing, which he finds odd since “cross species pheromones” are unlikely to work on him as a salarian. But it does work on some salarians, like the guy we see on Illium. 

It also seems to work on the angara since Jaal immediately takes an interest in them. And there’s an angara on Aya that states she wouldn’t mind seeing more asari there. 

Small side-note: There is a quest in MEA that does hint at humans and asari actually being similiar. That what we are seeing is actually accurate. Basically in the quest, you follow some tracks to find a culprit. The search gets narrowed down to a human and an asari simply because of how similiar their footprints are. SAM even points out how salarian and angaran feet are very different from asari or human.

In Andromeda, after the Kett reveal,  this is actually brought up. Vetra will say that the Kett method of reproduction is similar to that of the asari. A point that both Peebee and Lexi kind of agree with 

Jaal will also kind of accuse the asari of this in a banter with Peebee. Though he later apologizes when he realizes that he might’ve hurt her feelings. 

The scientists in the tech lab also have a conversation about exaltation, how awful it is and what it means. I can’t remember the exact details, but it ends with the asari scientist saying that “only a primitive race would take it by force” meaning the DNA that the Kett are stealing from other races. So the similiarities between Kett exaltation and Asari mind-meld-DNA-mapping is adressed in the game. 

And that actually makes me very happy. 


I started a new file on an extra copy I have because I can’t get enough animal crossing~

I didn’t have to reset much to find this map (maps with the plaza in the center make me happy and are automatically my favorite) there are 4 ponds which I’m not that happy about, but I can work with it~

Okay to reblog~

I feel special

@mykittysansy you were first person i met on tumblr you are sweetest person i ever met you want everyone to be your friends

@boyinthehat boi you are so cool you want everyone be happy more than you are. you want be happy like others!!

@ask-akira-roamtale well you are sooo awesome even you made an AU!! that person would that! cuz they know they are awesome!!

@goldenbird223 you little cutie you really like drawing!! even you try your best to draw so awesome!! you are perfect.

@thefirewolfyt48 you are sweet you like hang out with kitty and golden etc. you are special for them!!

and other from amino map Starlight , Terry , Rainbow , @twojmagik , Astra , Rai ya all make me happy 

before meet all of you I wasn’t that happy. I was losing my family, people that I love. Even two of my friends didn’t loved me they broke up with me….I love you guys….

Monday 6th April | 10:35

Morning study session on a lovely sunny day. Been making French vocabulary mind maps since half past eight. The sun makes me so happy and motivated. Wondering whether it’s too early to crack open another Easter egg… have a good day everyone!☀️💐

Beautiful Photos

Beautiful photos make me nostalgic for a place that I’ve never been and a place that I never knew existed

The rain, the trees, the darkness, so mysterious yet so vivid

I look at the map, these places should be here

Point me in the right direction, map, please make it clear

The happiness which I yearn for is a place that is unreachable, far from my time

So I thought, until you appeared, I swear it felt like a lifetime

That beautiful place is closer, closer and closer, with you it comes

I finally found the beauty, I finally found the place, 

Thank you map. but you’ve been replaced

with you, my love, the adventure has just begun

anonymous asked:

So, there I was minding my own business, reading Carousel. Then out of no where I see the word "Maldives" (I'm Maldivian). I was legit shook my eyes were literally O.O We are so tiny that we aren't even included in half the maps out there.😂😂 Anyways, I love love love Carousel! I'm so invested into this story! So far everything I've read by you have been amazing💖 Oh and I hope you're feeling better 💕💗

Aahhh hello there~~~ omg good to find a Maldivian reading my fic. I hope I did justice in describing the setting 😂😂😂 Oh even if it is a small hidden paradise, Maldives will always be there in my personal map 💗💗💗

Thank you for reading!!! It makes me happy to know you’re enjoying them^^ I am recovering pretty well although my sickness keeps coming and going. I’m in the middle of writing while re-editing the previous chapters of Carousel so hopefully I can manage to update something soon 😉

aHonestly I’m semi-copying my roommate here but I just gotta get all this emotional shit out of me right now. So heres a Emma Check-In I guess:

I’ve been having a weird time since I got back from France. I came back to an incredibly unstable and super hostile work environment that employees racist, homophobic, and transphobic trumps supporters. I don’t feel safe there anymore. I really don’t know how to deal with that cause my boss is completely useless. 

Mentally I’m also just all over the map because I have some people that make me feel so happy and valued and then sometimes i feel like people are upset that those people make me happy. I also am more touch starved then E V E R, and idk how to ask for help with that.

More into the point of people not being happy with me feeling happy, I’m sure they don’t mean it that way but it super hurts that I feel like I can’t talk about certain things and people that make me SO SO happy and loved and valued because other people don’t trust it. idk my dudes life is hard.

I also just wanna go do things but my close friends (who are in the country or state) are usually off doing their own thing or are a good drive away while I’m living where I’m living. 

Life is hard, I miss my France friends, I miss my Oly friends, I want to like my job again.

@hiddenpolkadots​ said:  Fic authors self rec! When you get this, reply with your favourite five fics that you’ve written, then pass on to at least five other writers (◠‿◠✿). Do multiple fandoms if you want!

This is probably my favourite fic that I’ve written, even though it’s not exactly my usual style or my most popular work. Since I don’t usually write full-length stories, this is the closest I’ve ever felt to writing something ‘complete.’ And there’s a sense of wistfulness to it that I like.

Another Kodaline-inspired fic. In a lot of ways this fic is one long snapshot of the beginning of going into hiding. I like it, because although they’re wary of the change, they’re still hopeful that they can find a way to be a family in Godric’s Hollow and make it out of the war.

This fic has no dialogue, which I normally love to write, but I think that it stands well without it. I enjoy when my stories have a particular way of showing the characters. For TFS, it’s memories of James, for Go Out and Start Again, it’s landmarks of hiding, and for I’ll Be Your Safety, it’s the kisses they shared.

There are a lot of reasons I like this one. The worry of not being as close with your friends when you’re done school, the explanation for the loss of the Marauders’ Map, the fact it’s inspired by a Hannah Montana song. It makes me happy in a very simple way.

Severus nodded to Sirius. “And you think that’ll work? She’ll fancy me, then?”

“No,” came Lily’s voice from the heavens, accompanied by thunder.

I’m honestly kind of proud of every single line in this. Parody is my true calling. 

the room of requirement was not on the marauders map. therefore the marauders did not know about it! can you imagine if James and Lily lived and Harry came home talking about the room of requirement but then realising his dad didnt know about it. Harry would brag that he knew more about the castle than James did and really annoy his father but no one got more annoyed with their squabbles than Lily who would just sigh and walk out of the room. 

I was staring at a wall when I realized how insignificant I am. In the grand scheme of things I don’t matter. Not one bit. And how beautiful is that? The universe is not watching me, it is not planning my destiny, it has no path for me, it does not care. I am free. I am free to do what I want in my life and what makes me happy without corrupting some grand map of the cosmos, for my life is but a spec of dust to everything else out there. I am beautifully insignificant. Which is why I will make myself into a star.