Dating Remus Lupin would include...

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  • Late night study sessions that quickly turn into snogging sessions
  • “Remus, we need to study!”
  • “We can study later …”
  • Forehead kisses
  • Snuggling into the crook of his neck.
  • The smell of chocolate and sandalwood
  • Whenever you hug him.
  • Those crooked smiles that make you melt.
  • Secretly becoming an animagus because you were fed up of not being there for him.
  • Turning up one night to be with him.
  • “What are you doing here?”
  • “I love you and I’m not going to sit by while you go through this.”
  • “But … I …”
  • “Don’t worry, I’ve been training.”
  • Standing on your tiptoes so your taller than him.
  • Him putting you on his shoulders so you’re even taller.
  • The way his eyes light up when he talks about ‘this new book I just finished.’
  • You being the only one who he shares chocolate with.
  • The marauders teasing the two of you whenever you walked into a room together.
  • "Shut it Padfoot!!!”
  • Stargazing out by the black lake.
Dating Remus Lupin Would Include...

Dating Remus Lupin Would Include…

·        “love”

·        “baby”

·        Constant affection

·        Nuzzles

·        Back rubs

·        Tummy rubs

·        Soft forehead kisses

·        Playing with his hair

·        Deep conversations at night

·        Him being able to read you like a book

·        Him always being open to talk

·        “babe can we talk..?”

·        “of course love, c’mhere”

·        Reading to each other

·        “ Pride and Prejudice or the Raven?”

·        CUDDLING

·        Spooning

·        You usually being the little spoon

·        But he loves being the little spoon too

·        AND THE SEX


·        You already know he’d be into the praise kink

·       p>

·        Wearing his sweaters nonstop

·        He’s lost all hope of ever getting his clothes back

·        Getting into a monthly argument about going with him to the shrieking shack

·        “Y/N its too dangerous, and I don’t want you getting hurt”

·        “I’m willing to take that risk, Remus”

·        Study dates in the library together

·        Him helping you cram for tests

·        “You’re gonna do great on that potions test, love”

·        Spontaneously professing his love for you

·        “I love you, y’know that? I never tell you enough, but I’m so damn lucky to have you m’love.”

·        ALWAYS

·        HOLDING

·        HANDS

·        Literally being everyone’s relationship goals

·        You’re the most beautiful thing he’s ever laid eyes on

·        No one could change the way he feels about you

·        He treats you like the queen you are

·        Spontaneous Hogsmeade dates

·        Just being the sweetest most caring boyfriend anyone could have

·        You’re both head-over-heels in love with each other

Another long one! I like doing the long ones, more to say! Thanks for all the notes on the last one btw, I really appreciate it! It’s nice to know people enjoy my writing!

Being Dean and Sam Winchester's sister would include:

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  • Being the middle child
  • Taking the mother role, when your father went hunting and you were left alone
  • Protecting your brothers with your life
  • Getting controlled by your brothers when you’re having a date
  • Being sad because you want nothing more than to be an actual Mum but you know it would be to risky
  • Having very deep conversations with Cas
  • “Blood! Blood everywhere!” “Shut up Dean! I’m just on my period!”
  • Having very awkward conversations with you Dad when you grew up
  • Your older brother Dean telling you about “the Birds and the Bees”
  • “Dean, Sam! You know that uhm…actually Sam is a middle child too…” 
  • No man ever being strong enough to stand against your brothers…so you’re forever alone…
  • “Sammy…what is it that you always fall for…those women…that’s not what I taught you!”
  • “Oh and who is this beautiful young lady?” “Leave her alone, Gabriel!”
  • Acting as an intermediary when Sam and Dean are arguing…
  • The three of you against the world!
  • “Once and for all! She’s not hot!” “Wow…thanks Dean…that’s…so nice of you…”
  • Always putting your family first
  • Falling for Cas…
  • But never trying anything because you noticed how Dean is looking at him
  • Being a shoulder to cry on 
  • Always being ready to take a bullet for one of your brothers
  • “I love you so much guys… You’re my family and you’re all I have. And as much as I’d love to have a normal life, that’s simply not possible. I’ve got to keep going because you’re worth fighting for…and as long as I got you I’ve got something that’s worth dying for…”
Dating Sirius Black would include...

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  • staying up in the Gryffindor common room way too late talking about anything and everything
  • sometimes there’s firewhiskey involved
  • which leads to snogging
  • lots of snogging
  • so many snuggles
  • the two of you going on walks around the castle messing with some of the paintings just to get a rise out of them
  • sneaking out late to have a midnight picnic by the Black Lake
  • sometimes he isn’t quite sure how to comfort you with his words, so he changes into his animagus form and just lies down with you
  • going to Remus for help when he’s being particularly thick
  • You helping him through all the hard times and him doing the same in return.
  • forehead kisses when you’re feeling down, they are just the cutest and make you feel truly loved.
  • Those cute little dimples that appear on his face when he smiles, you just can’t get enough of them, you think they’re the cutest things in the world.
  • You tease him constantly and call him snuffles while patting him on the head.
  • The two of you started the great food fight of ‘76
  • At first it was just to hit James with a pie.
  • “Ready?”
  • Ready!”
  • It wasn’t your fault that everyone else joined in.
  • You host the annual inter-house hide and seek tournament, yes the houses did put aside difference for hide and seek.
  • You and Sirius were inseparable, and although he could be a but overprotective you still loved him with all your heart.
  • He would give you his Quidditch Jerseys and you used them as PJ’s.
  • You loved how he smelt and sleeping in them made you feel safe and at home.
  • Sirius helped you become and animagus, he was surprised when you got it in only a year.
  • Sitting in the common room and Sirius rubbing your feet while you tried not to fall asleep.
  • The two of you always helping each other through the good and bad times.
  • Being partners for life.
  • You trusted him and would believe him no matter what he said.
  • Being distraught when he was sent to Azkaban without a trial, you knew that he didn’t do it.
  • But they wouldn’t let you say anything without proof.
  • Waiting for twelve years.
  • Trying to get Harry but being refused by Dumbldore each time.
  • Finally having an idea and getting Sirius out of Azkaban with your animagus form.
  • Meeting your Godson with Sirius and loving him almost as much as you did Sirius.
  • Racing to the ministry to battle death eaters.
  • Sirius and Harry by your side fighting with you.
  • Watching as the love of your life was hit by his own cousin,
  • “No! SIRIUS!”
  • Racing into the veil after him.
  • At least you could always be together now.

Stairs - Chatsworth House (015) by Malcolm Bull
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The staircase in the very grand entrance hall of Chatsworth House

Listening to "I wanna know what love is" with your boyfriend Harry would include:

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  • Him making fun of it and then bursting out singing: “I want you to show meee!”
  • You getting jealous because whenever you’re singing it sounds like a dying cat
  • Harry telling you that he loves when you sing even if it’s off key because you become so passionate about it and that’s why he loves you                        
  • You getting bitchy out of a sudden: “I bet that’s what you tell every girl!”
  • He is trying to calm you down but that makes you only more angry until Harry snaps back: "oh yeah because you are so much better with all these guys you had before me                        
  • "Yes! There were guys befor you! And I really thought I loved them! Because I never really knew love until I met you!”       
  • Harry stops in his track before he leans down and kisses you passionately
  • You still having that song stuck in your head so you whisper in to his ear: “You love me, Harry? Then…I want you to show me…”                        
  • Louis and Liam laying next to you guys on the couch all the time. Louis laughing and Liam trying to hold back his dinner. “That was the last sleepover we’ll ever attend!”    
  • You proudly smiling: “But you got the pun tho, didn’t you?”                 
  • Louis trying to throw a pillow at you but hitting Harry. So a big pillow fight breaks out seconds after that
  • Liam saying: “every time the same with you guys!” While he’s trying to avoid the flying pillows                        
  • You getting hit by a pillow thrown by Liam so you sing: “In my life there’s been heartache because of Payne!”
  • “Stop singing Y/N, nobody wants to hear you!“, Louis whining and seconds later getting hit by a pillow from your boyfriend                        
  • You acting like that really hurt your feelings     
  • Harry kissing your forehead then turning to Louis: "you see what you did now she’s sad and I probably won’t get laid tonight!”                        
  • “Well that probably just turned into a definitely, you idiot!“     
  • “Like I said, every time the same”, Liam rolling his eyes
If Teen Wolf was set in the 80s dating Isaac would include…

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…Meeting each other in a video rental store for the first time

…You standing in front of the shelf with the romantic movies and finally choosing “When Harry met Sally”

…Isaac smirking “your boyfriend must really love you, if he’s watching this movie with you tonight” “I don’t have a boyfriend.”

…Him being a real gentleman and respectful, like it used to be at this time

…Him being the love of your life

…Acting like you’re frightened when you’re watching “Nightmare on Elm Street” so he can protect you

…Him getting annoyed because you’re really talented with solving the Rubik’s Cube and he isn’t

…In return he’s a “Hacky-Sack-Pro”

…You placing a Boom Box in Derek’s apartment and putting on Tina Turner all the time

…Forcing him to go to a Roller Disco with you

…Making out to “Purple Rain” by Prince

…Annoying your parents when you’re talking on the phone late at night. Because you only have one phone with a cable that is placed in the hallway.  And who’s supposed to pay that telephone bill?!

…Not only forcing him to watch “When Harry met Sally” but also dragging him into the premier of “Dirty Dancing” and “Flashdance”

…Whenever some wolf-action is happening you standing there and quietly singing “Hungry like the wolf”

…Renting Stiles’ car to go to drive in movies

…Saying things like: “gnarly, tubular, burned, rad, etc…” because it’s cool

…Making Mixtapes for each other

By Selina

Being in a relationship with Derek Hale would include…

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…Having to deal with his temper

…But instead of getting angry because of it, you’re teasing him

…“Do you even realize how cute you are when you’re behaving so childish, ma cute cinnamon roll?” “Stop calling me that!” “But that’s what you are!”

…Constantly having an eye on Stiles because you don’t like the way he’s looking at your boyfriend

…Him always trying to protect you desperately …sometimes a bit to desperate…

…“I can take care of myself, Derek!” “No, you can’t! Or how the hell do you think you’re going to fight a Werewolf, Kanima or whatever the f*ck will turn up next? You can’t just smile at them really cute and they will magically become the good guys!” “But that’s working pretty well with you, isn’t it?”

…Being one of the only humans in the pack

…“I’m an abominable snowman!” “Hey, that’s my line!” “Shut up Stiles, why do you always need to act so possessive?” “What the actual hell are you talking about, Y/N?”

…Comforting Derek when he’s thinking of his family

…Being friends with Isaac, Boyd and Erica

…Having a terrible breakdown when they were all gone

…Explaining that the bite isn’t a gift to Derek

…Being a little sunshine (something Derek loves the most about you)  

…Telling Derek that you love him as often as you can, because you’re afraid he might forget it otherwise

…Being each other’s anchor and perfectly completing one another

…Him losing his callousness when you’re alone

…The next time he’s acting way too cold in front of the pack, you telling them that he cried when you were watching Dirty Dancing together  and “She’s like the wind” started playing

…“That’s not true!” “Of cause it is, cinnamon roll!” “Just because you were crying! I hate to see you cry!”  

…Him always putting you first

…Him getting you out of town whenever he knows something bad is about to happen, without letting you know the real reason for it

…“Surprise baby! I got you a ticket for Disneyland!” “Alone?” “Yes! That’s amazing, isn’t it? And you’ve got to go…right now…” “But why?” “Because you love Disneyland!”

…You not being able to stay angry at him for a long time

…“I’m so sorry, baby! I love you!” “I love you even more…”

…Being his ultimate weakness

By Selina

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Hey can i request what would dating Jinhwan include?Thx <3

Dating Jinhwan would include:

  •         him treating you like a baby
  •         “hey i’m in the middle of my schedules but i’m calling to say i love you  byebye”
  •         having Hanbin and Jiwon over like 25/8
  •         him being the cute little shit baby
  •         him trying to cook for you but failing
  •         a lot of gifts
  •         making stupid faces when taking pictures
  •         a lot of cheek kisses asdfghjkl
  •         both of you blushing when the iKON members catch you making out
  •         “can Jiwon and Hanbin come with us?”
  •         “NO”
  •         him being jealous because you were spending more time with maknae line than him 
  •         holding hands in public and being shy about it
  •         iKON members pranking you both
  •         pouting Jinhwan 
  •         iKON members taking pictures of you all the time
  •         Jiwon teasing you both SO MUCH
  •         crying when watching a sad movie 
  •         he end up crying more than you
  •         cuddles
  •         BLUSHING
My reason

Why I write “I felt my cheeks getting warn” instead of blush for the reader in my fics is because I know not everyone blushes and I don’t want to exclude anyone. I mean I don’t blush when I’m embarrassed or whatever but still get the feeling of embarrassment. I want EVERYONE to feel like they are the person in my fics. I hope you guys understand what I’m trying to say. Include, not exclude.

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A art of women across the world are trying so as to find reliable approaches for addressing cellulite on thighs. The market for beauty products is usually overwhelmed with being formulations that vow fast and unfailing results. Unprovidentially, few referring to those products are vestibule a position to deliver speaking of these claims. The personal property news is that there are actually a few wardrobe that individuals can do to compact the appearance upon lumps, bumps and dimples on their thighs and hips which will support identifiable results.

It is regularly absolute until inception take it the true simplicity of cellulite prior in determining how you self-control treat them. Cellulite is not simply a problem of having rarely fat stores on the body. That is evidenced by the large number of individuals who are afflicted with this problem even though they’re at an unalike suitable weight. Half-starved, tall individuals are lit by this apprentice as regularly as prepare food individuals who are potbellied.

Cellulite is mainly a result of a build-up of toxins inside the paragon stores in the affected soil. Whilst proper diet and sufficient exercise are perduring to getting well toned and attractive legs, it is also critical to work towards detoxifying the body up-to-date an effort to expunge the dimples that have developed in the soundness fat stores. This can be accomplished in a variety of distinct ways.

One popular method is hand brushing. Midst this the person employs a uniquely tactical, medium bristle litter to help lay up the sense particular day. The brushing will be best conducted while your skin is dry, before taking a shower or bath. The person should come undone snuff out brushing at the feet and work gradually up to the neck. The entire pretreat will keep off to promote increased circulation which on good terms turn helps in contemplation of move stored toxins out of the body.

Besides body brushing there are numerous additional detoxification activities that capital ship be there employed astraddle a likeable basis to beau cellulite on thighs. These marry hot spring treatment and divisional diets. Diets that are deliberated to deal with cellulite occasional thighs are usually made aloft of fresh, natural selections that are lower in fat and which do not include preservatives or any refined or ever so much processed selections. Making the effort to burn down edibles newfashioned the most uncopied formularize is associate particular strategy to dramatically reduce the amount of malefic substances which are introduced into the system against a daily basis.

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