This one’s a bit tough to read. Here’s a transcription:

1- Mom/Dad “set up housekeeping” without benefit of clergy – an act of deliberate defiance. 1921. 

2- I [was] born 6/5/1928 – a cheerful bastard

3 - Grammar school/ high school/ colleges

4- 1st teenage innocent sex

5- 1st sex with a professional sex worker

6- Lived with “love of my life life”!

7- Marriages one/two/three

8. Children one/two/three/four/five/six

9. Affairs 10/20/30/40/50/60/70+

10. Stocks/bond Wall St. layabout

11. Psychological therapy one/two/three

12. Living alone at last

13. In relationship, hopefully the last at 83; still a cheerful bastard, still in therapy. 

And good cheer to you!