A bit of a departure from the maps I normally post on here, but too interesting a map and too happy a story not to post:

My friend dropped their iPhone in a taxi on Sat night and we tracked it on the find a phone app.  20 hours after losing it, the taxi driver found it, with 3% bat left, called my friend and returned it! Below is the tracked version!


This one’s a bit tough to read. Here’s a transcription:

1- Mom/Dad “set up housekeeping” without benefit of clergy – an act of deliberate defiance. 1921. 

2- I [was] born 6/5/1928 – a cheerful bastard

3 - Grammar school/ high school/ colleges

4- 1st teenage innocent sex

5- 1st sex with a professional sex worker

6- Lived with “love of my life life”!

7- Marriages one/two/three

8. Children one/two/three/four/five/six

9. Affairs 10/20/30/40/50/60/70+

10. Stocks/bond Wall St. layabout

11. Psychological therapy one/two/three

12. Living alone at last

13. In relationship, hopefully the last at 83; still a cheerful bastard, still in therapy. 

And good cheer to you!



In case you missed it, here’s a little video of the story behind Mapping Manhattan, filmed and edited by the lovely Lily Erlinger


So unbelievably excited and honored to have Mapping Manhattan featured in Maria Popova’s (Brain Pickings curator extraordinaire) collection of must-reads. Popova collaborated with designer Kelli Anderson (who happens to be my favorite designer ever since I saw her Creative Mornings talk last year– I mean have you seen her paper record player?) to turn the list into a “magical papercraft wonderland” on exhibit now in the bookstore of the main branch of the NYPL. Here’s a time lapse video of the exhibit’s installation. (You can see MM’s red spine pop into the picture @ 0:44)


Read more here.


Or visit the exhibit in person here!


Mapping Manhattan is in today’s issue of the New York Times Book Review!!!! Feels like making it to Broadway. 

“Maps,” Cooper says in this book the size of a large billfold, “are more about their makers than the places they describe.” That is certainly the case with the people whose memories and desires, hopes and despairs, are captured here against an outline of the island where New York began.

Read more:

With the release of the book less than one month away (Mapping Manhattan goes on sale April 2nd!!), I’ll be publishing one new Manhattan map every day to celebrate.

Tell your friends! Join the mapping party! Pre-order a book from Amazon or Barnes and Noble! (Really: pre-orders are the holy grail of purchases for publishing.)

P.S. Can anyone tell me where the map’s naked gazers image was pulled from? Email me if you know: