All Xbox One Controllers Will Have Mappable Buttons “Soon”

Hey, controller users, you’re in for a treat. In a tweet made by Mike Ybarra, it has been (sort-of) confirmed that all Xbox One controllers will get custom button mapping capabilities instead of the Elite controller by itself. There has been no information about console support, but this will be available on the PC when it is released.

Spatial Data Workshop

Picture: Example where we updated a dataset with nationalities of people who attended the workshop, using different colors depending on year of birth. Click on each point and you will see more info about us!
Many of our guest speakers and many of the demos that we have seen have utilised maps. Maps are a brilliant, simple and easy way to present data and generate instant insight into real world behaviour. The good news is that maps are really easy to make, and with only a few new skills, we can utilise what we have learnt in classes to do location analytics.
This workshop showed us how to generate spatial data and make some awesome maps using CartoDB and Open Source Software.
We learnt how to map the data of Google APIs, visualise it and publish it. We also learnt to torque Twitter, meaning that we could insert twitter data into a map. Even more, we were introduced to the concept of GeoCoding, which makes data mappable, taking data, often textual, and creating geometrical patterns.
We used the example of metros and neighbourhoods in Madrid and showed the biggest neighbourhoods on the map, found out the number of metros in each neighbourhood, discovered how far away every station was from a specific point, etc.
External image

This session was run by fellow student Andrew Boscence. Andrew worked as a Senior GIS Analyst for the mining, oil and gas sectors in Australia. He later shifted his focus to supporting environmental management projects in Melbourne using both spatial and non-spatial data analysis techniques. It was in this role that he was exposed to advanced data analytics and is studying at IE to build upon his spatial data skills.