Maybe Tim is luckier than his predecessor … maybe some day we’ll see. I don’t like the Daredevil title under Mark Waid and I like Waid as a writer but the direction he took didn’t work for me as a fan of the title. But DD End of Days was simply amazing and it rubbed the right way all the stuff that hooked me at the first place when I started to read. I hope this thing get’s expanded .

Celtic Goddesses and Gods Part 6

Mabon (Also Mapon, Maponus)- A Celtic sun God of prophesy, he is associated with light and the wild chase or ritual hunt. As the son of Modron, he is the great son (sun) of the Great Mother. He is taken from her when he is three days old. Called “The Son of Light” or “The Divine Son”, he represents youthfulness, sex, love, and magick, and enjoys playing tricks. Associated with Myrddin and later Christ, his symbols are the boar, mineral springs, and the lyre. 

Macha- A powerful Irish threefold sun Goddess of war, fertility, and ritual games, she was wife of Nemed and consort of Nuada; called the “Sun Woman.” Ancestress of the Red Branch, Macha is a Queen of Ireland, daughter of Ernmas, and granddaughter of Net. Her body is that of an athlete, and her symbols are the horse, raven, and crow. 

Mebd (Also Maeve, Mab)- A Goddess of sovereignty, she is the good queen call The Warrior Queen. She is the Faery Queen and Queen of Connaught. She runs faster than a horse, while carrying animals and birds on her arms and shoulders. She also carries a spear and shield.

Mei (Also Mai, Meia)- An Earth and sun Goddess, similar to Rosemerta, she is the mother of Gwalchmei.

Modrona (Also Modron, Madrona, Matrona)- A Goddess associated with Coventina, Morgana, Vivian, and Dechtire, she is an aspect of the All Mother. The Great Goddess and Mother of Mabon or “Light”. 

Morgana- A Goddess of war, fertility, and magick, she is the Death Mother and Queen of Death. Born of the sea, she is the daughter of Llyr and Anuand, a powerful shapeshifter. She is beautiful and sensuous. Her symbols are trees along shorelines, especially cypress trees, seashells, ravens and crows.

Morrigan (Also Morrigana)- She is called the Great Queen, Sea Queen, and the Great Sea Mother. As a powerful Goddess of wisdom and the sea, she is associated with the queen’s rod of command, sand dollars, ocean vegetation, manta rays and whales.   

Morrigu- A Goddess of death, life, music, and magick, she is called the Dark Gray Lady. She protects sailors and the shores of Erin and plays a harp made of silver, shell and pearl.

Myrddin- A sun and Earth God, Fire of Earth, he is a God of the woodlands, nature, and mirth. A Sky-God associated with stones, caves, crystals, and magick, as well as herbs, natural mineral deposits, and pure water springs, his symbols are the wild rose and sweet water springs. He plays a flute whose sound makes you want to dance. 

Nantosuelta- A Goddess of abundance associated with Sucellos; she is a river Goddess. She holds a dove house on a pole in one hand, and carried a bakers paddle. 

Nemetona- A warrior Goddess of the oak grove, she is the great protectress of the sacred nematon. Also a patron of thermal springs, her symbols are oak groves, a ram, and a spear made of ash with a tip of silver. 

Nimue (Also Niniane, Niviene, Nymenche)- An Earth and Water Goddess and a young aspect of the Bright All Mother, she is a Goddess of lakes also known as the Lady of the Lake, maker and keeper of Excalibur, King Arthur’s sword. She is consort, student, and teacher to Myrddin. She created the river, Ninian, that originates in the Cotes-d’ Armor in Brittany. Her symbols are a white-silver sword, underwater caves, swans, swallows, and quartz and crystalline formations. 

Nodens- A God of sleep, dreams, and dream magick, he is a God of the Otherworld. 

Nwyvre- A God of the ether, stars, and space, he is also a God of celestial sciences, astronomy, and astrology. Consort to Arianrhod, his symbol is the nine-pointed star. 

(Source: Exploring Celtic Druidism by Sirona Knight) 


Quick pics from today’s session.

Added a “Mapone” word balloon to honor End of Days. Also wanted to reference Echo, but didn’t have space for another character–so I came up with a more symbolic way to do it. Did some other touch-ups and blending.

Better, less bloody pics to come… As always, tattoos by Charlotta Brunson of Tattoo Charlie’s of Lexington.

the-red-paintings  asked:

Hey you may have covered this before, but speaking of Nat and Matt, what did you think of the DD End of Days hypothetical situation?

I thought Daredevil: End of Days was ambitious, beautifully illustrated, and also ridiculous and self-indulgent. It’s Bendis’s kidfic AU, so, um, there you go. But there are two Natasha situations worth talking about. There’s this situation:

Fury: Natasha died four years ago.
Ben: Dead?
Fury: Died. Dead.
Ben: How?
Fury: The Avengers. A skrull thing. We kept it quiet. Her request.

Natasha dying off-panel is never my favorite thing, but this sort of thing is the bread and butter of grim future AUs. In this scenario, Natasha a) doesn’t die alone and b) isn’t killed by fucking Bullseye, so I’ll call this a win, at least on the grading scale of the Daredevil franchise. I could believe, to reference Bendis’s earlier run, that Natasha got to go out when she wanted to. Since this is a future AU where everything’s made up and the points don’t matter, it’ll do.

But you probably meant this situation:

Ben: Natasha Romanova? Huh.

In Daredevil: End of Days, spoiler, Natasha and Matt have a daughter. Also, this daughter is the new incarnation ninja master Stick, because reasons.

The wank that followed Bendis making Matt/Natasha his “endgame” was pretty enjoyable for me, not least because I got a question about the relative superpowers of Matt and Bucky’s sperm. I don’t have any trouble believing Natasha would sleep with Matt again, at some point, even though that might be a Terrible Idea. Once she lets someone in, I think it’s hard for her to get them out, completely, and there have been a few missed attempts at getting back together.

Now, Natasha having a child with Matt Murdock is less realistic, because canonically she can’t have children. I’m not super invested in the part of her canon where she was sterilized against her will, though, so I’m okay with ignoring it.

I don’t think much in the story implies that Matt and Natasha ended up together. Their daughter is a last-second twist, and both are dead, so it’s not like we see the specifics of their family. Only a few photographs of them together and their daughter, Mapone Romanova. Mapone uses her mother’s name and not her father’s— and the way she talks about her mother implies that mom didn’t hold the highest opinion of dad. The story also implies that Matt had a lot more kids with all his other ex-girlfriends, because footagenotfound.jpg. They could have had a daughter and tried their best to raise her together, even if their relationship just kept falling apart. That is not so far out there. Apart from the whole reincarnation-of-Stick thing.

Maybe they did finally find a way to make it work, though. Maybe Matt only slept with all of his exes after Natasha died, or maybe those aren’t his kids at all. Certainly the story implies he changed drastically after the Kingpin’s death, maybe he couldn’t be so righteous, maybe he and Natasha fit together, afterword. I don’t know, everything is made up and the points don’t matter: you can draw in whatever shapes you like. It’s only as canon as you want it to be.

I will say that Mapone Romanova is eons cooler than James Rogers, because even with two pages of screentime she manages to come off as the child of two superheroes, instead of just her dad. Also because she says both “jeez” and “it’s like watching snails hump in slow motion,” possibly unironically.

Mapone: And you have some serious blind spots. And you’re welcome.

Panels from Daredevil: End of Days #2, #5, and #8.


Pick of the Week Pt. 1: Daredevil: End of Days #6. If you have been following this series, then it is not difficult to see why this is a must-read. If you have not, then the question is, why not? Bendis teams-up with some of the industry’s best talents to produce a tale that will keep you hooked.

The plot thickens as more villains of yesteryear shows up dead while Ben Urich puzzles over who is the Daredevil who saves him from certain death. Pictured here are the Alex Maleev and David Mack variant cover.

Verdict: You won’t regret picking this one up.