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#Alright but to Wes and all the Wes sympathizers out there who swear that Fenton is Phantom let me tell you this #Have you guys ever SEEN Fenton in gym class before #I have him in my gym class for 2nd period and it's not a pretty sight #This one time we had to run around the track field and jump over as many hurdles as we could #He tripped over three hurdles, was out of breath when we were a quarter through, & I think he was going to have a asthma attack #We all thought he was going to pass out

So I’ve started using, and it got me thinking; What if I used it for Phantom stuff with y’all?

For those who don’t know, is a free service that lets you link an online video (youtube, netflix, hulu, crunchyroll, amazon, or just about anything!) to a chat room so you can watch things with people and chat. 

If I did this for different Phantom versions weekly/biweekly or something (probably on Saturdays) would you guys be interested in joining?

Reblog with your thoughts, if you would, please.

Here’s an example of how it looks:


3/12 illustration I did for Ghost Brewery for their canned beer as design, each flavor represented by a mysterious mythological creature!

This is what I was so busy since December and could not be that active as I was hoping for. I love working with them, they are supportive, kind and gave me amazing freedom how to portray their chosen critters and even gave me some freedom to pick some colours for them which I found more suiting for the theme. I had so much fun working with this project, I still need to finish some of these illustrations but have a good head start even if I only able to show them as the flavors being shelved first. 

Recently they discussing with possible American contacts so their beer in the future will be possible to order/buy there as well for the moment they primary selling in the UK and stretching out to reach other European countries!

  • Other Fandoms: Ugh! Why is this canon and not the great fanons? I hate it being canon! I can't do anything, though... it isn't canon to me!!!
  • Danny Phandom: This isn't canon, this isn't canon, this fanon is canon, this one too... Oh? Butch Hartman said what? Well, tell Elmer I don't care, that's not canon, he doesn't know.

Ya see I was trying to figure out if YouTube commenters were talking about Phantom of the Opera or Danny Phantom when they say “the phandom is here” but it turns out they mean Dan and Phil. I’ve seen these three distinct fanbases use this name. It’s time for the three to go and war to see who keeps the name.