maple with a side of maple

  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: How do hockey players manage to sit at the exact right place on the bench where they have access to their water bottle? How do they know which one is theirs? Do they have their name and/or number on it? Or do they just grab whatever one is there and take a swing? And how to their mouth guards never break? We always see shots of them chewing on them with full force, those things must be indestructible. And how do players know when to get off the ice? They need to be alert to execute plays and play some badass hockey, but they also need to know their cues to know when another player is taking over? Does their coach just fucking yell as loud as he can so the whole ice can hear? And usually they'll switch a whole line together so how do they do it so that there's no empty spaces on the ice? Man I love hockey, but I need answers.
Hold On, I’m Coming (Part 5)

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Summary: You and Dean are getting comfortable in your relationship, but Bobby isn’t giving up and causes problems for Dean at work. Later, a house fire lands Dean and Benny in some trouble.

Pairing: Firefighter!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,200

Warnings: mild smut, language, house fire, civilians trapped inside

Lingo Guide: “Striking a box” is when a department calls for help from surrounding towns. They can strike multiple boxes, which just means they call in towns from farther and farther away. “Recalling firefighters” means they’re asking men who are off duty to come into work to help out. “Working fire” means that it’s the real deal, smoke and flames confirmed.

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The Hall of Mosses is the name of a distinct hiking trail in Olympic National Park, located in the Hoh Rainforest. Plucked straight from a story book, the trail is filled with old trees – a mixture of temperate bigleaf maples and Sitka spruces – draped in green and brown mosses. Along the main trail there is a particularly otherworldy 200 ft side path which leads to an enchanting grove of giant maple trees, cloaked in hanging moss. 📸: Photo by Konrad Roeder.

Offbeat (Part Four) - Auston Matthews

A/N: Here you go! Sorry for the wait but I hope you enjoy!! :)

Requested: Yes/No

Characters: Auston Matthews (Feat. Connor Brown, Morgan Rielly, William Nylander, Zach Hyman, Mitch Marner, and Kasperi Kapanen)

Words: 4,402

Warnings: Language

[Part One] [Part Two] [Part Three]

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William Nylander: Bathwater

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warnings: Smutty good time, cussing (probably)

word count: 1286

It has been a week since William left for a road trip. He’s supposed to be back in the morning but, you don’t know if you can hold off that long. During an after-game interview he mixed up his English and Swedish which, for some odd reason, got you all hot and bothered. You rewatched the interview a few times until you decided to calm yourself down with a bath.

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Mason (Part Five) - Morgan Rielly

A/N: Sorry for the wait guys! But here’s part five! As usual, thanks for all the lovely messages! There is slight smut here, so I hope I did okay! Let me know if you think I should maybe try taking it further! Thanks again!

Requested: Yes/No

Characters: Morgan Rielly

Words: 5,408

Warnings: Language and Sexual Content

[Part One] [Part Two] [Part Three] [Part Four]

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Title: Shots

Warnings: None

Request: can you do a connor brown imagine where you go out with your friends and get really drunk and he has to pick you up and he’s kinda mad that you got wasted? maybe end w fluff? thanks!!

Note: Let me know what ya think! :)

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“You need to be more careful.” Connor scolded you as he opened the passenger side door. As soon as you managed to get yourself seated in an upright position, he grabbed the seatbelt his body leaning across you to buckle you in. Even in your intoxicated state, your cheeks flushed with embarrassment as your boyfriend chided you like a child along the curb outside of the club you had just been in.

“Connor, I’m a jussst little tipsssy, I can buckle my own… thing.” you slurred, gesturing to the strap across your chest; hoping to prove you him you weren’t totally useless in your current state.

“Mhm. Not even being able to find the word ‘seatbelt’ leads me to believe you’re more than tipsy.” he responded shortly. Slamming the door shut, you watched as he rounded the front of the car, opening the door and sliding into the driver’s seat.

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Auston Matthews #4.2


Anonymous said: Please please pleaseee do a part 2 to the auston matthews imagine you just did 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 soo good


Anonymous said: Can you do a part two of your recent Auston one? How they end up watching movies after the fire please !!!

Anonymous said: Please do a part 2 to the most recent Auston Matthews imagine!

deannaard said: Can you make a part two? This is just so cute and cuddly

okayleafs said: this was so cute! you should definitely make a pt 2💗

boo-boocmf said: Please do a part 2. This was SOOOO good.

A/N: wowowowow i was not expecting so much response from this imagine but damn thank you all so much <3 sorry if this sucked haha i wasn’t sure if i liked it honestly

Word Count: 1,747

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“Auston’s coming over?” Steph questioned while looking over at you, her eyes only leaving the road for a moment before she was focused on driving once again. You shrugged and then bit down on your lip. “I mean, you two were pretty cozy by the fire,” she smirked now. 

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A small Red Maple has grown, perchance, far away at the head of some retired valley, a mile from any road, unobserved. It has faithfully discharged the duties of a Maple there, all winter and summer, neglected none of its economies, but added to its stature in the virtue which belongs to a Maple, by a steady growth for so many months, never having gone gadding abroad, and is nearer heaven than it was in the spring. It has faithfully husbanded its sap, and afforded a shelter to the wandering bird, has long since ripened its seeds and committed them to the winds, and has the satisfaction of knowing, perhaps, that a thousand little well-behaved Maples are already settled in life somewhere. It deserves well of Mapledom. Its leaves have been asking it from time to time, in a whisper, “When shall we redden?” And now, in this month of September, this month of travelling, when men are hastening to the sea-side, or the mountains, or the lakes, this modest Maple, still without budging an inch, travels in its reputation,— runs up its scarlet flag on that hill-side, which shows that it has finished its summer’s work before all other trees, and withdraws from the contest. At the eleventh hour of the year, the tree which no scrutiny could have detected here when it was most industrious is thus, by the tint of its maturity, by its very blushes, revealed at last to the careless and distant traveller, and leads his thoughts away from the dusty road into those brave solitudes which it inhabits. It flashes out conspicuous with all the virtue and beauty of a Maple,— Acer rubrum. We may now read its title, or rubric, clear. Its virtues, not its sins, are as scarlet.
—  Henry David Thoreau, Autumnal Tints
Easy Company Breakfast Headcanons

@gendryw4ters and I were chatting about breakfast and this just sort of happened… (we are very passionate about breakfast okay) **we included all the main guys plus some extra, but this is not a complete list**

  • Gene doesnt have time for breakfast but when he does, it’s usually just whatever they have at home, though there is always coffee (with sugar) 
  • Babe eats lucky charms straight from the box
  • Dick has tea and toast (with strawberry jam)
  • Nixon has black coffee (spiked) and also dick’s toast  
  • Harry likes to dip his cinnamon roll in his coffee 
  • Luz is a waffle man, the kind that come frozen because he’s lazy, and coffee with lots of cream and sugar 
  • Toye tries to be healthy most days with some sort of smoothie, but occasionally he treats himself with huge stacks of pancakes 
  • Lipton is the traditional eggs, bacon, hash browns, and toast, along with black coffee and orange juice (with lots of pulp)
  • Speirs doesn’t usually eat breakfast unless Lip makes enough for both of them (and forces him to eat) 
  • Webster prefers fancy cappuccinos and avocado toast
  • Lieb likes plain black coffee and a biscuit shoved hastily into his pocket on the way to work 
  • Bull collects his own eggs, then fries them sunny side up, with bacon and oatmeal as sides 
  • Johnny is an omelet man, but simple, just give him that cheese and bell pepper omelet, and a glass of fresh apple juice
  • Buck does that nasty thing where he cracks raw eggs into a glass and drinks it
  • Guarnere makes himself a heaping plate of biscuits and sausage gravy, and downs it with a glass of cold milk 
  • Malarkey is one of those people that cuts up fruit and puts it in his cereal. he is also a big believer in pop tarts. 
  • Muck likes french toast, sprinkled with powdered sugar and drowning in maple syrup 
  • Penkala smothers a bagel it in either nutella or peanut butter depending on his mood 
  • Hoobler straight up just grabs a red bull and an energy bar on his way out the door
  • Smokey likes those huge Belgian waffles, dripping with butter and maple syrup, along with a couple sausage links on the side for good measure
  • Perconte shoves 3 donuts in his mouth along with 2 cups of espresso (then violently brushes his teeth) 
  • Grant likes his eggs over easy with a side of grits and an english muffin. he drinks his coffee black. 
  • Skinny isn’t a big breakfast person but he will never say no to cinnamon toast and coffee with Baileys Irish Cream 
  • Shifty eats pancakes topped with cinnamon apples, and a glass of chocolate milk 
  • Talbert likes french toast with nutella and fresh strawberries, and nesquik strawberry flavored milk 
  • More likes eggs benedict and black coffee (extra strong)
  • Popeye has a bacon, egg, and cheese croissant, and orange juice 
  • Alley is a scrambled eggs, sausage, and biscuit kind of guy, but occasionally he’ll start the day with a bloody mary 
  • Garcia likes yogurt with fresh fruit like mangos, bananas, or strawberries
  • Blithe does a bagel with cream cheese and blueberries on most mornings, along with hot chocolate 
  • Julian’s go to is a yogurt parfait, but occasionally he’ll go all out and make a chocolate and strawberry crêpe, complete with whipped cream
  • Janovec eats breakfast burritos by the truckload, it’s a problem 
  • Cobb (bitterly) eats his bran flakes (with raisins)

the mornings don’t always start out like coffee. sometimes, they start off like thick maple syrup. you hit snooze three times before you get out of bed, you don’t shower like you maybe should, breakfast is a granola bar, you can’t speak in class or respond to your coworkers and when 1 pm hits it still feels like the day hasn’t begun. it’s slow and thick and running over the sides of your life but that’s okay. maple syrup may not get you going but it is sweet. maybe, you just need a little sugar. maybe, you just need a day to be slow and go through the motions. tomorrow is for caffeine. 

Auston Matthews - It's Hot in Here

Team: Toronto Maple Leafs

Requested: Yes: Can you do an Auston Matthews imagine where the reader is a tease and makes him beg for it?? Idk if u do smut tho but ur imagines are SICK xD

Edited: Yes

Word count: 834

Summary: You, Auston, and some of the rookies go out to dinner where you tease him the whole time

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Kai Parker x Reader
word count
: 5 223
warning : smut
summary : It’s Reader’s birthday and after four years, she finally gets to spend it with Kai.
note : anon, hope you had a great birthday 😉🎂🎉🎈 and that you will like your belated b-day present !🎁
* gif by me

Y/N rolled to her side, reaching for her boyfriend, flashes of images from everything that had happened last night flooding in her mind. Her birthday celebrations had started long before the clock had even struck midnight, right after she and Kai had come home from the swimming hole. Ever since he came back from Hell a little over seven months ago, they had a hard time keeping their hands to themselves and it seemed the longer they spent together the more this ‘problem’ grew. Neither of them could get enough of the other and the mornings when they woke up in each others arms were one of the moments they shared she loved the most. Her hand kept searching for him on his side of the bed, but all she found was wrinkled sheets. A quiet groan of frustration left her lips and slowly she opened her eyes, just in time to see him walk in through the door with a food tray in his hands. His hair was a little messy, he was wearing a black t-shirt/boxers but what made her heart skip a beat was his smile and the glow in his eyes.
    “Hi.” she smiled, watching him leave the tray on the night stand. He leaned in, pressing his lips gently onto hers and she cupped his face, pulling him onto the bed with her. He tried to pull away but that only made her hold him tighter against her. Thunder rumbled outside and rain drops gently started to hit her window but she didn’t mind the rain on the darker morning light. She had her own sun right there in her arms.
    “Hi.” he smiled, brushing his nose against hers. “Someone woke up hungry.”
Y/N laughed and nodded, watching Kai roll off her sitting on his knees just as she pulled herself up into a seating position untangling herself from the sheets and ran her fingers through the mess her hair was.
    “You look so hot with your hair messed up like that.” he grinned at her expression and held out his palm right before her eyes. “Happy birthday, sweet cheeks.”
A blink of an eye later a chocolate cupcake showed up before her yes with a birthday candle that lit up with a snap of his fingers. Only it wasn’t just this – her room filled with multi coloured balloons and twinkling lights hung from the ceiling. There were scented candles lit up here and there and from somewhere quiet music started to play. How hadn’t she noticed any of this earlier? Perhaps because she had been distracted getting lost in everything they had done or maybe it was seeing Kai first thing in the morning. There could be a fire in the house and she wouldn’t notice, that’s how big effect he had on her.
    “Aren’t you going to make a wish ?” he asked, looking at her expectantly. Y/N didn’t answer, her gaze kept drifting from the cupcake to the decorations and back around. “What’s wrong ? Y-you don’t like my surprise? Is it the rain ? Don’t worry. It’s just a few clouds, it will clear up soon.”
    “No, no. It’s not that. I actually like the rain and the thunders. I just –” she smiled, closing her eyes before making a wish and blowing out the candle. “I didn’t know what to wish for. I have everything I could ever want right –” she placed her hand over his heart. “– here.”
Kai beamed at her, leaning over to kiss her gently while she swiped some of the frosting from the cupcake and tapped his nose with her finger before licking it clean. He laughed, wiping frosting off his nose and she couldn’t help but laugh too. Being with Kai still felt like a dream, having him back felt like a dream but it wasn’t. It was real and there was nothing else she needed, nothing else she wanted or could ever want but having him by her side always.
     "I have so many things planned for today. I am going to make sure this is the best birthday you have ever had! I’ve missed four birthdays already and I have so much to make up for.“ he said excitedly. “Oh, don’t give me that look. I promise not to go overboard, though if it depended on me I would’ve thrown you a parade.”
    “Not going overboard huh ?” she raised her brows for a second, looking around at the flowers and balloons. “Don’t see how that’s going to happen but okay, cuz it might be my birthday but its just another ordinary da–”
    “What ? No, no.” he protested, letting her take a bite from the cupcake. “It’s anything but an ordinary day. It’s the most special day of the year. My favourite day, actually.”
    “I thought that was Thanksgiving.” she pointed out, while he wiped frosting from her nose.
    “It was, but not anymore. Come here.” he smiled at her, their lips meeting in a gentle kiss.  He brushed his palm against her cheek, lovingly gazing into her eyes. “And look – breakfast in bed. I made your favourite nutty chocolate chip pancakes and – ” he grinned, waving his hand over the food tray. “Ta-da. I even got you your favourite brand of maple syrup. Had to go to the other side of town but it was so worth it to see you smile like that.” he pinched her cheeks.
    “Wow. I’ve been awake for 15 minutes and this is already the best birthday I’ve ever had.” she smiled. “Want to know why ?” her lips pressed against his for a long moment before pulling away. “Because you are here. Although … there is one thing missing.”
    “What ?” he looked around, trying to remember if he had forgotten something. Meanwhile Y/N reached for the maple syrup, grabbed a pancake from the plate and poured a little directly onto the pancake in her hand. “What are you doing ?”
    “You forgot the fork.” she said as if its obvious, taking a bite from the pancake while some of the maple syrup dripped on her thighs. Kai couldn’t tear his eyes away, watching the syrup drip slowly on her bare skin and instantly his mind got flooded with thoughts about her. Something told him she was beyond impatient about unwrapping her present because he was absolutely sure there had been a fork. “How else am I supposed to eat those ?”
    “You are hilarious.” he said amused, catching a glimpse of the ‘missing’ fork on the floor on the other side of the room. How had that happened? he wondered, already knowing the answer. “Was it really that hard to say ‘can I please have a fork’? If it wasn’t your birthday I probably would’ve gotten upset with you for getting maple syrup all over my favourite t-shirt.”
Y/N winked at him. “We both know you would’ve torn it off me at some point.”
Kai laughed under his breath, watching her fingers reach to wipe the maple syrup off her thighs when he gripped her wrists, took the pancake off her hands and leaned in, swirling his tongue on her thighs slowly licking up the syrup off her. Instantly her heart rate increased and her breathing turned shallow. He looked up at her with a devilish spark in his eyes and pushed away the food tray pulling her onto his lap, their lips crashing together in an instant. Y/N crossed her elbows around his neck, trying not to get any of the stickiness on him while he continued to suck the air out of her lungs, holding her towards him as if his life depended on it. He backed her against the bed, his crotch lightly grinding against hers making her moan into the kiss. His lips moved hungrily against hers, not wanting to part with them until he had left her demanding mouth to mouth.
    “You naughty, naughty girl.” he cooed, gazing into her eyes. “You did this on purpose, didn’t you?”
    “Oh that ?” she smiled innocently at him, shifting on the bed. “That was a complete accident.”
Kai smirked hearing the change in her heart beat. “Sure it was.” he cooed, trailing his fingertips up her bare thighs while listening to her heart rate increase. “You had no ulterior motive?”
    “None.” she lied again as he gripped her wrists, licking her fingers clean. Her eyes fluttered closed for a second, listening to him moan quietly and she pushed her hips up at him at the same moment he grinded against her.
    “Liar.” his lips almost touching her earlobe as he spoke. His hand slipped between their bodies to her heat, lightly brushing his fingertips against her clit and he hummed in her ear realising she was already wet. Gently he moved his fingers in a circular motion listening to her moan in his ear and pulled back, resting his forehead on hers without taking his eyes off her. “So wet and I haven’t even touched you yet. Hmmm – I planned on waiting until later tonight, though I have no idea how I would’ve made it through the day, but now… I can’t wait to get between your legs and have you for breakfast.”
    “And you said I am the one who woke up hungry.” she teased, playing with the scruff on the back of his head, her hand reaching for the bulge in his boxers. It took her a moment to realise he had probably woken up with a hard on, seeing how the bulge in his boxers appeared to be bigger than she had expected, growing larger still. Her hips pushed down on his fingers but they vanished almost instantly. Y/N looked at him confused, noticing his eyes had started to darken and instantly a tingly feeling spread through her body. There was something about the way he looked at her when he was hungry for her that turned her on like crazy.
    “I didn’t wake up hungry, sweetheart.” he cooed. “I woke up starving.” he smirked devilishly and his lips smashed against hers sucking the air out of her lungs, leaving her completely breathless.

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