maple sunday

Six Sentence Sunday- 11/5/17

“Not sure if you have to rush off anywhere this morning,” Molly said as Sherlock shuffled into her kitchen, “but I am making pancakes and my special syrup if you’re interested!”

“Special syrup?” Sherlock questioned, taking a seat at the counter.

“Yeah, I warm some maple syrup up with a couple heaping spoonfuls of cookie butter, which is basically just ginger nuts ground up till they’re a smooth peanut butter consistency, and it comes out to be the most absolutely perfect topping for pancakes,” she explained, flipping some in the pan as she spoke.

“Dear God, marry me,” Sherlock muttered, staring wide eyed.

“Sorry, what?”

“I uh- I said…Toby’s got hairy feet!”


PS- that is my actual special syrup concoction. Sorry, Sherl…I’m already married. 😜

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