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Domestic Boyfriend! Park Woojin

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disclaimer: this format is mine! woojin is obviously a lot open here as you two have been dating for while so make sure to keep that in mind while reading it!
genre(s): domestic boyfriend! au, established relationship! au // fluff
a/n: happy birthday to my sun, moon and stars <3 i love you so much for always inspiring me and giving in your all for everything that you do. he’s the only person who makes me worry about him all the time - is he eating well/getting enough sleep? i hope he is and all in all, thank you for being part of my life and continue shining as the brightest star in the galaxy while i will be in the sidelines cheering for you ♡

“Our background music is the sound of our breaths.”

First Step: Moving In

  • It had been your idea to live together seeing how rent had been expensive
  • You had found a moderate apartment near the college you both go to, with a decent rent and guarantee of fast wifi
  • You needed another person to split the rent with and Woojin was still looking for a place so you offered it to him
  • Domestic living wasn’t something ‘unusual’ but it was big step for the two of you as a couple 
  • After all, even getting you two to confess to each other had been hard enough but Woojin agreed, seeing that it was win-win situation for both of you anyways 
  • The two of you finally made your way to 7th floor after the transporting company had dropped all your items in the building
  • The landlady had given you and him a tour of the place earlier and you liked that there wasn’t any need to get new furniture since there were cabinets pre-installed
  • Your boyfriend slot in the key to the door and with pounding hearts, you two entered the empty space
  • It was soon filled with boxes and you two took turns in showing what you had brought from your place
  • You didn’t hesitate to decorate it with your candles and paintings while you waited for your boyfriend to open his boxes which were marked with a red ‘WJ’
  • “Woojin, why are all your things in black again?”
  • You chuckled at this excessive attraction to dark colours as he pulled out his Wii controller, in black, and some books with a black cover of course, for the bare bookshelf
  • When he wasn’t looking, you took the opportunity to snatch one of the chocolate bars he brought and he playfully chased you around the apartment, trying to get it back
  • Laughter resonated in the place as it ended up with a tickle fight on the couch and the chocolate was long forgotten
  • As you two continue to unpack, a sense of awkwardness lingered around despite the fact that the two of you had been dating for the past 2 years since your high school graduation
  • But once all the boxes were cleared, you took hold of his speaker and connected it to your phone to blast your favourite playlist of girl group songs
  • Pointing it at him while grinning, you challenged your boyfriend to a dance off
  • “Loser has to do take the trash and do the dishes tonight!”

Second Step: Sleeping Together

  • He plopped his figure next to yours and turned to the side facing the wall on the first night
  • It was weird of the thought of having to share the duvets with someone else, but you were too exhausted to care
  • Woojin pressed his lips against yours before whispering good night
  • It was short, sweet yet everything you needed to fall asleep
  • You stayed at your side but when it got colder, you snuggled towards his chest and slept to the slow yet steady rhythm of his breathing
  • As the early morning sunlight filtered in through the curtains, you ended up entwined in his arms and your legs a tangled mess yet neither of you were willing to let each other go
  • “It’s time to get up, sunshine.”
  • He combed his fingers through your bed hair and gave you a look of adoration that made your heart started pounding
  • “Wouldn’t you rather stay in bed and cuddle with me?”
  • His steady heartbeat and the warmth you craved resonated in your body as you mumbled against his t-shirt
  • You peeked at him and seeing how he tighten his grip on you, you closed your eyes and waited for the next alarm to ring
  • Woojin wasn’t sure if it was the morning glow but seeing you next to him made him once again realized how lucky he was to be dating someone as stunning as you
  • You couldn’t help but smile in content when he pulled you towards him until you were tucked safely under his chin and he had his arms wrapped snuggly around your waist
  • “Anything for you, love.”

Third Step: Breaking Borders

  • Maybe the first few days and even weeks, you had tried to put in the effort to dress a little better
  • You always prance around the apartment with one of your cuter looking blouses and jean shorts rather than your oversized shirts you wore at home and those striped shorts you always wore
  • It’s the same with Woojin as he was always in his ripped jeans and designer graphic tees 
  • There wasn’t a code that says you had to dress nicely but it was an unspoken thing to not break it until the other does
  • However, when the heater broke down on one of the hottest days of the year, same goes with the uncomfortable barrier
  • You had on what was your most comfortable t-shirt you owned and pyjamas shorts as you fanned yourself from the scorching heat
  • In the meantime, Woojin was wearing his basketball shorts and a sleeveless jersey while carrying a mini fan
  • When you two walked out of the room the same time, both of you burst out in laughter upon seeing the other 
  • He smiled and ruffled your hair when you pouted, saying how he shouldn’t have given in so quickly as you two went to the living room
  • To watch the latest season of Riverdale and finish the ice cream before it starts to melt
  • Both your smiles matched, knowing that it will be much more comfortable the next few months
  • “No, but babe what’s with the Cookie Monster shirt?”
  • But during the coldest month, Woojin’s sweaters and his hoodies started to go missing - one by one 
  • He started searching for his favourite hoodie - the black and red one which Youngmin had bought for him 
  • “Love, have you seen -”
  • His word was caught his throat when he saw you bundled up in thick blankets and most importantly, his hoodie
  • His gaze automatically softened as he went over to you who was on your laptop, typing what seemed to be the 10 pages assignment you complained your professor had given you last Friday
  • Step by step, he reached the top of your head and placed a kiss while adjusting all your blankets
  • The intention of wanting to get it back was instantly replaced when he saw how cosy you looked wearing it and how it had covered your frame
  • Cute wasn’t even good enough to describe how his heart had felt
  • He sat next to you on the couch and curled his large frame against you and let out a content hum
  • “Mmm, you’re warm.”

Fourth Step: Accident(s)

  • “Following this recipe, I have to steam the veg - OUCH!”
  • You yelled in pain as the knife that previously been cutting the carrots had touched your index finger
  • Woojin who was boiling the spaghetti immediately turned to inspect your wound
  • You blushed when you realized how close he was to you as you took a step back and assured him it was just a small cut
  • His eyes met yours and he backed off on impulse when he realized the approximate distance between 
  • You two had been so close that you could inhale his scent and just see the outline of his arched back
  • “Are you sure you don’t have to go to the hospital? Or check a doctor?”
  • Shaking your head, you slapped on a band-aid and showed it to him, repeatedly telling him you were fine
  • He only stopped the questioning when you hugged him and told him you were sorry for making him worry
  • Woojin took your injured finger and kissed it gently, telling you that he will do the rest of the cooking
  • “When you get hurt, I feel the pain too.”

Final Step: Routine 

  • Every weekday morning, he will cook the eggs for breakfast while you make coffee
  • Before you knew it, it had been a silent agreement between you two and once in a while, you two will take a walk at the park after that before heading to college
  • Summer resulted in ice cream dates at home while in winter, it was hot chocolate and eggnog
  • You will be greeted by fresh flowers in Spring and he did be surprised by your baked pumpkin pie and maple cinnamon rolls in fall
  • All these little things were integrated into your routine in living together
  • You went through the grocery list again with Woojin as you two hunted for the last item on the piece of paper
  • “Found it!”
  • Waving the box of cereal in the air, Woojin chuckled at your action before proceeding to take it from you
  • Weekly grocery trips were part of both your mundane routine
  • You will make a list beforehand and then head to the nearest grocery
  • It was usually the essentials: toilet paper, milk, shampoo and vegetables
  • But something was always different on every shopping trip
  • You two made a compromise to try out a snack every weekend and this time it was the pretzel chips with pizza toppings
  • It was something unusually boring, but the silly puns Woojin would say instantly made everything better
  • “I find you appealing!”
  • Maybe, Woojin’s smile when you giggle at his jokes also made everything even better
  • Movie night was a Friday evening sort of thing
  • He will pick the movie while you microwaved the popcorn
  • Both of you stick to downloading movies on his laptop while connecting it to the TV
  • It was always some sort of detective movie but you never had any complains as you sat criss-cross next to him on the couch while holding the bowl of caramel popcorn
  • You snuggled back to his chest as he lay his arms around you
  • Somehow, you always end up getting distracted by his sleeves and toy with it rather than focusing on the movie
  • Woojin would try his best to actually pay attention but one hand would still move to comb through your hair soothingly, a habit of his you hoped he would never get rid of
  • The other would feed you popcorn while you grinned, trying to avoid him by moving around which he will then pull you close to him and tighten his grip on your waist
  • Resulting in you laughing and trying to tickle his hand in letting you escape
  • When the movie ended, he will offer to clean up while you use the toilet but not before leaving you breathless for the last moment of the day
  • You sought solace in moments like these as he pulled you into his chest immediately after
  • The lingering gaze he gave you when you looked up into his eyes could possibly melt even the coldest hearts while he whispered into your ear
  • “I love you. But you already know that right?”
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