maple pine

a concept: i live in a cottage within the forest, the trees are the tallest thing you’ve ever seen. ranging from pine to maple with branches stretching towards the sky. inside the cottage is cool and dry, the sound of the raindrops gently hitting the roof and windows. outside the earth is alive, leaves blowing in the breeze and so very green. you hold my hand, rubbing your thumb over mine, leading me through the backdoor to our yard. from there we venture fourth to the garden. the air smells so fresh, pure. the blueberry bushes are full of berries, we pick them together and laugh when the trees above us sprinkle water on our heads. we’re at peace in our home, where it’s just us and nature. we spend the rest of the evening on the deck in each others company, a blanket around us both.

Ever since I saw The Tree of Life​, it not only became my favorite film of all time, but I wanted desperately to emulate every inch of its cinematic glory. I don’t know if my images will ever be on par with that film, maybe in 20+ years, but I’d like to think I’m on the right track.

What’s In a Motif? Part 4

It’s back after a long hiatus! While I thought about doing common motifs and then working towards more obscure ones, I figured I’d do a mix of common and uncommon ones as it makes you look out for these motifs more often and understand the meaning behind them. This entry used to be quite common on high class kimono, but is a bit more uncommon now.

Views of The Nobility - 御所時/御所解 (Goshodoki)
Rarity: Uncommon to Rare
Season(s): All

Goshodoki is a really interesting motif as it’s not even close to what we would call “static” - it’s a combination of both seasonal and all-season motifs. Looking at the example in black: it has waves, grasses, bamboo, pine, maple leaves, and fishing nets. The middle example has grasses, waves, maple leaves, pine, chrysanthemums, bamboo, and wheat sheaves. The right example has maple leaves, cherry blossoms, pine, and clouds. All are different yet all are Goshodoki. So, how can we tell that what we’re looking at is Goshodoki and not just a compilation of motifs?

-All motifs are roughly the same size
-All motifs flow together without break
-All motifs are painted in white and then accented with color 

The last part is the basis on which Goshodoki was founded - it started as a fashion statement for the nobility (hence the name “views of the nobility”) and is now seen as a classical theme for kimono. Having the motifs painted in white and then having some select parts colored in, either with ink or embroidery, expresses a person’s ability to understand the natural world and the fleeting nature of life. 

They say not to bring home girls with hollow backs, boys with wings under their skin. But this is neither of our homes, and somehow I think that protects us both. On his land, I don’t think he would dare to touch me.  When the night began to grey I heard the first peals of the bell and then the cawing of the crows. I curled my face in to his shoulder and breathed him in, almost surprised at how solid and present he still was. Wood smoke pine maple sweat sweet sky wine and something animal and alive. He didn’t smell like he’d be gone in a few hours, but fairy gold never does for all that it’s made in their image. Though perhaps made in mine too, being gone just as soon, and his sort always did love shiny things. For a moment, his face winks out in to the darkness, but when I look back up from his shoulder it is there again, gently blowing smoke in his sleep.  With the next ringing the crows again threatened to drag the sky in to daylight but darkness still held our corner of the room. Light enough though that for a moment I was scared to turn around, that though I could newly see, I would not find him laying against my back where I’d remembered him, or that he would be wearing a different skin. A deep inhale behind me, an exhale through the nose that blows cool air between my shoulder blades, where he had asked me to press against on his own back a few hours before (“a thumb, or your chin”), a curious feeling of wings under skin when I did so. I had rested my face there, wrapped my arm around and nearly scorched my fingers when they rested above his heart. I find myself surprised at the lack of fire on his breath now, though his chest still heats the bed on its own. When I wake in a few hours the muscles between my own shoulder blades will be unusually tight, but for now I let the steady puffs of air pull me back to sleep. I do not turn to look.  He was up before the third chime, and suddenly – no more space between us, no careful blanket distance or borderlands. He wrapped around me less like a man than a large cat, a dragon curled round its hoard. There was the sense beyond what I could touch, of too much body and too many limbs, collapsing in to materialization upon contact, a flock a birds landing on me relentlessly one after another, shockingly heavy in their multitude. And then as quick, untangled and up, putting on boots heavier than they should need to be and gathering bits of himself from around the room.  As he opened the front door, I heard the ring of the third bells, but now, no crows cawing. They wait. When the door closed behind him, a sunbeam filled the space he left, illuminating the yellow stairs with his afterimage, the radiance of transformation. From outside, I heard something like a purr, footsteps rumbling and rolling, and a great rustling, as though a tree had unfurled all its leaves at once with the snap of a lady’s fan, as though they had browned and dropped crackling against each other in the next breath, as though a great many wings were headed skyward and south, away from the still-warm bed and me in it. They say not to go home with girls with hollow backs, boys with wings under their skin. I wonder if a kiss can be somewhat like a bite of food, a taste of something irrevocable, a contract signed on contact. I wouldn’t know. We don’t kiss. Just hold each other or more often a careful space between. We chart a different elsewhere in this no mans land between bodies. Although somewhere the sap boils in to syrup and perhaps there will come a time when the crows demand their gold paid in truths…here, now, this, is enough.  With the third set of bells he was gone, and a little later so too was I.  


Spring Year 1 tips

If you have any helpful tips please add!
1. On your first day, forage, then go to the store and buy as many seeds as you can afford. You can sell your foraged items to get more money to buy seeds.

2. On the first day it’s also worth it cut trees and make a decent amount of fertilizer with sap. It’s seriously worth it to use that fertilizer ASAP.

3. Save your maple seeds, acorns, and pine cones to make them into field snacks.

4. In the middle of the spring you can harvest salmonberries from bushes. Do this as much as possible! You can make jam into them or use them for eating.

5. Also collect spring onions, they spawn in a field in the map under your house (beyond and under the lake/river where Leah lives)

6. Potatoes and cauliflower are very profitable to buy at the very beginning of the game.

7. Try to save 300 wood and fix the bridge of the beach soon, it’s so worth it because it gives you access to twice as much coral/shells/etc to sell.

8. Save up to buy strawberries at the egg festival (the 13th) these are so profitable!

9. If you use your sickle on weed fibers you could get wild seeds and they’re worth planting to get foraging items.

10. Make a physical checklist of all the bundles and start by finishing the spring forage bundle because it’s super easy.

11. Remember to plant those 15 free parsnip seeds lol.

We with our lives are like islands in the sea, or like trees in the forest. The maple and the pine may whisper to each other with their leaves. But the trees also commingle their roots in the darkness underground, and the islands also hang together through the ocean’s bottom. Just so there is a continuum of cosmic consciousness, against which our individuality builds but accidental fences, and into which our several minds plunge as into a mother-sea or reservoir.
—  William James

I’m homesick often, although I don’t really even know where it is I’m homesick for. I yearn for a medley of once-inhabited addresses, past paths traversed with the familiarity of routine.

From the deserts of West Texas, I lust for the grey New York skyline, to be among a throng of people rising from beneath Grand Central, a pulsing mass of coats, scarves and suitcases bobbing in unison while staring at glowing screens. I fantasize about the way sunlight and shadows flirtatiously dance through the branches of Connecticut oaks and maples; pines and hemlocks. About the smell of freshly cut grass. Of any grass at all. I miss the way everything glistens as if encased in glass after a Massachusetts ice storm and the crispness of the air as you fill your chest with it. I feel fondness, even, for the long-abandoned paper mills lining the river of my hometown — dilapidated smokestacks jutting into a temperamental New England sky from the brick landscape below.

More than being homesick for the places I’ve been, I yearn for the places I’ve yet to go. For the unbridled possibility of addresses I’ve yet to inhabit. I don’t know what the future holds (because that’s how the future works except for people the likes of Miss Cleo - RIP), but I’m doubtful these deserts will hold me forever.

For now, I’m trying to stay present and to soak it all in, to gather pieces to put in the pile for future reflection. Wherever I end up next, this will be what I’m homesick for: The beauty of the Franklin Mountains against the brilliant Texas sky. Of unapologetically loud flowers blooming amid angry thorns of threatening cacti as if to say, “Yeah, we grew in a pile of sand and rocks, barely drank any water AND we look fabulous. We ain’t playin’. Touch us and we’ll cut you.”

I’ll ache for the nights we’ve spent watching the sun descend into the horizon, the skyline that stretches from our back yard to New Mexico saturating with vivid saffron and gold, magenta and plum.

There’s so much uncertainty. In the country, in the world, in our individual lives, but please remember to soak in the good parts, to be present, to not miss the beauty. And also, check out these pics of pretty flowers I took.


Mabel Pines:  MABEL JUICE

(coffee, Amp energy drink, seltzer water, grenadine, maple syrup, Kool-aid, ice, edible glitter, gumballs, gummy dinosaurs)

Aww, c’mon, you don’t really wanna know what’s in a Mabel Juice, do you? The experience is best if it contains a bit of mystery.  Plus it’s different every time!  You aren’t gonna make me structure your experience, are you, Dipper?

…okay, fine, this one’s two cups of coffee, two cups of seltzer water, a tablespoon of grenadine, a tablespoon of maple syrup, six ounces of the cherry kind of Amp energy drink, ten ounces of the cherry Kool-Aid Mom bought a week ago, three gumballs, and a teaspoon of edible glitter.  Oh, and some gummy dinosaurs, cause Dad kept saying I was gonna choke on the plastic ones.

Daydream Believer

Avengers x Reader

Word Count: 1,207

Warnings: None, just some basic action

Author: Katy

Request: Can I have one where reader is learning how to control some of her powers (elements) so she meditates at home, let’s her mind wander thinking what it would be like to be an avenger. She opens her eyes to find herself sitting on a table in front of all the avengers while they were eating breakfast. All looking at her like ‘wtf just happened ’ She just laughs and gets all star struck

A/N: Hello! Kate and I are so sorry for not posting in awhile, we’ve been super busy with school, band, and friend drama! We hope to get back onto things and finish some requests! Thank you for all your patience, hope you like this one it’s from a while ago, but I felt I needed to finish it before moving to the new requests (P.S. I changed it from the request just a little, sorry)

You quickly strode through the living room and kitchen to your room. You prayed that no one would discover you had arrived home. Today had been absolutely horrible. Things had, well, gotten out-of-hand at school. You may or may not have accidentally flooded the bathrooms when someone had slammed you against a locker. The school had to deal with your little ‘outbursts’ for quite some time now. Books bursting into flames, strong breezes toppling stacks of papers, carnivorous plants biting people, you know, the usual for you. This time, like every other time, they had no proof it was you. Although, people still glared and mocked you. You knew you needed to take control of these unique powers, so you often meditated to help. Although the meditation’s effect usually didn’t last long.

You crossed your legs and set your hands gently onto your knees. Taking deep, constant breaths your heart slowed down and you felt complete calm.

As your head cleared of all memories and thoughts, a new world began to develop in front of you. Your dream world opened and you saw a forest surrounding you. Large maple and pine trees stretched up to the sky. You breathed in the amazing natural scent. This place felt faintly familiar. Maybe you’d been there before, yes, you definitely had. It took you minute, but you knew this was the quiet forest you had spent many days wandering. A slight buzzing noise snapped you out of your pondering. You turned to your left where you saw a small break in the trees; out of the clearing appeared a gray Harley-Davidson driven by a muscular man. Your brain made the connection slower than expected, it was…Steve Rogers?! The bike stopped near you.

“Want a ride, kid?” Steve raised his eyebrow and offered you a seat. You weren’t sure why you accepted, but it felt right. You straddled the motorcycle and off you went. The large, green trees flew by you.

“You’re going to want to hold on tight,” Steve shouted over the engine noise. You wrapped your arms around Roger’s waist, just as the bike hit a few bumps. Your senses felt overloaded, but it was amazing.

After a short drive, a wide clearing revealed a nicely sized house and a shabby old barn. Nothing seemed out of place until the the bike turned around the barn. A large helicopter sat on the grass, the blades began to spin.

“Looks like they’re all ready to go,” Steve offered you a hand off the bike and the two of you approached the copter. A man with styled black hair opened the wide door. A memory popped into your head and you recognized the man as Tony Stark.

“Hey Rogers, I can see you’ve found Y/N,” he smirked and helped you step into the aircraft. Once you were settled into a seat and given headphones, you finally decided to speak up. You bent the microphone attached to the headset towards your mouth and spoke.

“Uh, so why did you bring me here?”

“What do mean, Y/n? You’re an Avenger, this is just a routine mission,” Tony’s voice sounded through the headphones.

“What will this mission involve?” You wondered, also, why in the world you would be an Avenger?

“Well, there’s a secret group we’ve been tracking for months, and they’ve finally come out of hiding. We’re hoping to catch ‘em before they get into serious trouble. We were also hoping that you could use your…,” he paused and you just gave him a confused look, “your, powers.” For a second you were unsure what he meant, but a sudden burst of memories struck you. Oh, those powers, the ones you had used thousands of times and gotten yourself into trouble with. Tony saw the understanding bloom on you face and decided to leave it at that.

The helicopter landed on a fairly tall building near the edge of a big city. The surrounding buildings looked pretty sketchy. Tony, Steve, and you exited the helicopter. Steve equipped with his shield, and Tony with a briefcase. Tony laid the case on the ground and stepped on it. The case moved around his feet and built up into a full Iron Man suit. For some odd reason this suit assembly didn’t even faze you. The three of you took a set of dirty stairs to the main floor of the building. Steve led the team outside and through a few small alleyways. Finally, you reached an old warehouse. Steve crept inside first and motioned for you and Stark to follow. From behind a few crates you could see a large group of masked people, they carried massive weapons. They seemed to be testing the weapons, and you realized why you’d be helpful during this mission. A burly man was fitted with a large backpack with gas tanks, hooked up to a hose like piece. He pointed the nozzle to one of the bare, concrete walls and a bright stream of fire burst out.

Steve turned towards you. “We were hoping you’d be able to hold that one off while we took care of the others.” You swallowed the lump forming in your throat and nodded. “Okay on the count of three be ready to control those flames, don’t worry about anything else and you’ll be fine. One… Two… Three!” The two of them sprinted towards the dark clothed enemies. There attention was turned from the man with a flamethrower and they all launched into action. Steve took on two at a time, deflecting bullets and getting a few kicks in. Tony blasted those running near him. The large ‘flamethrower man’ also joined in the fight, but as fire flickered out towards Steve, you concentrated all of your willpower into moving the flames aside. The man was severely confused and continued pursuing Steve, but to no avail. After the rest of the people had been ‘taken care of’, Tony nodded in your direction. You took the signal as a queue to turn the flames off entirely. You closed your eyes and managed to conjure enough strength to extinguish the fire altogether.

Woah, that’s all you could say. You couldn’t remember ever feeling so alive and useful. Tony and Steve approached you with smiles and patted you on the back.

“Y/n! It’s time for dinner, we got some Shawarma!” A distant voice called you from your dream. You had almost forgotten that the battle that had taken place in that abandoned warehouse was just your imagination. You hopped off your bed and walked towards the kitchen. Your memories of getting busted at school came back and you felt upset again. You rounded the corner and seated at the table was… Steve Rogers! Tony Stark?! Natasha Romanoff??  You stood in the hallway with your jaw closer to the floor than it should have been.

“Y/n, what’s wrong?” Natasha asked after taking a small bite of her food.

“Um, um nothing… I just forgot…”

“Forgot what…?” Steve looked concerned with your current expression.

“Oh, it’s nothing, nevermind,” you looked down and blushed. How in the world had you forgotten that you weren’t just an Avenger in your day dreams, but in real life too?



Similar Potatoes (a poem)

Similar Potatoes

I’ll tell April again
how the clouds were a gray plate
this morning hovering in the sky
the east waiting to catch the Sun
the tops of pines and maples
lined up like black boxcars
and this was how spring began.

Funny how April and I
love the same things it would
be a comedy written by anyone
else the spooky things said
as the other one was thinking them.

Like how spring weather
reminds Mrs. Cavendish of her
birdhouses tied with wire
in the back trees and she’ll tell
us both about the one year
the chickadees moved into one
but grew too big for the holes
to get out making that
red, white and blue painted
box of wood their sepulcher
they were martys for the
cause of sunflower seeds.

April says when you love
someone too much you can
tell ‘cause the cars all look plaid
and you know your mind’s on
an equinox all its own but she’ll
ask me to tell her again how spring
began and for those churchy eyes
I’ll conjure the china and teacups
of Nature once more.



After the Great Creator Spirit made the earth, he came across a stranger named Etihsó:t Hadú⁷i⁷ (“our grandfather, he who drives it away”) that claimed that he was the one to create the earth. To prove who the real creator was, the Great Creator Spirit challenged him to a test in which they were tasked with moving a mountain.

We will turn our backs, and when one’s turn is up we will turn back around to see how far the mountain has moved.”

The stranger attempted to move the mountain and when he was done they turned around and saw that it either move by a small amount or just shook and trembled. They both turned back around and it was now the Creator Spirit, the Great Creator Spirit‘s turn. Suddenly the stranger heard a loud tremoring commotion behind him and instead of waiting for the queue to turn around his curiosity led him into turning around prematurely. Unbeknownst to him, the Great Creator Spirit had moved the mountain so close that when the stranger turned around his face had crashed into it, his face became disfigured and his nose became bent or broken.

The Creator Spirit now knowing how powerful this stranger is he wished to banish him for he shouldn’t live alongside man, which the Creator Spirit was going to create. In the end the Great Creator Spirit changed his mind when the stranger offered to protect man from powerful winds, diseases and spirits; all that has to be done for man to gain aid from him is to create a mask that bears his image. Both he and the masks are referred to as ‘False Face(s)’.

^ Osprey - Men-at-Arms series, issue 395 - Tribes of the Iroquois Confederacy by Michael G Johnson and Jonathan Smith.

This tale brings me to one of the masked groups known as the Hondowitshera or ‘False-Face Society’, named after Etihsó:t Hadú⁷i⁷ (aka ‘Old Broken Nose’ or ‘False Face’). The hairs of the masks they wore were made of corn husk, buffalo hair and later, with the introduction of horses by the Europeans, horse-tail hair. The masks that weren’t made of corn-husk were usually made of wood from bass, pine, poplar, maple or willow trees. Proposed masks were carved into the trees themselves before being cut out, those doing so believed that ‘False Face’ chose it for them. Being that they are carved from still living trees, the masks are thought of as being alive as well. If done during the morning the mask was colored red but if done at noon or later it would be black; the choice between these colors symbolize the two varying colors ‘False Face’ had as he traveled daily with the sun. The hair on these masks would be groomed and the masks would be cleaned, they would also rub them with sunflower oil to keep the masks from cracking, 

These masks represented “earthbound supernatural forest beings who agree not to molest [bother, harm] humans, provided they are given offerings of tobacco and corn mush”. In return for these offerings the spirits would grant, those that shared their likeness via the ‘False Faces [masks]’, the ability to cure illnesses. The False Face members would enter a Longhouse and rub their turtle-shell rattles on the walls and floors, burn tobacco and wood, blowing the latter’s hot ashes onto the sick. Those cured are called the ‘Society of Faces’. During rituals performed in longhouses a masked doorkeeper would guard the entrance; this mask can be distinguished by its straight swollen lips.

If there are any errors please privately inbox me so I can update it. As always, if you’d like to read or learn about any specific historical subjects just let me know what they are and I will take note of them.


  • THE COUNCIL OF THREE FIRES AND THE PONTIAC-GUYASUTA UPRISING – This post covers some of the history, culture and religion of the Native American inhabitants of the Great Lakes region of North America, focusing on the Pontiac-Guyasuta Uprising and the Council of Three Fires (the Ottawa, Ojibwe and the Potawatomi); the peace-pipe, the Delaware prophets, Rogers’ Rangers, the sport that inspired lacrosse, and some Native battle tactics
  • THE IROQUOIS CONFEDERACY: THE “SAVAGE” EMPIRE – The origins of the Iroquois Confederacy, the early wars they were involved in, the effects that disease epidemics incurred upon them, the Iroquoian cultural use of torture, scalping, and cannibalism, the tomahawk and its symbolism (bury the hatchet), as well as the taking of captives during mourning wars and adopting them in order to replace lost tribal members.
  • THE IROQUOIS CONFEDERACY: THE RED ROMANS AND THE RED COATS – This post covers the religious beliefs of the Iroquois Confederacy, their origin story, their belief in duality (like yin and yang), their secretive and mysterious masked societies, and their involvement in the conflicts between their two great colonial neighbors (New France and the New England) like the famed French and Indian War. I’ll also speak of their involvement in the American Revolutionary War as well as the famed Joseph Brant, a Freemason Mohawk leader who swayed most of the Iroquois Confederates into siding with the British. It is believed that without the aid of the Iroquois Confederacy, North America would now be speaking French instead of English and that France would’ve held a massive portion of the eastern half of North America, leaving a massive battlefield for the French and Spanish to battle over.
Hero’s in the Half Shell Part 3

Warning’s: Swearing, needles, and smut

Here you go @pink-ink-slinger

The children were splashing around the crystal blue lake. White pines, red maples, and Mulberry trees rimmed the picturesque lake. The setting sun casting an ethereal glow on everything it touched including you and Raph.

“You know I was thinking about favorites….” Raph trailed off, kissing your ear before he made a beeline for your sweet spot.

“Oh really?” Your question punctuated by an intake of breath. Fingers skimming his large thighs from knee to hip, kneading slightly.

“Someone’s feelin a bit frisky. Same as the night you got pregnant with Vinchenzo……”


“Raphael, I love you,  our second child is NOT going to be called Vin Diesel.” Eleven month old Malikai was asleep in your arms, a bag of groceries on the other. Your blue tooth blinking out that obnoxious neon light as you headed to your car.

The air cold enough to be seen passing through your lips.

“Raph. The pizza’s going to be late.” You said pulling Malikai closer to your breast. The bag sliding from your forearm into your hand. The light on your blue tooth turning purple.

“You’re coming with me.. Your husband has made my boss VERY angry.” The man in the black ski mask said. The grocery store light’s flickering to save power. Raphael’s threats and encouragements giving you strength. His thick New York accent telling you he was on his way.

“Well you see he really means well. I’m afraid he just has a bit of a temper. Perhaps a heartfelt apology instead?” Malikai started to stir at the sound of new voice’s; he didn’t like strangers.

“He’ll take both after he sends him your finger.” The masked man lunged at you. His serrated knife spinning towards your head. Your heel shooting out to catch him in the knee. His black clad knee hitting the asphalt of New York City. An audible popping noise accompanied by his groans of pain.

Your feet moving quickly to get behind him. The bag you are carrying hefted above your head to knock him out.

Before you can bring it down he swings back with a closed fist. The impact slamming your back into your car door. Your fingers dropping the bag to clutch Malikai to your chest.

“Now now, you little bitch, that wasn’t very nice. I can see why he want’s your husband dead.” The man wobbled over, his knee popped back into place un-precisely. The empty parking lot becoming eerily quiet by the second.

Malikai screaming his indignation at being shoved while you caught your breath. Just as he got within range of you a beeping sound emitted from your Bluetooth.

“Look you can take me in, no problem, just let me leave my son.” The man smiled dementedly, an evil glimmer entering his eye’s. Raphael picking up speed. His heavy breathing saturating your hearing.

“Oh this will get me promoted for sure. Now. make. the. brat. stop. crying.” His hands pulling out a syringe. The closer he got the more your rage was tapped. The cold, calculated rage of a mother who’s son was going to toddle away. Even if she couldn’t.

“I’ll kill you.” It was the only thing worth saying. Other than I love you, to your son, but he felt it. In the way you smoothed his hair, large green eye’s staring up at you.

When he lunged, you squatted down sliding Malikai over to the lamp post on his shell. His screams heartbreaking but at least he was alive.

The loaded syringe came careening towards your neck. Your fist popping out to hit his adams apple, only to meet his block. While the other blocked his arm.

“Looks like the bitch know’s a few move’s.” The sound of silence causing you to smile.

“What ar-”

“That goddess is my wife.” You could see his eye’s widen underneath the mask. His breathing erratic as he processed THE enemies presence.

Then that familiar jingle permeated the air. A massive garbage truck pulling up just behind your car.

In your relaxed state you hardly noticed the man’s shift in weight. Your body whipping around until you were front to back, a syringe at your throat.

“Raph! Get our son out of here!” You commanded the large turtle. The brothers creating a circle around the situation.

“Look I ain’t leavin without ya. I’ll make you a deal.” Curiosity slipping into the villains eye’s causing the panic to recede.

“I’ll go with you if ya if you let my wife and son go.” When you attempted to respond your would be kidnapper jammed the needle into your neck.

“If you try any funny business I’ll send enough of this shit into her neck to OD the bitch. Come quiet or she leave’s silent.” Your eye’s watering at the pain in your neck, refusing to give him the satisfaction of a scream.

“Raphael, Baby, get out of here. Please.” Voice trailing off into a whisper.  Mouthing I love you to the big red turtle. His eye’s giving you all the response you needed. He looked down on his son seeing his whole world in his arms. You were an amazing mom, he knew that much. Gently kissing his forehead his son stared confused at the emotion’s he was feeling from the big man.

“Hey no cryin champ. You gotta watch for ya mom.” The shaking in your shoulder hurt like hell but this couldn’t be the end.

Raphael walked towards the small man causing him to jerk you around in panic.

“Watch the good’s chump.” A growl came emitting from his throat, green eye’s sparking.

“Put the kid down. Kneel in front of me.” A disgusting sound of satisfaction dropping from his words like diseased honey.

At Raphael’s compliance your lips began to shake. The needle being jerked from your neck not helping. When he shoved you to the ground Raph lost it. For once you were faster.

Grabbing Donnie’s staff from his hands you turned releasing the full reserve of electricity. The man jerking violently, sounds of bones breaking audible. When he finally stopped he only twitched before he lost consciousness.

Your fingers releasing the staff with a jerk.  You rushed over to your son with Raphael. Malikai’s crying a relief to both parent’s. The boy pressed between the two of you as Donnie got the criminal an ambulance for a street over..

“Y/N-” Raph attempted before you grabbed his plastron. Your lips latching onto his pulling him into you. Thigh’s hopping up to his waist. Raph’s adrenaline so high that his erection was almost instant.

“Should we?” Mikey attempted to ask his older brother’s.

“No.” Leo and Donnie said in unison.

“Besides I’ve, uh, sound proofed the back.” Donnie blushed.

“You, hey where are…uh maybe we should drop him off?” Donnie stared in confusion until he heard the garbage truck door slam shut.

“Yup we’re walking home.” Leo hoisting the man in a Donnie approved position.


Once you were inside you placed your son in the crib Donnie added. Sometime’s you just couldn’t leave the tott’s at home.


“Shhhhh….” Finger’s working your button’s down while you pushed Raph into a chair. Your slowly exposed flesh making his mouth water.

Raph knew words were useless at this point. When he moved to unbutton his pant’s you stopped him. Kneeling down in front of him breast’s exposed along with the slowly forming bruise. His hand gently caressing the spot until he felt your warm mouth on his head.

Your tongue swirling, finger’s working his base. His head leaned back while his finger’s gripped the chair. Your head head bobbing until your breast enveloped him. In which his hips started bucking in time with his churr’s.

“Y/N, I love you.” His fingers grabbing your hair guiding you to standing. When you attempted to unzip your pant’s he covered your pussy with his empty hand. The warmth of his hand seeping into you. Your hips shamelessly grinding into his hand. HIs fingers cupping and kneading your pussy through your pant’s.

“Raph.” You whispered breathlessly. Torso leaning over to lock lips once more. Hands trailing down his plastron and over broad shoulders.

His finger’s working your pants over your hips. Once you were panty clad you stepping out of them and into his lap. Raph’s hands sliding inside your panties to rake across flush skin.

Your whimpers fueling him on. His hands nudging you towards him.

“No, I want to impale myself onto you.” Raph churred at the statement. When your lips began the descent down his thick shaft he had to correct his breathing. His teeth running over his lips while he took in your focus.

Eye’s locked onto each other when he was halfway inside. HIs hands sliding from your thigh’s back up to your ass. Raph slightly using the leverage to help you move down his length. Your breathing unified, forehead’s leaning together. Your panting getting louder as you got closer to the edge. The pace you had set increasing until you were biting your lip hard enough to draw blood.

“Fuck me. Please, oh please fuck!” Your voice slightly shrill at the end.

Raph stood up using his impressive strength to move you up and down. Your head falling back as your breast bounced in an impressive display. Nimble finger’s coming up to massage your own breast.

“Huuuuh, Raphael, fuuuuuck.” Raphael smiled, got it, G-spot acquired. He laid you onto the empty panel in the front. Leg’s in the air while he plowed away.Your eye’s locked the entire time.

Raph leaned his hip forward using his scales and hip bone to rub your clit. You breathed deeply thrusting your hand against the window behind you. Your eye’s rolling back into your head while your orgasm wracked your body in all the right ways.

When you were a panting mess on his dick he moved back to the chair. His large arms cradling you to him.

“Love ya.” He said stroking your hair, placing kisses to your temple.

“Your turn, love.” Raphael supporting you on shaky leg’s. Your ass sliding down his plastron until you were reversed cowgirl on his dick. HIs hands lifting you part of the way as your leg’s were still weak.

“Raph, raph, of fuck. Cum in me. Feel’s so good.” Finger’s gripping his knees while you took him in rapidly. The coolness of his skin even engorged by blood still made your toes curl. His scales had a texture that was out of this world. When Raph started to come he pulled you against his chest. Arm’s encasing you in warmth, safety, and protection. That’s when you came unglued together. Raph holding you so he was sheathed in you entirely. His finger’s rubbing your clit tirelessly to maximise your pleasure.

Both of you panting until the sound of Malikai’s crying broke your revere. Your tired laughter mingling together.

Raphael placing you gently in the seat. His large form arched over your son’s crib. When you attempted to get up Raph brought him over.

“There’s your momma, champ.Ain’t she perfect?” Raph asked with a tired smile, placing him gently to your breast. Your child latching on to feed since no other nutrition was available.

“You know at this rate I’ll end breast feeding Malikai just as Vinchenzo is born.” Raph startled by the name but not entirely turned off.

“All right. I’ll bite what’s it mean?” He asked leaning naked against the door frame of the truck.

“Conqueror.” You said with a smile while Malikai sucked away. Raph nodding his agreement to the name.

“Vin can still be his nickname….” Raph nodded contentedly.

“Good boy.” HIs eye’s getting droopy once more, full stomach and warm environment lulling him to sleep.

Raphael and you walking him back to his crib in the back. While you stroked his hair Raph moved to start the truck.

Five minutes later you were dressed and seated next your husband; who was neither.

“Donnie said not to sit naked in his chair?” You asked placing a hand on his.

“Ya.” Raph smiled cockily. While you trailed a friendly hand up his thigh.

Raphael sitting down to give you better access to the rest of him.


“God’s that was a long night.” You said grasping his hand to slide down your waist. Eye’s watching it disappear until it reached exactly where it needed it be. Your eyelids fluttering shut until children’s laughter broke your silence.

“Mom, we’re hungry.” Malikai proclaimed with a voice crack. His face bright red untl his little sister walked up to grasp his hand.

“Dinner’s in the crock pot, but I believe we have a cake to bake!” The children yelling excitedly as tiny feet ran inside.

“That was a good trick.” Raphael said with a grumble his hands caressing your waist. His lips kissing a path down your neck.

“When your brother’s get here we’re going to take a break. I’m going to ride you into the mattress.” He closed his eye’s and groaned, head falling back as you cupped him. Your finger’s trailing deftly as you walked away.

“Donnie, hurry up.” Raph said into his intercom. Before following you inside his shoulder leaning against the door. A large smile breaking out on his face at the sight of his four children and wife in his home.

“This is my favorite. Who’s making dad a cake?!?” A chorus of voices was heard in reply. Maybe this was the best part.