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  • <b> <b></b> <b></b> Tigerstar:</b> We need to defeat the Clans! Especially Firestar!<p><b>Mapleshade:</b> But isn't he the top cat, like the fire that unites the Clans?<p><b>Thistleclaw:</b> Yea I thought he was burning with respect..<p><b>Darkstripe:</b> I've heard that he's the spark that set the Clans on a good path!<p><b>Tigerstar:</b> can yoU SHuT UP wiiTh STUPID caT PUNs<p><p><p>

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who on tumblr do you also consider friends? make a list i wanna follow them all

oh god that’s so many people though

but I will try my best

holy shit this took too long

(if you’re not on here I’m sorry I must’ve missed you ;w; please forgive me this took a LONG TIME TO MAKE)


i realized that i was never gonna finish those other magical girl asks from the prompt 500 years ago SO imma just post what i got 😎

percico as magical bois !!! perce has some sickass waterbending power and prob some bitchin healing skillz or someth. Nico has ~void manipulation powers~ and fights with some sorta spear thing lmao. he is the Edge Lord Emo Supreme and i love him