maple fingerboard

Gaston de la Bouillon
Viola da Gumbo, 1789

The viola da gumbo (or “viole de la chaudrée”) was invented in 1789 by Parisian luthier Gaston de la Bouillon.  This hybrid instrument was a last-ditch attempt to rekindle interest in the viola da gamba, which had fallen out of favor by the late 18th century.  Though it never enjoyed popularity, one such instrument was listed among Mozart’s possessions at the time of his death.

With this new instrument, de la Bouillon combined features of both the viol and violoncello.  While the festooned body closely resembled a violoncello in size and shape, its five metal strings were stretched over a long maple fingerboard equipped with twenty-one metal frets.  Abandoning the traditional pegbox, de la Bouillon instead created a triangular glob of wood with machine heads.  While this arrangement never became popular with violin makers, it would later be adopted by 20th century guitar makers.

Jabba Custom is an exclusive classic instrument with the modern touch. I’ve played one but really want to. I bet it will sound beautiful through my Edens rig. The Custom boasts Ash body with two sound chambers, Eye Poplar top, Maple neck and Rosewood fingerboard. Equipped with Aguilar AG 4J-70 (or AG 5J-70 in 5-string version) Alnico V pickups, Mayones 2-band GP-BP2 active electronics, Mayo Vintage Bass bridge, Hipshot tuners and Schaller straplocks.  bassistsunited bassguitarplayersunite


Fender HMT (Late 1980’s/Early 90’S)

Transparent cherry finish on lightly flamed maple top and alder semi-hollow body, one f-hole, P-bass shape, bolt on maple neck with rosewood fingerboard, 22 frets, radical inlays and headstock shape, strings anchor through body, acoustic style rosewood bridge, Lace Sensor split coil pickup plus piezo bridge transducer, controls for volume, blend and tone, 9v active preamp, chrome diecast tuners, made in Japan, 1-½" nut, 34" scale, with gigbag, EC except needs work (replace missing knob insert, heat press neck to straighten, dress frets, setup, etc. - sold AS-IS) (SN:K006533) $500